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Family to Family Connection Offers Information and Community

Girl Playing With Building Blocks

Girl Playing With Building BlocksRaising young children can be an isolating experience. It is often difficult for families to find credible information about child development and parenting. Also, it can be challenging – particularly in a transient city like Las Vegas – for moms to create strong support networks. Family to Family Connection is a 501(c)3 nonprofit organization dedicated to families with children ages 0-5 years. Their mission statement: “Through parent education and community networking, Family to Family empowers and supports families to provide a safe and nurturing environment for their children.” With a full roster of classes, a resource library, and a lactation educator on staff, new parents have a place to learn about being even better parents. The resource library allows the checkout of books and DVDs featuring subjects such as parenting and child development. Family to Family teaches a full calendar of classes. Most are taught in English, but there are some Spanish language classes each month, too. Topics include music, nutrition, physical activity, crafts, and even infant massage. Check here for the most up-to-date offerings. (Full disclosure – I occasionally lead a class about having a healthy relationship with food.) Family to Family has also teamed up with Nevada Early Intervention Services to offer some classes addressing your child’s development. Beyond the formal programming, one of the biggest strengths of Family to Family Connection is that it provides a space for young families to connect with one another. Friendships develop among the families served. When my boys were babies, Family to Family Connection was a lifesaver! There weren’t many places where I could bring both children and still feel relaxed and comfortable. Family to Family was welcoming. I could actually talk to other moms (yay!) while my children played safely. My new-mom jitters calmed down as I learned from the classes, and I was eternally grateful for a place to escape cabin fever. Each spring, Family to Family Connection presents the fundraiser “Touch a Truck.” As the name indicates, children have the chance to see a large variety of vehicles up close. They get to climb into a fire truck, touch an Army jeep, and even chillax in a limousine (my kids’ favorite – and so quintessential Vegas).

Dune buggy action at Touch a Truck

Inside a hot air balloon at Touch a Truck

Family to Family Connection 7151 Cascade Valley Court, Suite 104 Las Vegas, NV 89128 (702) 870-9583

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UPDATE – GIVEAWAY: One of the Best Things I Never Thought I Would Ever Do

Update! The first part of Janel’s story can be read HERE.
It is one thing to feel beautiful, it’s an entirely different experience to look at yourself and see yourself as beautiful in a picture…. the Reveal. 2 weeks have gone by and I get to see what those 5 hours looks like on film. I am nervous and yet, extremely excited. Although, to be honest, I keep holding on to a feeling of impending disappointment – after all, I am not a supermodel. That’s all we see in pictures so it’s nearly impossible to avoid thinking of how I measure up.
I am greeted again by the wonderfully energetic and positive La. She is bubbling over with excitement for me to see what she has done. As I look down I am absolutely astonished. Gone are the stretch marks and shy glances, what I see is a confident beautiful woman before me. That can’t possibly be me?! And the best part? The naked ones are my favorite! I don’t even wear shorts that go two inches above my knees!
I want to cry, joyful tears, like a snake shedding its old skin to reveal bright new skin underneath… Could it have been there the whole time? Somehow La saw it before I could.
When she tells you to trust her over and over again?….. Do it. This is an amazing experience and I totally want to do it again! One day when I am eighty, I imagine myself looking back at these pictures and I will probably say, “Wow, I look good…” Too bad it only took 36 years and a talented artist (aka a stranger) with a camera to show me.
Are you ready for your own adventure of beauty? Have you ever thought, If I had a team of professionals playing up my best features & distracting me from the ‘flaws’ that I think I have, I could look like a supermodel too! Now is your chance…
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Join the Moms’ Service International Union

Strike Sign

Strike Sign It’s Mother’s Day.

For many moms, it is one of the rarest of rare days – when you might get to put your feet up for at least a few minutes. When you might even get to enjoy breakfast in bed. (“Enjoy” is a relative term here. Breakfast in bed somewhat resembles a Cirque du Soleil act, with various balancing contortions involved to keep coffee from spilling on the comforter.)

I know you are worried about the mess in the kitchen that is happening in your honor. Well, then, just don’t look in your kitchen.

Easier said than done, isn’t it?

Fellow moms, we might complain about the mess in the kitchen. And about never getting to relax.

About rarely getting a good night’s sleep.

About being the go-to booger wiper, vomit cleaner, encouragement generator, and last-minute-class-pageant-costume-creator.

But would we really trade it in?

Would we dare to organize a Moms’ Strike? Would we dare to organize the Moms’ Service International Union?

Why shouldn’t we? As this fun video of interviews for the “Worlds Toughest Job” lays it out, moms work 135 hours a week, and even more. No breaks are available, even for sleep. If you’re hungry? “You can have lunch, but only when the associate is done having their lunch.”

And my personal favorite from the pseudo-job interview: “If you had a life, we’d ask you to give that life up.”

All for no pay.

This sounds like what the work world was like before labor unions, workplace safety, and a 40-hour workweek were created.

Before people died in the name of humane workplace conditions.

This sounds exhausting. Demoralizing. Soul-sucking.Pancakes

So why do we moms get all misty-eyed when we talk about our kids?

It’s more than the endless hours, the menial tasks, and the teachable moments.

Go ahead. Now you can look in the kitchen.

Look beyond the mess. You’ll see smiles. Laughter. You’ll see the concentration it takes to pour orange juice carefully.

There’s something else in your scrambled eggs, besides little bits of shell. You don’t have to look hard to see the love, and pride, and the hope that Mommy loves her breakfast in bed.

Sounds like a great job to me.

Happy Mother’s Day!

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[typography font=”Lobster Two” size=”20″ size_format=”px” color=”880015″]Plenty of reasons to come celebrate our blog launch…Besides, don’t you want to meet fellow moms in Las Vegas! See you there![/typography]

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Meet Our Contributors: Heather

[typography font=”Lobster Two” size=”24″ size_format=”px” color=”400040″]Meet Heather[/typography]

Hi I’m Heather ! I am a mommy to a 22 year old, a 13 year old, and 4 year old triplets.  I would consider myself kind of a bad girl turned good. I got pregnant at 17 and at the time was a very wild teen . I was several years behind in high school with really no intention of graduating. But something special happened when I found out that I was pregnant. I almost instantly fell in love with the little baby that had begun growing inside of me. I realized that I needed to clean up my act fast and graduate in hopes of becoming a good mother for my baby boy. It was hard but I did homework day and night allowing me to graduate high school from a continuation school a few months after my son was born. This will explain my funky writing style! I really barely passed high school and I never learned proper grammar and thank goodness for spell check  because my spelling is terrible!
After I graduated I started getting odd jobs and began trying to find ways to support my son. I ended up marrying the first guy that would marry me thinking that I needed to have a daddy for my son. I left my husband after a little less than a year realizing I had made a huge mistake:  No man was better than a deadbeat man. Shorty after that, I became a gogo dancer. Then soon after that, a bikini dancer. As the money kept increasing, I took it one step further and became a stripper.  I remained a stripper until I was 25. I would justify this job to myself and others believing that it was the best thing for me as a single mom. It paid my bills and allowed me a lot of time with my little boy. All while crushing who I was inside. For me it created more insecurity and a lot of shame and disgust in myself as well as a pure hate for almost all men. At 24, I started cosmetology school. I had also met a man that I was truly in love with. And at 25 I was able to quit stripping and become a full-time hairdresser. I married again and soon after was pregnant with my second child. Life had really turned around for me. I was very happy. Sadly things took a sad turn, my husband developed brain cancer when my daughter was 18 months old and my world came crashing down. We went through several brain surgeries and my husband became someone else as a result of the effects on his brain from the cancer. We were married for 7 years and then the day came when I knew I had to make a hard decision to divorce him. It was the best choice for my children. He and I remained close friends up to his death. After our separation, I met the man I am married to now. My husband rescued me. He came into my life at a time when I felt like maybe my life was just never going to be good. He accepted both of my children as his own and treats me as if I am the only woman in the world. We have a marriage that is very similar to a stereo typical 1950’s marriage. He goes to work and I raise the kids and take care of the house. This works great for us. After I had my second child I had never planned on having any more children so I tied my tubes. My husband and I wanted to have a child together and our only option was to try in vitro fertilization. We made the decision to put in all three of our healthy eggs and all three took! We were very excited and thankfully all three of my babies are healthy despite the huge risks. I love being mommy of 5. My life has become all about being a mom. Because I have had struggles in my life I am able to enjoy every little bit of my life now. I don’t take anything for granted and I try to really live my life fully. I can’t wait to share more of my journey with all of you. I hope to encourage and be encouraged by other mommies.

[typography font=”Lobster Two” size=”20″ size_format=”px” color=”400040″]Heather is also our Instagram momma! You can follow her[/typography]  @lasvegasmoms

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Meet Our Contributors: Tricia

tricia n hubby

[typography font=”Lobster Two” size=”20″ size_format=”px” color=”400040″]Meet Tricia[/typography]

Hello fellow moms and friends, welcome to Las Vegas Moms Blog! First, I’d like to introduce and give you a little background about myself for you to get to know me better.
I want to be clear with you that I’m NOT a professional chef/baker nor do I have any training in this field.  However, I can say I DO have years of experience with cooking and baking in my daily life.  I’m a homebody girl who enjoys doing these kinds of “at home” things.  I even take joy in cleaning!  And yes I also like arts & crafts, sewing, decorating, etc.  What can I say, I am truly my grandmother’s grand-daughter.  I guess I grew up subconsciously wanting to be like her.  When I was a child, all I knew was that she made activities around the house look fabulously fun. Twenty-nine years later, here I am finding myself genuinely happy living the domestic life!
I’m currently living in Las Vegas, with my wonderful husband and our two lovable dogs, Lilo a 5-year old female Shihtzu and Bachi, a 2-year old male English Bulldog.  When I first moved here, I never would have imagined my life could be quite like this.  First off, I had only planned on staying for a summer to unwind and have fun.  I told myself, I would go back to Colorado and finish my last year of college to receive a bachelor’s degree in mass communications.  Funny how things change.  I immediately found myself so at home and happier than I’ve ever been anywhere else.  I had an adventurous time exploring the city on and off the Strip, meeting new friends, and unexpectedly falling in love.  Everything just fell into place and I knew in my heart this is where I want to be.  I spontaneously made the decision to stay, even though it meant sacrificing school.  I know it sounds irresponsible and careless, but for once I actually felt in control of my life and that I was making a good decision for my overall well-being.

To this day, I absolutely have no regrets and now I look back and think that moving here was the best decision I have ever made.  In the past few years I have significantly grown and learned so much about myself and what I want in life.  Most importantly I realized that when you find your own peace, love and joy within, you become in harmony with everything else around you.  I’m a strong believer in pursuing what truly makes you happy.  I can honestly say I am at peace with everything in (and out of) my life.  I continue to thrive on learning new things, growing spiritually, and evolving intellectually.  With that said, I look forward to sharing these experiences with readers.

I’m excited to be a member of the blogging community and am delighted to share my life at home and write about recipes, cooking, baking, decorating, beauty tips, fitness regimen, personal thoughts, travels, and most of all my journey in becoming a first-time mom!


[typography font=”Lobster Two” size=”20″ size_format=”px” color=”400040″]Just wait until you see her amazing creations, you may just try to bite your screen! Tricia is expecting her first child, a boy! She is just nearing the close of her second trimester. [/typography]