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The Space Between Us :: {Movie Review}


“Courage is fear that has said its prayers.”

– Karle Wilson Baker, “Courage”

PicsArt_02-02-11.43.29Movies can be an escape. An escape from a ho hum daily grind; an escape to a personal utopia… Simply a couple of uninterrupted hours focusing on the best our planet has to offer.

PicsArt_02-02-11.44.12Living in Las Vegas, we are blessed with endless sunshine, blue skies everyday and clear views of the mountains from just about anywhere in the Valley. In a few short hours, we can drive to a beach, a mountain, or a canyon, or fly to another country to experience different cultures, vastly different food, customs and sights. We are truly blessed, but how often do we appreciate it? 

PicsArt_02-02-11.39.31There were a lot of themes of love in the The Space Between Us: romantic love, friendship, parental love. It ran about 2 hours and I think I liked the concept so much, I went ahead and overlooked a lot of the holes in the story. I like how wide-eyed Gardner is as the first human born on Mars. I had questions such as what did they feed the baby on Mars cuz it’s not like they could ship them formula?! And felt myself wondering about bubble boy type scenarios about all the germs he was being exposed to. I wish there was more character building only because a lot of storyline continuity seems to hinge on one or two sentences for you to figure out how it all links together. 


But guess what, I still enjoyed the the film. I even teared up at some parts just thinking about what ifs. I wanted to root for first love and I wanted to believe it would be so whirlwind-y for a sixteen year old to visit Earth for the very first time too…(I love Blast from the Past!) Maybe if it was a mini-series or sitcom it would’ve been better received. I didn’t expect this film to change my life or completely convince it was even possible for humans to live on Mars in the not so distant future. I wanted entertainment and a neat story and that’s what I got: A cute movie and a great message about love knowing no bounds. If you want a fun, date night and are not into horror movies or thrillers also debuting this weekend, you’ll really enjoy this film! It’s sweet, light-hearted and simple and sometimes that’s just what you need! Bonus: The soundtrack is PHENOMENAL! That is one of the best parts of the movie, for sure! 


* * * * * * 

I watched this advanced screening alongside other press and although I’m not a movie critic, I enjoyed the experience of the event itself. I’m not sure why I don’t attend more advanced screenings! I hope we have the opportunity to attend again. It’s a rarity for me to go to the movies on my own so it was also a treat of a night out with just my super over-priced theater snacks! ($18 for a medium soda, tortilla chips, nacho cheese and M & Ms – I guess I should’ve asked specifically for jalapeños?!) AMC Town Square hosted the event and there’s a lot of parking at the entrance to Gameworks so you can even take a shortcut through there and head up the stairs. Yardhouse is a great place to have dinner before shows as the servers are great about timing around a schedule to make your movie on time! Double Helix is a great place for drinks afterwards – Gotta love their firepit on the patio! Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf are around the corner from there too. There’s also a playground at Town Square and Artsy Nanny can also watch your kiddos for you too!

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alternaVites Help Keep My Family Healthy
August 12, 2014
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alternaVites Help Keep My Family Healthy

In a time where vitamins for our kids are so important, how do you get picky eaters to eat them? Moms have the best intentions to provide foods and snacks rich with all the nutrients needed for growing boys and girls. Despite our best intentions, the occasional pizza and soda still makes its way into our kids’ diets. I am thrilled to say, there is a an answer: alternaVites! I am a single mom of 4… 4 kids with all different taste buds. This vitamin is the solution! Its diversity is wonderful. My tween thought it was a pixie stick and a special treat, the younger one I added it to apple juice, and my two high schoolers? I added it to their breakfast smoothies. It is a quick and easy way to get their nutrition in without out spending precious time trying to get them to chew on something “like rubber”. We have tried gels, gummies, liquids, and this truly was the easiest way in 16 years!

For you moms out there wondering what exactly alternaVites is: It is a completely unique children’s vitamin and mineral supplement designed to melt on the tongue or mix into their favorite foods like yogurt or juice. No chalky chewables or glue like sugary vitamins that don’t dissolve. My kids didn’t even know I had given them vitamins! What’s also great is I have two kids who can’t have dairy or gluten and these were fine to give them. There is also no sugar or aspartame as it is sweetened with xylitol, which will make your pediatrician and dentist happy! I have to admit, because it does not have all the fake sugar or processed sweeteners it really does have a noticeably different taste, but after a few times of having it, you get used to it. It is designed to be placed directly on the tongue so it dissolves well in juice and smoothies which was the simplest way to give them it.

Here’s the ‘scoop’ on this powdered vitamin supplement:
2 kid-friendly flavors {Strawberry Bubble Gum and Raspberry Cotton Candy}
Zero sugar
No artificial colors, flavors, preservatives, or sweeteners
No egg, milk, peanuts, tree nuts, wheat, soy, fish, and shellfish
Certified kosher
And just in case your big baby at home wants it too there is an adult mixed berry flavor available.
You can also feel good about supporting this eco-friendly company as they give a portion of each sale to cancer research and prevention.
They are also now available at Whole Foods right here in the Valley!

Check out their website for yummy smoothie recipes and more info.
Contact them by phone at 1.800.557.2030
You can even submit you favorite recipe via email info@richvitamins.com

Would you like to try alternaVites with your family too?! We are giving them away this week!
TO ENTER: Please comment below with which flavor you would like and also share how you keep your family healthy.

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