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My Mother’s Day Dinner at Havana Grill

On Mother’s Day I had made reservations to go to one of my favorite brazilian steak houses, Samba. Well to my surprise, I found out they do not allow children under 5 to dine in the restaurant . To make it easy I picked our closest Cuban restaurant, Havana Grill.  I have always loved Havana Grill, but earlier I had told my children that we were going somewhere very fancy. When we arrived at Havana Grill my four year old son got a disgusted look on his face and began to cry. I asked him what was wrong and he said the place was not fancy. I tried to convince him that, Yes, it was fancy. He started waving his arms around and saying, “Look! Just look at this place! This is not fancy! Even look at their paintings!” I was completely shocked! My husband and I had a hard time not laughing. Even though he was being a complete brat, it showed me that even snobbery is passed through genetics. You see, my husband only likes fancy places too and since I am the one who is with the kids most of the time, they don’t have much opportunity to have that trait rub off. Throughout dinner,  my son kept his disappointed face on and the rest of my four children went about and enjoyed their night out at an unfancy dinner.  The restaurant’s decor is actually very cute. It really is not that fancy but more like something you might find in a Cuban neighborhood in Miami. It’s has a little bit of a tropical theme going on with lots of ceiling fans that are shaped like leaves and old rustic looking Cuban paintings. It’s definitely not a super dressy place. It would be totally appropriate if you went completely casual to a little dressy. I always border on too dressy everywhere I go, but that is just how I feel most comfortable. The food was good as it has always been. I actually love the vegetarian plate which just consists of black beans, white rice, and fried plantains – so simple, but it is done just right.  image  All of the kids got Cuban style sandwiches and my husband had a chicken dish. I also made sure to order a mojito! Their mojitos are pretty much what I would expect, nothing too special, but just a classic mojito. The night we went, they were definely running behind and our service was slow, but what can you expect on Mother’s Day? Besides, we were in no hurry – we were having a great time. I recommend this place to anyone who enjoys Cuban food or is willing to try something different. Also this place is completely kid-friendly, and even though my little guy thought it was not fancy. it is actually very cute with a true Cuban feel. image4-1024x768 image3-1024x768

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As Seen On TV: Take Two – Mother’s Day segment

I had the opportunity to speak with KLAS-TV 8NewNow anchor Patranya Bhoolsuwan about Las Vegas Moms Blog on a bright & early, wind-blown Mother’s Day morning! I was so thrilled they also showed our blog as well{you’re welcome LVMB sponsors! haha…}. It was great to have a chance to share some info about my other ‘baby’, LVMB: this little {not for long} blog that could…IMG_3529

In case you missed it: CLICK HERE TO WATCH THE VIDEO!!!

IMG_3530 IMG_3528

LVMB is a fantastic resource for local moms. Not only do we provide an online community to connect moms to each other, but we also encourage families to experience all that our great city has to offer! From kid-friendly resorts & restaurants, to the best parks & playgrounds to our favorite romantic date night venues & limited engagement events and of course, we’ll tell you about hot spots for moms to unwind and check out when it is just the ladies on the town! We love supporting local businesses & events and want to share our experiences and hear about your experiences too! We all know how important word of mouth is in this town. You will not survive without the support of Las Vegas, Henderson, North Las Vegas, Boulder City & Pahrump residents! Let’s map out this entire valley in Southern Nevada together.

As a local business, you need to be working with us! We want to help support and promote you! So keep us posted & submit your events to our COMMUNITY EVENTS CALENDAR. This way, moms can see what’s happening around town to plan accordingly. Moms make so many decisions that translate to dollars for your businesses so it only makes sense to invest in LVMB! Review posts and sponsored posts are a great way to get in front of our audience to showcase what you have to offer. Request our media kit at info{at}lasvegasmomsblog{dot}com today!

For local moms, read about our contributors and share your stories with fellow local moms who have been there or are going through the same stage as you in mommyhood. You are not alone! We have so many different stories to share with you whether it is our love of junk food or our obsession with sushi. We have all types of moms represented: new moms, moms-to-be, moms of grown kids and little ones, moms of adopted children or moms in blended families, some natives and some newly transplanted. You will find that you can share your stories and we can relate!

We are asking for your support as our favorite community that we live in and love! As a start, Follow, Like, Share, Repost, Retweet, Comment, Pin & participate in anything you see that appeals to you. You can find us on Facebook, Instagram(2), Twitter(2) & Pinterest(2). Invite your friends to make this an even bigger party! The more support we receive the more we are able to do in return. Flex that Mom Power! Come out and meet us: You can find our next LVMB event in our EVENTS CALENDAR.

Thank you so much for cheering us on – we are so happy you’re here…

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Join the Moms’ Service International Union

Strike Sign

Strike Sign It’s Mother’s Day.

For many moms, it is one of the rarest of rare days – when you might get to put your feet up for at least a few minutes. When you might even get to enjoy breakfast in bed. (“Enjoy” is a relative term here. Breakfast in bed somewhat resembles a Cirque du Soleil act, with various balancing contortions involved to keep coffee from spilling on the comforter.)

I know you are worried about the mess in the kitchen that is happening in your honor. Well, then, just don’t look in your kitchen.

Easier said than done, isn’t it?

Fellow moms, we might complain about the mess in the kitchen. And about never getting to relax.

About rarely getting a good night’s sleep.

About being the go-to booger wiper, vomit cleaner, encouragement generator, and last-minute-class-pageant-costume-creator.

But would we really trade it in?

Would we dare to organize a Moms’ Strike? Would we dare to organize the Moms’ Service International Union?

Why shouldn’t we? As this fun video of interviews for the “Worlds Toughest Job” lays it out, moms work 135 hours a week, and even more. No breaks are available, even for sleep. If you’re hungry? “You can have lunch, but only when the associate is done having their lunch.”

And my personal favorite from the pseudo-job interview: “If you had a life, we’d ask you to give that life up.”

All for no pay.

This sounds like what the work world was like before labor unions, workplace safety, and a 40-hour workweek were created.

Before people died in the name of humane workplace conditions.

This sounds exhausting. Demoralizing. Soul-sucking.Pancakes

So why do we moms get all misty-eyed when we talk about our kids?

It’s more than the endless hours, the menial tasks, and the teachable moments.

Go ahead. Now you can look in the kitchen.

Look beyond the mess. You’ll see smiles. Laughter. You’ll see the concentration it takes to pour orange juice carefully.

There’s something else in your scrambled eggs, besides little bits of shell. You don’t have to look hard to see the love, and pride, and the hope that Mommy loves her breakfast in bed.

Sounds like a great job to me.

Happy Mother’s Day!

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February 12, 2015
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Happy Mother’s Day!!

MotherMother’s Day will soon be here. This is a day to honor and cherish the women who have cared and sacrificed for us, biological or not. Growing up I was always closer to my grandmother and Mother’s Day was more about her. I didn’t really understand how special my mother is until I became one myself. It wasn’t until I spent sleepless nights rocking my daughter or maintaining my patience when I’m running late to work and she’s in a “no” mood that I realized just how much my mom has been there for me. Mothers do so much for us yet we so easily take them for granted. Even as an adult I still rely on my mom for everything from advice to babysitting. My first Mother’s Day as a mom was special. Not only did I have this adorable little baby but I had a new found appreciation for my own mom and the sacrifices she has made. She has taught me how to be a strong confident woman and I can only hope I’m as good a mom as she has been.

I recently came across this quote by Sophia Loren. “When you are a mother, you are never really alone in your thoughts. A mother always has to think twice, once for herself and once for her child.” Of all the quotes about mothers I’ve seen recently I think this one summarizes motherhood the best. It’s true whether your child is 4 months or 40 years.

Wishing all you Moms out there a Happy Mother’s Day!