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Struck Gold with Dr. Silver

I did it… I decided to get “work done” I accept that I am aging… Celebrating another birthday, I thought it was great time to consult a professional about options to help me to transition gracefully into my mid-40s.

I was gifted this procedure in exchange for my honest opinion. Please contact Plastic Surgery Associates 702-822-2100 to book your appointment with Dr. Silver today!

Enter Dr. Andrew Silver… You have heard us rave about Anson, Edwards & Higgins previously, and you know how well respected and admired this practice is… Dr. Silver is their newest addition and he’s wonderful. What do you look for in a plastic surgeon? Someone who is extremely knowledgeable and a perfectionist. You want your doctor to be personable, approachable and someone willing to be patient with you.  Getting work done on your face is a HUGE DEAL. Dr. Silver is extremely cautious and answers all of your concerns. I especially appreciate the fact that he is able to articulate what is happening with your face and give options for resolving those issues. He has a conservative approach and is extremely precise. He also can gently steer you in the right direction when your idea may achieve your desired results. I didn’t know what I needed or wanted, but I knew my face could use “something”…

For the past couple of years, I’ve received Botox for migraines which entails a protocol of more than 30 shots all over the scalp, along the hairline and the trapezius muscle. I am ineligible to receive any additional Botox in between those quarterly appointments. 

I opted for fillers. Yes! I was a little nervous, but super excited. I had Dr. Silver face me towards the mirror and walk me thru what was possible. You can see he has true passion for his craft and it was very reassuring. I get the allure of going to a medispa and saving money, but we are talking about your face, your identity, the first point of contact – Please don’t trust just anyone with your beautiful face! That’s my PSA for the week! Share the knowledge, my friends… I have heard so many horror stories about Botox parties and fillers gone wrong. It is not worth the risk of damage. It could also potentially cost you a lot more both monetary and aesthetically should something go awry. 

The fillers were very, very slight. I had a minor imbalance in my cheeks so Dr. Silver numbed my face a little and let that set for a few minutes. He drew on my face to mark out his proposed area to plump on each side. With the assistance of the lovely Ms. Stacie who rubbed the other cheek with an ice pod, he began his work. Just a few injections with a very thin needle in a handful of points along my cheek bone. It feels like a little pinch and not nearly as bad as I expected or anticipated. I was nervous about getting an injection in my soft cheek, but it was not bad at all! He evaluates his work from multiple angles as perfectionists do and then performed injections in the other cheek. They wiped the marker off of my cheeks and said to check back in a couple of weeks. I asked if there were any adverse affects to look out for and was told I would have a pretty immediate reaction, if anything. I was told swelling would subside completely after two weeks, but may feel soreness and have tiny injection site bruising. I held ice pack pods on my face for about fifteen minutes afterwards to reduce the swelling. Ladies, I did this on my way to work! I did experience maybe one or two bruises that were so tiny, they could pass as freckles. 

20171117_083122The results are beautiful! I’m a bit more plump in my cheeks because, let’s face it, as the years pass, the fat you actually want that gives you a more youthful appearance begins to dissipate… the fillers are a great way to fill out your face even when you have received Botox to smooth lines, there is only so much smoothing of wrinkles that you can have done. The face naturally loses that fullness much like my eye brows are not as full as they once were!

I have to tell you: the fillers did a lot for me, beyond the physical appearance… I received a professional evaluation and a proposed game plan before and after my decision to proceed with fillers. No one could tell I had anything done, but noticed I looked great! I ended up telling a lot of my friends, family and coworkers. They said they couldn’t tell, but just noticed I was doing something right. It actually made me feel more confident knowing I didn’t look hollowed out anymore! I am also more conscious of my resting B face – Ugh… so true that “your face will freeze like that!” Haha…

I am so overjoyed knowing there is a game plan despite the fact the years do not want to be kind, nor does gravity, but rather than defy the aging process, I can mature gracefully! I admit, I think I should have had even more plumping simply because I love how subtle and yet how effective it was. The fillers made a big difference for me. 

Now through the end of 2017, Dr. Silver is offering 20% off his services to all our followers. Please tell him we sent you and enjoy the new you. No one deserves beauty and the gift of time on your side than YOU! Happy Holidays!!!

 Tell me, I want to know:

  • Are you aging gracefully?
  • What do you do to help this goal?
  • If you could get any work done, what would it be?
  • What questions do you have questions for Dr. Silver?

More candid pix approx 1 week post-procedure:

These are unedited, no filters, minimal makeup (nothing on my cheeks)


Comfortable enough for pix with teen nieces!

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Found a Diamond in the Desert!!!

We recently had the pleasure of dealing with Blue Diamond Air Solutions when we realized our HVAC air filters were in need of replacement.  

From the moment they arrived they were very kind and professional.  They worked quickly to pull the old, dirty filters out, clean the cover, degrease the air intake vent and finally place the new filters.  I was surprised at how instant and noticeable the increased airflow through each vent was.  They also explained the many benefits of keeping a clean filter, including much cleaner air to breathe and reduction in energy costs due to higher efficiency of the increased airflow.  Being the mother of a child with allergies, the cleaner air is a HUGE benefit and a relief to me.  Our son even got a kick out of the installation, saying it looked like we had a ghostbuster in our house! 

"Who you gonna call?"

“Who you gonna call?”

They recommend changing the filters quarterly or if there are pets in the home, bi-monthly.  The overall cost for us would only be $30 each time! ($5 per filter and a $20 service fee).  BDAS has been in business for a little over six months but they were very knowledgeable and were able to answer any questions I had for them.  I would highly recommend them to anyone I know. You can find them:


Facebook: Blue Diamond Air Solutions

IG: @bluediamondair


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Online Dating is a Full Time Job That Doesn’t Pay Well

online dating, single mom, single dad, hazards of online dating, expectationsWait, it doesn’t even pay to date online. In fact, you’re just waiting and hoping for the possibility of the bonus to last a lifetime. Well, eventually anyway! In case you missed it, I am officially back on the market! I think it took me a record two weeks of ‘seeing what’s out there’ to be more or less over it! I know, I know, “Don’t give up!” & “You can’t let a few setbacks turn you off to the whole idea entirely”…blah blah blah…I cannot become a jaded single online dater this early in the game. (No, I don’t think this is a game – I’m serious about finding the One.) I just need to revisit my profile page and maybe tweak my search to draw the proper potential suitors into the realm of possibility.

How exactly am I presenting myself? Do I sound needy? I really go back and forth on this: I’m a single mom. That is a fact. I am not saying I am a victim. I honestly think my son is one of the best parts of me. He is always going to be the center of my universe. Perhaps a single dad is really the way to go. There is actually a setting in one dating app that allows you to set the criteria of only dating single parents. I am actually fine if someone is my age and does not have any children, but if they say they do not want a child, I am obviously not that woman for you. So let’s see, am I boring? I see all these world travelers and entrepreneurs and I have an outdated passport and can barely spell ‘entrepreneur’! I sometimes shy away from approaching the over-achiever wondering if the agree that a movie on the couch with a great bottle of wine and cuddle buddy sounds divine. Would I want to date me? I am not quite sure what parts of me to really sell or if I am secretly hoping it comes out in our witty exchange over emails. Speaking of emails…
Do I need to evolve my strategy to immediately give my phone number out? I have gotten into some debates about whether or not this is the best practice. Mostly, from men who want my number and I do not feel comfortable giving it to them. For one, I like my phone number. I am attached to my phone on a daily basis and cannot imagine having to ditch my number to avoid someone. I have heard horror stories so I have been erring on the side of caution for this specific rule. I figured if I meet you in person, say for coffee or a juice date, and we feel like we can move forward from that first interlude, then yes, exchanging

If I had only seen this before launching my search...

If I had only seen this before launching my search…

numbers at that time sounds perfect. I have a tendency to be too polite and in sticking to this policy, I have gotten some strange reactions that truly surprised me. One man thought it be a good time to insult me by saying that I “must only date psychos if I am worried about divulging too much personal information” and another man (I should really say boy since he is more than ten years my junior, but that is a separate blog post…something with “Cougar” in the title…) simply asked if we could exchange numbers so he could send me pictures A-hem, of himself…that he promised I would like it…and other not so subtle suggestions. Now, let’s just be clear here. I am no prude – in fact, exchanging sexy pictures can be…well, sexy! But I would not do that with just anyone, let alone a complete stranger! How weird…
This process is surely helping me become focused and clear about what I am looking for and what I am not. I am not going to compromise myself, I am too old for that! I am set on certain things, but not on others. I know there is someone out there for me and I am hopeful I will meet him – whether it is online or off! Wish me luck!
What sort of parameters do you set for yourself? Would you have found your current love if you had stuck to your ‘plan’?!