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We Love Saturdays at Tivoli Village

Are you looking for a fun way to get your kids to try fresh veggies? Would you like  a fun spot to meet up with other moms at the playground? I have to say that the fresh52 Farmers and Artisan Market at Tivoli Village is outstanding! Since my son and I discovered it we go almost every Saturday (9a-2p)
The streets are filled with tons of local vendors with all kinds of goodies: homemade cookies, jams, butters, oils etc. From local honey, vegan treats, and artisan bread to jewelry, lotion and freshly pressed juices. Peruse street food, kettle corn, vegan tacos, homemade lemonade, not to mention tons and tons of fresh organic fruits and vegetables from small scale farmers. Each week a featured local musician plays for your kiddos to dance.
That’s all great but how to enjoy a farmers market and shopping with a 3 year old? Wear them out! They have a fenced in playground! Inside, the kids can have their faces painted for donations and there is also Kids Art Park featuring a different art project every week to get kids painting, crafting, gluing and hanging out with new friends. They are on a volunteer basis and have great project ideas including seasonal picks such as Father’s Day & Mother’s Day crafts. As a major bonus, Monica is so friendly! For you homeschooling mamas and dads this is the perfect place to meet up for groups or to connect with fellow parents. I have even seen a mommy jogging class. (It’s super inspiring to watch these ladies jog around the square pushing strollers – you should see the kids faces: they love it!)
If you want to sit down and enjoy some homemade crepes, The Crepe is a toddler friendly restaurant. They have an entire play section filled with puppets, art, blocks, trains anything a little boy or girl could want to do and they occasionally have story time. Stop by for a menu and their schedule. They have so many offerings for a kid-friendly meal day or night. The food is amazing! Whether you like sweet or savory – it’s a treat. Everything is made to order fresh and the environment is hip, industrial at the ground floor level of Market LV.
Although my toddler loves to go on the escalator more than the slide at times… Tivoli Village has so many fun things to do at their farmers market on Saturdays. I hope you will bring your little ones out, meet your neighbors and support our local vendors!
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Clean 15 & The Dirty Dozen || Produce Cheat Sheet


PRODUCE CHEAT SHEETOrganic vs Conventional? Why is it important to choose organic anyway?! Organic options of a lot of our favorite fruits and vegetables are available. Some folks buy only organic, others say it’s too much of a hassle to go organic since there is a difference in cost and availability. Use this cheat sheet to help you decide what is acceptable to buy conventionally grown and what produce should be only bought as organic. Some argue that they cannot afford to buy organic, but I am here to say, you cannot afford to ingest foods that may put our family at risk of unnecessary exposure to pesticides (poison!) I can happily share that it is not necessary to buy all organic produce. It is ideal to buy local and buy organic as this supports the practice and encourages smaller scale farmers to continue to offer their harvest at local farmers markets. This plan also inspires larger brands to take notice of the trend and move toward more organic ways to farm. Since our family budgets are also important, it is nice to know there are options for what you can buy.

The Clean 15 lists fifteen fruits and vegetables that are less susceptible to pesticides and thus, acceptable as conventional. The Dirty Dozen lists a dozen fruits and vegetable that should always only be bought organic. These fruits are more easily susceptible to pesticides so it is unsafe and not recommended that you consume these if conventionally grown.

What you put into your body is important and knowing you are keeping yourself and your family safe and healthy by consuming the best products for our money is a concern to every mom. Having this handy cheat sheet will take some guess work out of the grocery shopping chore!

Printer friendly cheat sheet available here! (You can also Pin to Pinterest!)

Keep in mind too that supporting locally grown fruits and vegetables helps fund more locally grown, organic operations. Stimulating your local economy only helps businesses and schools to benefit as well. There are a lot of options when we shop, but making efforts to move towards a more conscious way of life is a step in the right direction! Happy harvesting!

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