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Disney On Ice presents: Follow Your Heart



Disney On Ice presents Follow Your Heart is coming to the Thomas & Mack Center January 11-14.

Follow your heart straight to adventure at Disney On Ice! D30B-Facebook-1200x628-RightRail-DoryJust keep swimming with Dory and new pal Hank from Disney•Pixar’s Finding Dory as they set out to find her parents.



D30B-Facebook-600x315-RightRail-FrozenCheer with the Emotions from Disney Pixar’s Inside Out. Venture to wintery Arendelle where Olaf and Kristoff help reunite Anna and Elsa and learn love is the most powerful magic of all.




See the Disney Princesses achieve their dreams through bravery, kindness, and perseverance. And celebrate true friendship with The Toy Story gang. Make unforgettable memories with Mickey and your Disney friends when Disney On Ice presents Follow Your Heart skates into Las Vegas!



Get your tickets today at UNLVtickets, (use promo code MOMS for 20% off select seats)  and join us as we introduce Hank, Charlie, and Jenny from Disney/Pixar’s Finding Dory and the Emotions from Inside Out as they make their debut at Disney On Ice presents Follow Your Heart.  Don’t let this spectacular and unforgettable adventure with these Disney stars pass you on by.

The adventure awaits you and your family this, 

Thursday, January 11 at 7:00 PM
Friday, January 12 at 7:00 PM
Saturday, January 13 at 11:30 AM, 3:00 PM & 7:00 PM
Sunday, January 14 at 1:00 PM & 5:00 PM

Ticket start at $15
*Service charges and handling fees may apply. Prices do not include $3 facility fee.

We have enclosed a fun Activity packet for the kids, just click on the link below and print. The kids will definitely enjoy the activities. 



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Happy Father’s Day, Dad!

Grandpa Always Makes Me Smile

Dear Dad,

GrandpaJust wanted to say Thank You for being such a wonderful dad. You have always taught me lessons without saying a word. You taught me how to be there for someone you love and what type of man makes a great husband and a great father. You have always provided for our family and always persevered. You showed me the importance of a good work ethic & though you worked long hours up until the time you retired, you demonstrated to me that being happy in your profession can make your entire life turn around. You always have a corny joke or comment for any occasion and though you are not about being the life of the party, our friends and family always gravitate towards you.

I could always count on you, Dad & despite the crazy teenager (& 20-something year old …& 30-something year old) you had to endure, you are still there for me to this day: Fixing things in your crazy McGuyver kind of way, handling things like – the guys at the auto shop, disciplining me which at my age is really considered ‘coaching’. You still insist on double-checking locked doors at night, emptying the trash, carrying heavy items and you are kind enough to not let your eyes glaze over (or fall asleep) when I talk about things that you don’t really have any interest! I’m so grateful for all these gifts you’ve given me. Now, more importantly, for being the best Lolo (Grandpa) ever! I am not sure if you would agree, but maybe all the drama I put you through was so that you could enjoy your first grandbaby! By the looks of it, it was all worth it!

 Lolo & apo 49ers

When J was born, mom teased that you didn’t even know how to hold a baby. Well, let’s face it, the last newborn you held was nearly 40 years ago…You kept asking him why he couldn’t talk & if he was ready to walk. Yes, he could see your face, Dad. But he’s not even First haircut from Grandpaone month old, so you have to be patient! I got to watch you become the modern day Dad: acting goofy, making faces, getting on the floor to play. Things Mom says you never did with my brother and me when we were kids. I’ve never seen you act this way with other kids in our family! You are always sweet to my girl cousins because you feel like little girls need to be babied and treated with extra special care. You have had a special bond with them in that way, like little princesses to dote on and watch over. With J it’s different: You actually can’t wait to see each other. You crack each other up. You guys are best friends. Even though J is just learning to talk now, he asks for you. He looks for you when you are not around. He screams at the top of his lungs when he finally gets to see you!

You’re the Best Dad & Grandfather ever! I love you, Dad!!!

Father's Day, Grandfather

My Papa

One of my first memories of my father was when I think I was about 3 years old. My grandmother told me to answer the door at her house. I open the door to a complete stranger and was told that the man standing in front of me was my father. I remember being so confused and I had absolutely no feelings for this man. Over the years, I would get visits from this stranger. I guess STRANGEr is the perfect word for him. He was strange. He liked to take me to his local bar to play pool and to cemeteries to walk around and look at tomb stones. He was a severe alcoholic and it progressed through the years into a very serious drug addiction.

Throughout my life, I experienced some very traumatic things with him until finally, he did something so terrible that I had to remove him from my life permanently. I really don’t know if he is even still alive because the last time I saw him was 20 years ago. Thankfully, I never had an empty spot left from his absence. I had my Papa.

My grandpa was an angel in my life in more ways than anyone could know. He was the first man and the only man for years and years of my life who truly loved me. He was a completely selfless man. He was so simple in so many ways, from the way he dressed to the cars he drove: He never worried about impressing others.  He always made me feel special and loved. He showed me that men can be good, in fact much more than ‘good’! He loved me when I was at my worst and making horrible decisions left and right.

A few weeks before he died he gave me a huge gift. He knew he wasn’t going to be here much longer so he told me everything I needed to hear from him. He told me that he was so proud of the woman I had become and proud of all the hurdles that I had crossed. He made sure I really knew just how much he loved me. To this day I miss him so much. But I am so thankful that he filled me up with so much of his love that I can hold on tightly to it through the rest of my life.

Papa, I love you. I look forward to a day we can be together again. Your love is with me  every day and I will always cherish it.

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