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Halloweenville at Wet ‘n’ Wild

Halloweenville at Wet ‘n’ Wild
Halloweenville at Wet ‘n’ Wild
Halloweenville at Wet ‘n’ Wild
Halloweenville at Wet ‘n’ Wild
Halloweenville at Wet ‘n’ Wild
Halloweenville at Wet ‘n’ Wild
Halloweenville at Wet ‘n’ Wild
Halloweenville at Wet ‘n’ Wild

This year, Wet n Wild hosted their first Halloweenville. Set to be an annual event, Halloweenville features dry slides, bounce houses, all of the cabanas decorated with creepy scenes, a dance party, rides, face painting and seasonal food! The admission price includes unlimited rides ($12 per person, under 2 years = Free!) Also, from 10/27-10/31 you can choose to add on the Trick or Treat option for an additional $5. The concession stand is open and there is also a hot chocolate/shave ice tent near paintball. The paintball shooting gallery starts at $10 for 100 paintballs.  For face painting, I believe tips are accepted! I have a 5 yr old & we went with another of his Halloween-loving 5 yr old friends.  They spent almost all of the time at the bounce houses. There is a mini train that was cute & fun for younger kids (adults fit on this ride too). The dry slides would’ve been fun to try, but since I had my son & he’s too little to ride those, I skipped them. I would think the older kids would enjoy those slides for sure. I know this time of year there are so many options and I have not been to the pumpkin patch on Rainbow at Warm Springs because there looks like there are more carnival rides for adults and teens that would be too much for my son. I really enjoyed Halloweenville for their content and price point. There seemed to be a lot to keep older siblings content too. I figure IMAX movies are about $12-13 and that’s only a couple of hours! At Halloweenville, your admission is for 6-9p, until 10p on weekends and from the 27th – 31st, they will be trick or treating available for an additional $5. Not bad! I like that it is an enclosed space. They have dance parties too! The decorations and Halloween music were the right touch too! The green screen photo offering is $10 per print, but you get to choose which pose you want. 

*** *** *** L a s   V e g a s   H a l l o w e e n v i l l e *** *** ***

In comparing Halloweenville to the pumpkin patches around town, I felt like it was the best fit for a solid pumpkin patch evening. Halloween Town at Boca Park has the option to buy individual tickets for each ride or an unlimited rides wristband for $20. It depends on your kids because the rides are definitely for really small kids so my son may be on the verge of out-growing those. The slides however are too high for him. He tried both & didn’t want to go on either a 2nd time. He loved the bounce houses & when we were there (on a Wed) he was by himself. I basically ended up spending about $2 for each attraction. They have carnival games which are a separate fee and a food tent that smelled beyond delicious wafting to you anywhere on the lot! They have a haunted house, but I am not a fan of being frightened and my son is still too young for that. We have been to two Stu Miller pumpkin patches (one next to Ikea & on at Blue Diamond/Rainbow) both require tickets. Slides are 1 ticket each, bounce house is 1 ticket for a set amount of time (I want to say 15 min) & the obstacle course/bouncy slide is 2 tickets which takes a bit longer to go through and it was JJ’s favorite, by far. Tickets are $1 each. So price-wise, basically the same thing. I do like that we could just pop in there at anytime, take pictures at the scarecrow and hay displays and maybe do a ride or 2 and tickets do not expire all month, so I am not knocking those at all. HallOVeen at Opportunity Village is a local staple with lots of rides and the decorations to enjoy despite some longer lines. Admission can be a bit steeper at around $20 for unlimited rides, but there’s also an option to buy admission only with option to purchase ride tickets separately, but every dollar spent there goes to a good cause. Cannot go wrong with any of these seasonal adventures!

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Halloween Tutu Tutorial


Hello mamas and happy fall! I seriously love this time of year. The weather is finally starting to cool down and best of all…. Halloween is right around the corner! I mean what’s not to love? You get to carve pumpkins, dress up, and eat a bucket full of candy. Amazing. This Halloween is super special for me because we recently welcomed a beautiful baby girl to our family. My son has been talking nonstop about taking her trick-or-treating and finding her a costume. G decided that he and his daddy were going to be Power Rangers. As for me and baby E, he wanted us to be something else. Although I think I would have been an amazing Pink Ranger, I agreed. It ended up being an easy decision. Before baby E was born we bought her an adorable Minnie Mouse dress that I absolutely love. Who better to go with Minnie Mouse than her BFF Daisy Duck. image9I didn’t want to spend a lot of money on a costume so I decided to make one. A quick Pinterest search later and I had a plan. The costume consists of a white tutu, a purple shirt, and a pink bow. I had the shirt and bought the bow and supplies for the tutu.

Here’s what you need:image2
Tulle (I used 3 spools)
Elastic band
Needle & thread

First thing you need to do is measure the elastic. Make sure it’s snug around your waist.

When you have your elastic measured, simply sew it together.

Now onto the tulle. From what I gathered during my tutu making research, the average length for the skirt is between 10 to 12 inches. Now you can measure and cut the tulle one piece at a time, but who has time for that?image4

Here’s an easier way to do it:

First find a piece of cardboard and cut it double the length of your tutu. Since I wanted the length of my tutu to be around 12 inches long, the cardboard was cut 24 inches long. 

Next, tightly wrap the tulle around the cardboard. Once you’re done, take your scissors and cut it on one end. Then, grab all your tulle, fold it in half, and cut it down the middle. Repeat with at least 2 more spools.

Now we are ready to start tying.

Take your elastic piece and put it around something sturdy. I used my dining room chair. Next take a piece of your tulle and fold it in half. This will be the length of your tutu.image6

Now take the tails of the tulle and pull them over the elastic and through the loop and gently tighten to form a knot. Repeat until your tutu is nice and full.

Remember the elastic will stretch so make sure you pack on the tulle. I ended up only needing three spools, but you really can use as much as you want. It will just make your tutu even fluffier.image7

I think this project could be done within a couple hours with no interruptions, but with an infant and a toddler it took me a couple days.

With all the supplies, plus a pink bow, the total cost of my costume was less than $10. Look for coupons and sales.

Here’s the final product. What do you think? My little sidekick is cute too.

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Halloween Treats, No Tricks

Spider cake

Candy corn and fun-size candy bars aren’t the only Halloween treats. Homemade Halloween-themed snacks are easier than you think. You can easily take familiar favorites and give them a twisted presentation for a horror-infused buffet. Let your imagination ooze to the dark side.

Spider Cake

Bake: Prepare cake batter using your favorite cake recipe or mix.
For the spider body, bake batter in an oven-safe glass mixing bowl. It will take longer to bake the batter in bowl than a cake pan, so watch carefully. It is done when a wooden skewer inserted into the middle comes out clean. Cool slightly before removing cake from bowl onto a cooling rack.
For the head, bake batter in a cupcake tin. (If there is leftover batter, bake more cupcakes.)

Assemble: Use a wooden skewer to attach the cupcake “head” to the larger “body.” Place on a serving plate, or a foil-covered cake base.

Decorate: Frost cake with gray or black frosting, which can be found in baking supply stores or craft stores (e.g. JoAnn). You can also use black food coloring to color vanilla frosting.
Alternately, chocolate frosting can be used.
For the eyes, use candies such as Atomic Fire Balls or Dots.
For the legs, position eight pieces of your favorite flavor of licorice.
If you desire, decorate the spider body by making a stencil out of cardstock. Sprinkle crystallized sugar over the stencil. Lift cardstock up carefully.

**Be careful not to offer this cake to people with arachnophobia.

So easy, a kid can bake it.

So easy, a kid can bake it.

New Twists on Familiar Favorites

The food is easy, the presentation scary.

Worms on a treat!

Worms on a treat!

Popcorn. Stuff popcorn into food-service gloves for individual servings. Tie the wrist end with ribbon. For an extra snap, place a Hot Tamale candy in the tip of each glove finger.

Cookie-Cutter Snacks. Cutting cookies into holiday-themed shapes makes them that more festive, Try it for unexpected foods, too. Use Halloween cookie cutters to make bat shaped pizza or pumpkin shaped cheese slices.

Rice Krispies Treats. (Recipe here.) Add drops of green and yellow food coloring to the melted butter-marshmallow mixture to create a sickly hue. After the treats have been cut into squares, arrange on a plate. Decorate with gummy worms and sprinkle with crushed chocolate cookies to make “dirt.”


What’s in a Name?

It’s amazing how changing the name of a food changes your experience. (Like “escargot” sounds exotic, while “snails” sounds…eww.) Place menu cards on the serving table to set the mood.

Crunchy Cheetos = Witches’ Fingers
Red Velvet Cupcakes = Bloody Cakes
Chili = Ogre Vomit

You get the picture.

I Vant to Drink Your Blood

Little ghosts and goblins can work up quite a thirst wreaking terror in the neighborhood. Quench it with this easy drink, which is delightfully bloody and infiltrated with creepy-crawlies:

Start with Creepy Ice Cubes: Pour lemon-lime soda into ice cube trays. Add a gummy worm or other gross gummy to each cube compartment. Freeze until solid.

Strawberry Puree: Thaw a bag of frozen strawberries. Puree in blender, adding sugar to taste. (For a 20-oz bag of fruit, use about ¼ cup of sugar.) Add lemon juice to taste, if you wish.

Assemble: Place a few ice cubes in a glass. Fill with lemon-lime or other light-colored soda. Dip a straw into strawberry puree. Cover the end of the straw with your finger to draw puree up into the straw. Drip small amounts of the puree into the glasses of soda and serve. Do not stir up the “blood.”



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Halloween Party Activities for Kids (and Adults, too)

Jack o Lanterns

When you think of Halloween, what’s the first thing that comes to mind? If it’s trick or treating, you’re not alone. Luckily, Halloween’s scary fun lends itself to a variety of activities for all ages.

Here are a few fun activities for your holiday party. Some are variations on old (but not yet mummified) traditional games. Super easy and fun.Children Trick-or-treating

Spooky Bowling 
You will need:

  • 10 water bottles
  • food coloring
  • Halloween stickers
  • glitter glue
  • Halloween favors (small enough to fit in bottles)
  • mini pumpkin

For the bowling pins, use bottles of water with the labels removed. Add a few drops of food coloring to the water; orange is a great choice. Decorate the bottles inside and out with Halloween-themed stickers, glitter, or any other decorative items you wish. Place small party favors inside the bottle water. Use a mini pumpkin as the bowling ball.

Eyeball Race
You will need:

  • drinking straws
  • ping pong balls (ready-made ping pong eyeballs are available from Party City)
  • permanent markers to decorate ping pong balls like eyeballs (if needed)

Have children line up on one end of room, each with a ping pong eyeball and a straw. On hands and knees, kids blow through the straw to make the ping pong balls move. First one to the finish line wins.

Witch Hat Ring Toss 

You will need:

  • 3 costume witch hats
  • plastic rings

Set hats on floor in varying distances, and assign points based on how far away the hat is: 5, 10, or 15 points. Players take turns tossing rings to see who has the best aim and highest score.

Cookie Decorating
You will need:

  • plain sugar cookiesJack o Lanterns
  • orange and white frosting
  • orange and black decorator icing
  • colored sugar and sprinkles
  • candy corn
  • gummy worms or body-part gummy candies (check out your local party store, or Oriental Trading Company).

This is a treat and activity all in one. Provide the supplies for each child to be creative and decorate his or her own cookies.

Scary Movie, Scary Food

Don’t forget, adults like Halloween parties, too. You choose the scary movie, and let your guests bring the scary food. It’s open to interpretation, which is much of the fun. Sometimes the interpretation is literal, like a shark-infested jello ring. Sometimes it’s not – potted meat, anyone?

Halloween Candy


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