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{CLOSED} Marvel Avengers S.T.A.T.I.O.N GiveAway



DSCF0562We’ve got a Deal Alert!

Family Four Pack

Code to be given at the box office “FAMILY”
Gets 4 entries to Marvel Avengers S.T.A.T.I.O.N. for just $75!!!
Offer good through April 30, 2017.





With Spring Break coming, this would be an Awesome place to take them. You might just get that Coolest Parent Award.





Our friends at Avenger Station is letting us give away a Family Four Pack!  

To enter:  

Like The Avenger Station Facebook

Like Las Vegas Moms Blog Facebook

Tell us who your Favorite Marvel Character is and feel free to share a Picture (We love Pictures)

All Entries must be received by April 3rd. Winners will be announced April 6th.  Good Luck!


Did we mention they have an awesome gift shop…IMG_5618

Marvel Avengers S.T.A.T.I.O.N is definitely Kid Approved!IMG_5634

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{CLOSED} Blue Man Group Promotion/Giveaway

logo_0-bkupWith Spring Break on its way, and the count down till Summer. We got an awesome deal for you and the Family to Check out: Blue Man Group Current promotion at the Luxor! 

Plus we will be holding a giveaway for a family of four pack. Tickets will have a black out for Spring Break week. (Winners will be announced April 15st)  

To enter our GiveAway, Comment below your favorite song you like to jam to (winners will be announced 4/18)

Blue Man Group is comedy, theater, rock concert and dance party all rolled into one. You’ll be closer to the action than ever before at the specially designed Blue Man Theater at Luxor Hotel and Casino. It’s an outrageous multi-sensory experience you’ll never forget. New music, new design, new technology and a new finale to bring the entire audience together for a euphoric celebration of life in full color.




‭Send your family vibe into overdrive.

‭Save up to $195 when you purchase 4 tickets to Blue Man Group.

‭*Offer is only valid on Category A seating.


Now’s a great time to catch the Awesome Show!  



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{Closed} Enter To Win a Pair of Tickets to Daniel Tiger Live Show

The Smith Center is hosting Daniel Tiger’s Neighborhood Live and Las Vegas Moms is giving you the opportunity to win a pair of tickets to the show on Wednesday, Oct 26th!
Steps to enter the giveaway are as follows:

danieltigersqb-550x550*Like The Smith Center on FaceBook   https://www.facebook.com/thesmithcenter/

*Like Las Vegas Moms on FaceBook   https://www.facebook.com/lasvegasmomsblog/

*Leave a comment below and tell us your child’s favorite Daniel Tiger character

***Winner will be announced Oct 21st***

Daniel Tiger and all of his friends are hopping aboard the Trolley to celebrate new adventures with a live audience at the “Daniel Tiger’s Neighborhood Live Show!
Daniel Tiger will take you on an interactive musical adventure along side his friends Katerina KittyCat, O the Owl, Prince Wednesday, and Miss Elaina. They’ll explore his grr-ific Neighborhood of Make-Believe. So won’t you come and take part at Daniel Tiger’s Neighborhood at The Smith Center in Reynold Hall Oct 26th at 6:30pm

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Litl’ Squirts Are a Big Hit in Our Family!

We could not be happier when our friends at Litl’ Squirts sent us a box of love in 8 oz bottles. We had the awesome opportunity to taste test this super yummy beverage and let me get right to the point and tell you: It was a total grand slam across the board with three different families – five kids and three moms! This is hands down the best beverage we could have asked for! It is made of natural spring water from Maine blended perfectly with real fruit juices so it is naturally sweetened. So you don’t have to worry about giving your kids a sugary drink. It also has added vitamins too so it’s even better than plain juice!

I know I’m just like all other moms when I say I do my best to make healthy choices for my son, but when it comes to drink options, I was beginning to think that I can’t win every time! Now that I found Litl’ Squirts, I can give my son water that tastes likes juice!!! JJ loves juice, but I don’t want him to have too much unnecessary sugar in his diet, not to mention what it could do to his teeth! My son loved Litl’ Squirt so much, he finished it in one sitting. I shared samples with other LVMB writers: Heather and Janel.

Click here to see the triplets trying Litl’ Squirts for the very first time!

I gave Janel samples of Litl’ Squirts for them to try while she was watching my son and her youngest son. After some park time, both boys downed their drinks and shared another bottle. Luckily, Janel had a chance to taste it before surrendering it to them! I tried some myself when I heard what a hit it was with our boys. It actually does taste like juice so I was pleasantly surprised. There are several different flavors: Raspberry Apple, Blueberry Lemonade, Blueberry Apple and Cranberry Orange. The one we tried is blueberry and apple flavored, but the taste is not artificial. I was so thankful since I literally gag anytime I taste fake sugar. My body physically rejects it! I love that Litl’ Squirt is made from natural spring water and that real fruit flavors and colors are used. It is not overly sweet and each serving is only sixty calories so you can keep kids hydrated without high calorie drinks. Spring water is better since there is no added fluoride or chlorine, it is naturally a clean source of water and contains naturally occurring minerals. There are a lot of choices when we feed ourselves and our children and I’m happy to say I am completely sold on Litl’ Squirts. We hope you make them a staple in your fridge too.

Check here for availability near you! 


You can BUY ONLINE here also…

Connect with Litl’ Squirts on Facebook too!

Comment below and Las Vegas Moms Blog will let you try them free!

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{CLOSED} Marvel Avengers S.T.A.T.I.O.N GiveAway
March 17, 2017
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alternaVites Help Keep My Family Healthy

In a time where vitamins for our kids are so important, how do you get picky eaters to eat them? Moms have the best intentions to provide foods and snacks rich with all the nutrients needed for growing boys and girls. Despite our best intentions, the occasional pizza and soda still makes its way into our kids’ diets. I am thrilled to say, there is a an answer: alternaVites! I am a single mom of 4… 4 kids with all different taste buds. This vitamin is the solution! Its diversity is wonderful. My tween thought it was a pixie stick and a special treat, the younger one I added it to apple juice, and my two high schoolers? I added it to their breakfast smoothies. It is a quick and easy way to get their nutrition in without out spending precious time trying to get them to chew on something “like rubber”. We have tried gels, gummies, liquids, and this truly was the easiest way in 16 years!

For you moms out there wondering what exactly alternaVites is: It is a completely unique children’s vitamin and mineral supplement designed to melt on the tongue or mix into their favorite foods like yogurt or juice. No chalky chewables or glue like sugary vitamins that don’t dissolve. My kids didn’t even know I had given them vitamins! What’s also great is I have two kids who can’t have dairy or gluten and these were fine to give them. There is also no sugar or aspartame as it is sweetened with xylitol, which will make your pediatrician and dentist happy! I have to admit, because it does not have all the fake sugar or processed sweeteners it really does have a noticeably different taste, but after a few times of having it, you get used to it. It is designed to be placed directly on the tongue so it dissolves well in juice and smoothies which was the simplest way to give them it.

Here’s the ‘scoop’ on this powdered vitamin supplement:
2 kid-friendly flavors {Strawberry Bubble Gum and Raspberry Cotton Candy}
Zero sugar
No artificial colors, flavors, preservatives, or sweeteners
No egg, milk, peanuts, tree nuts, wheat, soy, fish, and shellfish
Certified kosher
And just in case your big baby at home wants it too there is an adult mixed berry flavor available.
You can also feel good about supporting this eco-friendly company as they give a portion of each sale to cancer research and prevention.
They are also now available at Whole Foods right here in the Valley!

Check out their website for yummy smoothie recipes and more info.
Contact them by phone at 1.800.557.2030
You can even submit you favorite recipe via email info@richvitamins.com

Would you like to try alternaVites with your family too?! We are giving them away this week!
TO ENTER: Please comment below with which flavor you would like and also share how you keep your family healthy.

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{CLOSED} Marvel Avengers S.T.A.T.I.O.N GiveAway
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Masik Collegiate Fragrances: Review & Giveaway


lmuI have to admit, when first approached about sampling and reviewing collegiate-inspired fragrances, my response was, “Smells from my college days are associated with books, coffee, pizza, basketballs, footballs, eucalyptus & ocean air…then, beer, locker room/gym socks & frou-frou drinks. Naturally, I am curious to see how THAT would translate into a bottled version!”

lmu_gerston Initially, I expected to sample fun, trendy scents more appropriate for kids half my age. Yes, I said it, half my age! You know what I mean: sweet, fruity & bordering obnoxious candy smells. I was pleasantly surprised to find that these fragrances are more alumni status than freshman coed. They are not basic, simple smells, rather they are complex sophisticated, elegant notes blended with very deliberate, concise detail. University alumni can be proud of these representations! I graduated from Loyola Marymount University in Los Angeles, so I clearly have not been swayed in my review. These are my own honest opinions for which no monetary compensation was provided in exchange. Perfumes have been provided for the review and giveaway. We are giving away full-sized bottles 1.7 oz (retail value $39.95).

Masik has created cologne for men & perfume for women capturing collegiate nostalgia for nineteen universities around the United States. I have been given all women’s perfume to evaluate.

Masik The University Of MississippiOLE MISS | University of Mississippi
TOP · Sparkling Bergamot, Lemon Zest, Ruby Raspberry
MIDDLE · Rich Black Currant, Crushed Tonka Beans, Sweet Blueberry
BASE · Amber Woods, Patchouli, Sandalwood, Vanilla

Ole Miss is a fruity combination, smelling both the red raspberry & rich black currant immediately. What lingers is the blend of earthy patchouli, sandalwood and vanilla notes. Bergamot inspires happiness so you are left with a fresh, cheery impression.

Masik Virginia Tech UniversityVT | Virginia Tech
TOP · Crisp Marine Air, Orange Valencia, Kaffir Lime, Golden Apple
MIDDLE · Succulent Tamarind, Jasmine Petals, Marigold, Muguet, Touch of violet leaf
BASE · Exotic Rosewood, Amber Woods, Skin Musk, Fresh Cut Wood

VT immediately hits you with a splash of golden apple and fragrant citrus scents follow. There is a definite presence of that clean, marine air scent reminiscent of coastal cities. Tamarind sweetens just a touch, there are hints at the pretty marigold and jasmine presence and the woodsy base evens it out beautifully.

Masik NC State UniversityNC State | North Carolina State
TOP · Red Granadilla Fruit, Crushed Kiwi, Key Lime Zest, Cherry Nectar
MIDDLE · Red Rosella Petals, Exotic Passionflower, Star Jasmine
BASE · Smooth Sandalwood, Sun-bleached Woods, Sensual Musk

NC State has that beachy vibe to it. Cherry nectar is the most noticeable to me with a lime accent to balance it, but after letting it settle for a bit, the kiwi is what emerges. I am not familiar with granadilla fruit, but sweet and exotic comes to mind which compliments the heavier floral scent and hint of musk giving it a more rounded fragrance. The sensual musk is lovely and sandalwood is indeed smooth and subtle.

Masik University Of North CarolinaUNC | University of North Carolina
TOP · Lychee Champagne Accord, Fizzy Mandarin, Crisp Green Apple
MIDDLE · Lush Jasmine, Muguet, Rose Bouquet, Baby Violet
BASE · Sheer Vanilla, Indonesian Patchouli, Amber Woods, Musk

UNC has the crisp green apple and the sweetness of lychee, definitely the rose and baby violet create a fuller floral body to it, but the heaviness of the patchouli and musk give it an evening feel. A slower paced, romantic, sultry feel that evokes thoughts of an moonlit stroll.

Masik Clemson UniversityClemson | Clemson University
TOP · Juicy Guava, Frozen Melon, Passionfruit Nectar, Sparkling Nectarine
MIDDLE · Red Mango, Lush Dragon Fruit, Coconut Water, Sugared Orange Blossom
BASE · Sensual Skin Musk, Exotic Tonka Bean, Blonde Woods

Clemson smells like an entire fruit basket. I could distinctly experience the juiciness of the guava and the sparkle of the nectarine alongside of the exotic mix of dragon fruit, and passionfruit.  The melon was particularly surprising. It is not an artificial melon scent, but a true, pure aroma as if you are inhaling a lush tropical garden. Mango and orange blossom completed the gorgeous bouquet perfectly.

I thoroughly enjoyed this sampling experience! It was like a taste test for my nose! Uncovering the specific ‘flavors’ from each was a fun. I am one of those dreaded migraine sufferers so I am extremely particular about what smells bombard me on a constant basis. I am thrilled to share: Each of these collegiate-inspired perfumes is an absolute delight. Even the stronger fragrances I thought would be annoying or trigger a headache because it was too intense ended up opening up beautifully and really made me think of how elegant and brilliant these creations are. I felt emotions captured in a bottle. We all know how powerful a role smell plays in instantly sparking nostalgia. I love that so many elements of a campus are considered to make a unique impression. I could personally make use of each of these. I thought I had a clear cut favorite (Clemson), but it really depends on your mood or the occasion to determine which scent you would want. I am completely impressed and look forward to working with Masik in the future.

*from Masik.com:


Masik Collegiate Fragrances partners with each university in our collection to create a different men’s cologne and women’s perfume. These signature scents are inspired by unique elements such as the school colors, campus style, flowers and trees, traditions and location. We pitch our perfumers a ‘fragrance brief’ that outlines these school specific elements along with pictures of the university campus, sporting events, students and alumni. Once we formulate scent options for the school, the universities conduct smell sessions to determine which fragrances they like best – these scents then become the official men’s and women’s fragrance for each school.

Don’t forget to

Like Masik Collegiate Fragrances on Facebook!
Follow Masik Collegiate Fragrances on Twitter!
Visit Masik Collegiate Fragrances online at Masik.com to read more about Katie Masik, the chemical engineer (working in the field of energy) fascinated with the science behind sense of smell linked to emotion and memory who turned her passion into a lifelong dream realized. What an inspiring story!


Share this post on Pinterest, Twitter (retweets count!) or reposting our Instagram promo (@vegasmomsblog).

Comment below for a chance to take home one of the scents featured in my review! Please tell me which collegiate fragrance you would love to win. If you could capture memories in a signature fragrance, what scents would you include & what makes them memorable for you?!

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