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{CLOSED} Don’t miss out on your FREE COMIC BOOK this May 6th!



Mark your calendar for May 6th its Free Comic Book Day. Every year participating comic book stores give away specially printed copies of comic books. The Industry comes together to give away free Comics and encourage fans, both old and new to flock to the best place in the comic book community: This is definitely a great tradition to start with your little one. 


Comic-ImageDon’t forget to visit your local comic book shop May 6th for your FREE COMIC! 


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Hemenway Valley Park: Where wildlife meets playtime


As a newbie to the Las Vegas area, I find myself getting excited about things that most locals have a “been there, done that” stance about. I get it! Having lived in some of the most tourist dense towns and cities in the US, I understand when what once seemed cool is now “meh”. But Hemenway Valley Park in Boulder City deserves our awe. Not only will you be surprised at its size (10 acres) with gazebos, basketball and tennis ball courts, 2 lighted softball fields and horseshoe pits you will find the park to have something for everyone! Especially the animal lover in your family!


I heard about Hemenway Valley Park from a local animal enthusiast who said he frequents the area during lunch time so he can sit under a shaded tree and enjoy the amazing views of Lake Mead and watch the River Mountain Big Horned Sheep graze. I was skeptical at first, thinking the animals would be elusive or shy. We would probably drive all the way there and not see a single sheep… but I was wrong. As we pulled into the parking lot we immediately saw around 20 massive Big horned Sheep resting and grazing within feet from the children playing at the playground. My kids weren’t sure what they wanted to do first, see the animals or play! Since they couldn’t touch the animals, they gave in to their energized bodies and ran happily to the playground but kept a watchful eye on the wildlife.


The playground is so/so compared to some of Las Vegas’s extravagant parks, but the views are unmatched. Lake Mead boasts as you push your child on the swing, the mountains offer an awe-inspiring backdrop as the children take turns on the slide and the Sheep, of course, offer a million different photo-ops as you attempt to get them in a picture with your child, the playground AND Lake Mead, which is possible; see picture below:



Whether you’re on your way to take guests to experience Hoover Dam, visiting Boulder City for some antique shopping or just want to breathe in the fresh mountain air, make Hemenway Valley Park a destination and you will NOT be disappointed.

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Reading to My Kids


Lately, I have been on this big kick to do thing with my kids that I would consider more old school. What I mean by this is doing thing that we would have done before iPads and computers came on the scene. So a few weeks ago we went down to the library for the first time.

They had a huge section of kids books and even had free activities for kids. My triplets all got their own library card which was very cute. We ended up loving the library so much that we have decided to go once a week.  Love for books has grown so much more because now they can pick out new books for me to read to them for every night of the week.

Before I could only afford to buy them new books every now and then but now we never even have to read the same book twice. This actually has been kinda cool for me too. To be honest, for me, most kid books are hard to read with excitement, but even harder to read with excitement when you have already read it ten times. And even though there are times I don’t want to, I made a commitment that I would read to them every night before they go to bed. The truth is, most of the time I actually really love it.  For me this is a way I can spoil them without actually spoiling them with material things. I am giving them my time and attention which is actually more valuable than anything I could buy them.


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Loving My City: Viva Las Vegas!

  Bellagio conservatory

The other day I was on one of the Las Vegas mom forums on Facebook. There was a woman asking us moms what we thought about Vegas and should she move here. I have to admit I was extremely surprised by the huge amount of negative comments. I would say about 85% of the comments were bashing Vegas and making it out to be one of the worst places to live. I actually was almost scared to chime in and support this mom’s desire to move to Vegas. Some of the complaints were that there was nothing to do with your kids here for free. I happen to think we have lots of cool free stuff to do here!

Bellagio conservatory, kid-friendly, things to do las vegas 

For one, we have tons of beautiful parks and so many of them have splash pads for the hot summer days. Also we have places like the Bellagio where their beautiful conservatory is updated almost every other month. It is actually amazing how beautiful it is there and my children have loved it since they were little babies. We have farmers markets to wander and Lake Las Vegas and Lake Mead not to far away. Also a short drive away is Mount Charleston to go on a little hike or play in the snow in the winter months. All these things are F-R-E-E! Besides, I was thinking to myself where did you live before you came here? Where is this magical place where everything is free? I moved here from Southern California and nothing was free there! I guess I happen to think it’s pretty nice here: I absolutely love our weather and that most of the time we have clean fresh air! Our skies are blue and we have the most gorgeous sunsets just about every sundown.

Wet N Wild midway games, carnival games, arcade carousel

And when I want to spend a little money to do something fun with kids I now have two water parks to choose from (Cowabunga Bay & Wet’n’Wild), a top notch Discovery Children’s Museum, Springs Preserve, Circus Circus with Adventuredome, M & M Factory, Rainforest Cafe at MGM, Galaxy luxury movie theaters (Cannery NLV & Henderson), Gameworks arcade, Brooklyn Bowl , Shark Reef at Mandalay Bay and honestly the list can go on and on!  And I don’t even want to get started with all the cool things for adults to do! That’s a whole separate blog!

Let us know what you love about living in Vegas !

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