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Mom, You’re the real MVP!!


As you may have heard and or seen, the Golden State Warriors recently triumphed over the Cleveland Cavaliers to claim the 2017 NBA World Championship title.  My son and I are Golden State fans through and through.  He has been playing basketball for 2 seasons now and it has quickly risen to the top of his favorite sports.  Ever since our Warriors took the gold, he has been OBSESSED with that gleaming trophy they took home.  He would ask me at least once a day when he could win one of his own.  Of course I told him he’ll win it as soon as he’s drafted into the NBA!  I figured since he’s only 7 now, that’s a long time to wait for a trophy.  So I decided to make one that he could call his own.  Besides, I figure he deserves a trophy for winning the Mom’s Heart World Championship anyways.  

So I started brainstorming and looking up photos of the trophy so I could try my best to mimic it for him.  After a mix of Dollar General hunting and salvaging from old projects in the garage, I ended up with the following items.

– 1 Tall Plastic CupIMG_0969

– 1/4″ Dowel Rod

– 1 Small Square Gift Box

– 1 Can Metallic Gold Spray Paint

– Hot Glue Gun

– 1 Mini Nerf-like Basketball


IMG_0977I started by taking the lid off of the gift box for the base of the trophy.  I cut a hole slightly larger than the bottom of the cup so it could slide down into it for stability.  I applied the hot glue both above and below where the cup met the lid, creating a seam on either side.  Next I poked the dowel rod into the basketball and glued the combination to the inside wall of the cup.  I then cut a circle out of the bottom of the remaining piece of the gift box to enclose the opening of the cup (also cutting a small circle out of the larger circle for the dowel rod to fit through). 


IMG_0990After gluing the top piece, I was finally ready to paint.  I setup a small cardboard backer in the garage and went to town with the metallic gold paint.  I applied a second coat for some durability and good measure and WALLAH… this was the final product! 

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Lebron Who? Three People in Your Life Who Might Want to Know About “King James”




Lebron James is a basketball player who was formerly with the  Miami Heat team – now once again Cleveland Cavalier. He is also a four-time MVP of the NBA. James made a formal statement on July 11 to return to his Home state of Ohio in a very controversial free-agency decision. He has been the topic of conversation for any male interested in sports for the past two days. So, ladies – even if you are not the biggest sports fan, there is definitely motivation for you to investigate the buzz.

#1 Your significant other: This is like Grey’s Anatomy but for our male counterpart – Men will not admit it but they get as worked up about drama as women. Just remember how shocked you were when you found out that Weber had a love child with Meredith’s mom?? So this is a great time to attempt to take interest. Maybe he might return the favor.

#2 Your son: If you don’t have a son – sorry you are only getting two reasons out of this blog. -_-

For those of us that do… There is a high percentage that he likes basketball. Especially if dad does. This could totally be a topic of conversation for all three of you if you’re game. You can be the cool mom if you have an idea of who Lebron James is and a few fun little facts.

double JEN#3 You: I promise there is an actual valuable life lesson in all this. Potentially better than any Lifetime movie.

There is an undeniable destiny element that is so cosmically beautiful that you won’t even care you’re not interested in basketball.  I highly recommend you read James’ letter:  http://www.si.com/nba/2014/07/11/lebron-james-cleveland-cavaliers This was his formal announcement to the world. It is a vivid, genuine testament of his thoughts and struggle with this whole ordeal. It also give you the ammo needed to have those conversations with your boys. In the letter, he is essentially apologizing for leaving his city to play for another team. (This can also be tied into a loyalty lesson with your kids) Oh! And who doesn’t love a man that says I am sorry? And on a social platform to the world? (virtual high fives all around!)

The whole situation and letter not only gives you insight to one of the world’s greatest athletes but a vulnerable man. And I think we all can appreciate that. And also use some positive and uplifting media attention… no matter the source.

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