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The Snacks That Give Back

Thanks to HouseParty I had the opportunity to learn more about Box Tops. Timg_4193o be honest I really never paid too much attention to them partially because I didn’t have a child in school yet. Now that my little one started school, I thought this party would be a perfect way to learn more about it. I am so grateful that I was chosen to participate, it gave me an opportunity to educate myself about the importance of Box Tops.

First off, I have to commend General Mills for creating a program that was designed to give back to our schools. They created the program to support education and benefit American schools. The program was doing so well that they expanded and included other brands such as Pillsbury, Old El Paso and Green Giant. As the program proved to be such a huge successful that they decided to add non-food brands to the program such as Ziplock, Hefty, Kleenex and Scott products. All of these expansions gave schools more opportunities to earn money while boosting sales of participating products. It is really a win-win for both schools and General Mills. Hopefully, they will continue to expand the list to add more brands. The more the merrier!

img_4200-1The next time you are browsing the store and can’t decide which brands to buy, maybe Box Tops will be the tie breaker. If you do purchase a Box Tops item, remember to clip it and set it aside. It’s as easy as 123! I get it, it’s really easy to forget but hey it’s okay! Whenever you remember to do so, save the Box Tops and eventually you will develop a habit. Maybe initially you will see it as a hassle, a waste of time, but don’t be discouraged. Donating Box Tops is like donating money to schools without breaking your bank account. They may only be worth ten cents, but eventually that ten cents becomes fifty cents, then a dollar and so on, those dollars and cents add up quickly. Think about every student bringing in a dollar each week or month, it adds up quickly!

Education is the key to our children’s future as well as ours, so why not help your local schools buy the things they need: books, computers, playground equipment and more. Be a part of a great cause, help improve our education system. Will you take that pledge? Will you help make a difference in children’s lives? Will you help make our future a little brighter? I know I will!

Check out these other awesome ways to save while helping:img_4396-1

Digital Coupons/Printable Coupons

Prime Pantry offers up to 20% savings which is an awesome perk!

Double the Cash for your school with the new bonus app:

In-Store Bonus Offers:                                                                                                                 img_4197-1

Collection Drive:

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Litl’ Squirts Are a Big Hit in Our Family!

We could not be happier when our friends at Litl’ Squirts sent us a box of love in 8 oz bottles. We had the awesome opportunity to taste test this super yummy beverage and let me get right to the point and tell you: It was a total grand slam across the board with three different families – five kids and three moms! This is hands down the best beverage we could have asked for! It is made of natural spring water from Maine blended perfectly with real fruit juices so it is naturally sweetened. So you don’t have to worry about giving your kids a sugary drink. It also has added vitamins too so it’s even better than plain juice!

I know I’m just like all other moms when I say I do my best to make healthy choices for my son, but when it comes to drink options, I was beginning to think that I can’t win every time! Now that I found Litl’ Squirts, I can give my son water that tastes likes juice!!! JJ loves juice, but I don’t want him to have too much unnecessary sugar in his diet, not to mention what it could do to his teeth! My son loved Litl’ Squirt so much, he finished it in one sitting. I shared samples with other LVMB writers: Heather and Janel.

Click here to see the triplets trying Litl’ Squirts for the very first time!

I gave Janel samples of Litl’ Squirts for them to try while she was watching my son and her youngest son. After some park time, both boys downed their drinks and shared another bottle. Luckily, Janel had a chance to taste it before surrendering it to them! I tried some myself when I heard what a hit it was with our boys. It actually does taste like juice so I was pleasantly surprised. There are several different flavors: Raspberry Apple, Blueberry Lemonade, Blueberry Apple and Cranberry Orange. The one we tried is blueberry and apple flavored, but the taste is not artificial. I was so thankful since I literally gag anytime I taste fake sugar. My body physically rejects it! I love that Litl’ Squirt is made from natural spring water and that real fruit flavors and colors are used. It is not overly sweet and each serving is only sixty calories so you can keep kids hydrated without high calorie drinks. Spring water is better since there is no added fluoride or chlorine, it is naturally a clean source of water and contains naturally occurring minerals. There are a lot of choices when we feed ourselves and our children and I’m happy to say I am completely sold on Litl’ Squirts. We hope you make them a staple in your fridge too.

Check here for availability near you! 


You can BUY ONLINE here also…

Connect with Litl’ Squirts on Facebook too!

Comment below and Las Vegas Moms Blog will let you try them free!

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