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Disney’s Pixar New Movie Coco Review…


The new Disney Pixar Film hits Theater November 22, 2017

LasVegasMomsBlog had the pleasure of viewing an advance screening of the new Disney Pixar Movie Coco. Pixar took us on an exciting adventure into the world of the Latino Culture- festive holiday


celebrated in Mexico,- Dia De Los Muertos (to honor the dead). Which teaches us the importance of the Mexican Culture. Viewers will learn about the history and all the customs and rituals involved. 


Starts by introducing a little boy name Miguel Rivera, a 12-year-old Mexican boy who dreams of becoming a famous Troubadour like his idol, Ernesto de la Cruz. A guitar hero and movie star (inspired by Pedro Infante and Jorge Negrete). Miguel’s close-knit family who strongly disapproves of music, which Miguel has a hard time accepting and choose to go against his families beliefs and acts out of rebellion on the Day of the Dead.


Which begins his journey into the land of the dead, where he encounters his idol, Hector, and his ancestors where his family secrets will be revealed and his magical journey begins.


I thought the story line was brilliant and the illustrations, phenomenal. I enjoyed watching the Latino Culture unraveling onscreen giving the younger audience a glimpse of The Mexican culture in a very unique way. My favorite part of the film was the message it teaches young children “Value Family” – Miguel’s love and respect for his family showed us the value of family even if you don’t always agree with them. But most importantly he teaches children to respect his Elders at all times. There was definitely a lot more beautiful parts of the film that I won’t disclose. I do not want to give away to much of the film.


I hope you enjoy the film as much as we did. I must warn you (Don’t worry its not a Spoil Alert) Don’t forget your Tissue! You are gonna need it, I was definitely caught by surprise as the tears rolled down my cheeks.



Overall, Coco will definitely win your hearts, its a Spectacular Family Flick that has a lot of Lovable characters, memorable scenes and beautiful music.  Plus, the kids might learn some new Spanish words by the end of the film.


I have enclosed a couple of Awesome Coco Crafts for the kids. 



Disney-Family_Coco-Coloring-Pages_pin-750x1544   https://family.disney.com/activity/coco-coloring-pages/






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Movies and Candy

There is this great place in Henderson called Movies and Candy! This place is probably the last of it’s kind, it is a movie rental and candy store. I ended up going into this place one day when I was trying to kill some time before my kids’ swim class started. It happens to be in the same shopping center. At first I thought I would just look around and maybe grab each of the kids a candy to be nice. But soon I found myself having a great time strolling down memory lane while finding all these great movies I had totally forgotten about. It didn’t take long before I decided to rent one of the movies. I decided it was time to turn my kids on to Star Wars! We ended up watching the complete Star Wars saga and the kids are now complete Star Wars fans.

Renting movies from Movies and Candy has become a regular thing for our family. We all look forward to the hunt for a great classic. The man that works the front desk is actually very helpful. I truly think he might have seen every movie that has ever been made and is great at suggesting movies that are awesome but that you might have forgotten about. And of course my kids love all the candy. They have all kinds of candy, including all of my childhood faves.


I guess I had forgotten how cool it was to walk through a Movie rental store and hunt for the night’s entertainment. I am super happy I found this place.  They also rent TV series and cable series. This would have majorly came in handy back when I was on my Walking Dead kick. The few days it would take Netflix to mail me a DVD sometimes was almost more than I could bare! If only I would have known that I could have just rented it and saved myself the agony of waiting to see if my favorite character survived a zombie attack.  One more cool thing they have there is a movie room. They rent out the room for parties. This is super great for kids parties or even girls night out with a fun chick flick. So if you are looking for a little flash back fun check this place out! You might just see how much you miss these kind of places like I did.




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