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Better Breakfast Recap! Our Featured Guests: Umpqua Oats & Coffig

We had a mama meet up in the park this weekend! It was so great to enjoy this gorgeous weather we are having outdoors, with friends, old and new…You know me, all about the food and luckily I surround myself with like-minded moms. We had an opportunity to taste and review COFFIG Fig Coffee and Umpqua Oats for the Better Breakfast Challenge! Thank you, Tryazon! 

***LVMB was not paid to promote these products, but we were provided with samples to taste test!***

COFFIG is a coffee beverage made of fig! The second you open the packet, you are embraced by the delicious roasted scents of fig and coffee. I was unaware that coffee could be made from figs! Figs are delicious, perfectly sweet (and actually, growing in my backyard)! I never thought coffee in a fig flavor was even a possibility or even if it was a good idea so when I heard about this creation from Oregon, I was definitely interested in giving it a try. There is no caffeine, but a natural energy boost was promised. The first question all of the moms thought was, is this going to make me spend the day in the bathroom? The quick answer is No! Since it is made from figs, people think they would have digestive benefits and that maybe too much fruit historically is known for helping you move food through your digestive system. It actually tastes great. I personally like stronger tasting coffee (taste, not necessarily something more caffeinated). I had to try a few times to get the right taste for my preference because too little grounds made it more of a tea than a coffee. It tastes great and especially for moms who are nursing or pregnant, it is a perfect decaf option! You have to try it…I personally did not feel much of a rush of energy the way caffeine in coffee affects me, but I also know that I do prefer to limit my caffeine intake since I get migraines. I know, it is like going against the mom-code of the Starbucks IV Drip Club! Ssshhhh…don’t tell on me! This is a great option on the weekends when I don’t need a caffeine boost or in the evenings when coffee sounds good, but staying up all night jittery doesn’t. I had this the next day over ice and it is just as delicious.

vanilla almond, umpqua oats, umpqua oats review, oatmeal  

Umpqua Oats are a LOCAL BRAND! Yes, my local Las Vegans, you will not only buy the best tasting breakfast for at home or on the go, but this is actually a healthy meal to start off your day AND you are also SUPPORTING LOCAL – That’s a trifecta, my friends! I first found this yummy breakfast about a year ago while at a drive-thru coffee stand (Moment of silence for the missing Human Bean in the Southwest Valley). It is ready made and all you do is shake up the contents a bit & add hot water. Let it sit for three(3) minutes – et voila! Breakfast in your car…Or breakfast at home for a hungry picky eater all of two years old. There are several flavors available for purchase. We got to try Vanilla Almond (a more traditional oatmeal/granola flavor), Sea Salt Caramel (a dessert breakfast!) and Jackpot – which is probably my favorite of the bunch since it includes fruit and nuts…and because it is called “Jackpot” = So Vegas, So Genius! The kids actually like it too! That day, we had babies between the ages of 3 months and 13 years. Fans all around! OK, we didn’t actually feed oatmeal directly to Nicole’s son, but it is safe and healthy (way to go galactogogue, oatmeal!) for nursing moms too…If this isn’t enough, we contact Umpqua and asked them to be a sponsor – that’s how much we love and adore them! Umpqua is also made in the USA, GMO free, whole rain certified, Kosher certified and no gluten ingredients are used. I know all my foodies with sensitivities can now eat a healthy, delicious meal! ***They contain nuts so, as always, please use with extreme caution when allergy sufferers are present!***

Cheers to a Better Breakfast!

Big THANK YOU to Panera Bread(89148) for helping me take this taste test on the road. The tea set up I bought was also delicious! I appreciate the help out to my car too, Mr. Manager, Lucas!

I have coupons up for grabs and a prize pack of Umpqua Oats for a randomly selected reader/commenter – leave your questions or thoughts below!

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Family to Family Connection Offers Information and Community

Girl Playing With Building Blocks

Girl Playing With Building BlocksRaising young children can be an isolating experience. It is often difficult for families to find credible information about child development and parenting. Also, it can be challenging – particularly in a transient city like Las Vegas – for moms to create strong support networks. Family to Family Connection is a 501(c)3 nonprofit organization dedicated to families with children ages 0-5 years. Their mission statement: “Through parent education and community networking, Family to Family empowers and supports families to provide a safe and nurturing environment for their children.” With a full roster of classes, a resource library, and a lactation educator on staff, new parents have a place to learn about being even better parents. The resource library allows the checkout of books and DVDs featuring subjects such as parenting and child development. Family to Family teaches a full calendar of classes. Most are taught in English, but there are some Spanish language classes each month, too. Topics include music, nutrition, physical activity, crafts, and even infant massage. Check here for the most up-to-date offerings. (Full disclosure – I occasionally lead a class about having a healthy relationship with food.) Family to Family has also teamed up with Nevada Early Intervention Services to offer some classes addressing your child’s development. Beyond the formal programming, one of the biggest strengths of Family to Family Connection is that it provides a space for young families to connect with one another. Friendships develop among the families served. When my boys were babies, Family to Family Connection was a lifesaver! There weren’t many places where I could bring both children and still feel relaxed and comfortable. Family to Family was welcoming. I could actually talk to other moms (yay!) while my children played safely. My new-mom jitters calmed down as I learned from the classes, and I was eternally grateful for a place to escape cabin fever. Each spring, Family to Family Connection presents the fundraiser “Touch a Truck.” As the name indicates, children have the chance to see a large variety of vehicles up close. They get to climb into a fire truck, touch an Army jeep, and even chillax in a limousine (my kids’ favorite – and so quintessential Vegas).

Dune buggy action at Touch a Truck

Inside a hot air balloon at Touch a Truck

Family to Family Connection 7151 Cascade Valley Court, Suite 104 Las Vegas, NV 89128 (702) 870-9583

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Well Rounded Momma Supports Moms-to-Be

Sleeping Newborn

Throughout pregnancy and childbirth preparations, women experience lots of different feelings: excitement, happiness, and love, for sure. But they may also feel nervous and confused. It’s a huge responsibility to bring a new life into the world, and there’s so much to learn aboutSleeping Newborn the birth process. First-time moms especially have tons of questions, and it can be difficult to find answers.

Do you want to have an OB/Gyn working with you, or midwife? Hospital birth, or home birth? A repeat Cesarean section or VBAC (vaginal birth after C-section)? And what the heck is a Labor Doula?

That’s where Well Rounded Momma (WRM) comes in. Founded in 2007 by Certified Professional Midwife (CPM) Sherry Hopkins, WRM provides pregnancy, birth and postpartum support. It is devoted to helping women know the choices available to them.

Couple Holding Infant ShoesWell Rounded Momma provides Midwifery and Doula services. Never heard of a Labor Doula? It is a trained birth professional who assists women through their birth experience by providing information as well as physical and emotional support. A Doula meets with you once or twice during pregnancy and is with you during labor, delivery, and shortly after birth to help with breastfeeding.

Childbirth education, fitness classes, support groups, workshops, massage therapy, and even Reiki are also offered. The storefront stocks herbs, teas, natural skincare products, and other goodies. All of these options help women have healthy pregnancies and labor, fewer C-sections, smoother breastfeeding, and increased bonding between mom and baby. It is part of WRM’s mission to use evidence-based care, so you’re in good hands.Want to learn more? Well Rounded Momma hosts an open house the last Friday of each month from 7-9 pm. This is a great opportunity to meet Sherry and the other providers. Get your questions answered and learn about something new. When I visited a WRM open house, Labor Doula Sarah Sorvillo taught hands-on techniques to help a laboring mom feel more comfortable. Learn about your options for a calmer, more peaceful birth experience.


Well Rounded Momma
8826 S Eastern Ave. Suite 111
Las Vegas, NV 89123
(702) 478-5080

Baby Feet

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My Breastfeeding Story: When Good Intentions Go Bad

Breastfeeding Best Intentions

Some damned if you do/damned if you don’t propositions:Baby on Blanket

Stay at home mom, or have an outside job?

Let your child cry for a little while, or cuddle her to sleep?

Bottle or breast?

Whatever you do as a parent, someone is quick to judge.

Sometimes the biggest judge is yourself.

Round 1: Nursing was so important that when my husband and I adopted our first baby, I planned to breastfeed. A supplemental system with tubes delivered formula as he suckled. This was supposed to stimulate milk production so I could eventually do this on my own. Gotta admit, I felt pretty righteous about motherhood.

Unfortunately, the system did not stimulate milk, and was cumbersome to set up.

Also, it hurt like &@?!!*! Some moms tell war stories of nursing through great discomfort and even bloody nipples. But really, how bonded, loving, and nurturing can feeding time be if you are gritting your teeth through excruciating pain?

Infant PlayingRound 2: With my second child, the pregnancy went smoothly. Labor was only 5½ hours. So why would breastfeeding go any less well? Given the full-term pregnancy, I figured my body would be better prepared to nurse this time.

Nope. Things started out semi-okay, even though I went topless 24/7 because my nipples felt like they were on fire. But baby and I kept on keeping on. I added in milk pumping because that hurt less. Despite a small fortune paid to lactation consultants, the pain got worse. And after a bout with a stomach bug, my milk dried up. No amount of herbal recipes, teas, and other rituals helped.

I had two fabulous, healthy, gorgeous children…and I felt like I failed an important part of being a good mom.

This is how the best of intentions can turn around and bite you.

In retrospect, I regret some of the efforts I made. Even after it was clear this was not working, I kept trying new strategies. Because good moms breastfeed. Right?

Family reading.Please don’t misunderstand: I still believe that breastfeeding is best. However, my minor obsession with doing what was “best” got in the way of good enough. All the time I spent researching, brewing herbs, consulting with experts, sulking, and putting frozen cabbage leaves on my chest was time I didn’t spend singing, cooing, and playing butterfly kisses with my boys.

For so many moms, we put pressure on ourselves to do the best – when good enough is okay. In fact, good enough is often pretty darn great.



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Family to Family Connection Offers Information and Community
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Breastfeeding with a C-section

Young woman breast feeding a baby

Hi mamas and soon to be mamas in celebration of Breastfeeding Week, I just wanted to share my breastfeeding, with a C-section, experience with you.

Unfortunately during my 3 pregnancies I had to have C-sections, my 1st pregnancy was due to an emergency and my other 2 pregnancies were planned C-sections per my doctor’s recommendation because of the possibilty of rupturing my uterus due to the first C-section.

After all my C-sections, I was in pain so I found that doing the football hold using a breastfeeding pillow (boppy or my brestfriend), was easier to feed my newborn, but whatever is easiest and most comfortable for you will work.

I also found being able to walk as soon as you can, helps you heal faster, hence making breastfeeding easier. If you can try to get off pain meds faster (The Doctor said it was safe to take, plus I was in pain). Comparing my children’s births, my first born I noticed when I took pain meds that my milk didn’t come fast unlike my other babies. With my 2nd and 3rd I chose to get off pain meds after the 2nd day and I noticed the difference that my milk supply came in faster for me. If your milk supply isn’t enough, don’t get discouraged. With my first born it took almost 3 weeks til my milk supply to get up, so during that time I had to supplement with formula. I’ll tell you it wasn’t all peaches and cream as I thought it would be (I thought my baby would latch easily). From sleepless nights, to full bosoms, chapped and bloody nipples (make sure to get lanolin), a frustrated newborn not latching easily, I was almost on the verge of quitting. However, I was determined not to give up because of the endless benefits:

*Bonding with your baby

*Free, and convenient. You don’t have to worry about scary and stressful tainted formula recalls, bottles and nipples to wash, sterilize or prepare, and your milk is always at the right temperature, so as soon as your baby needs to feed, it’s ready.

*Breastfeeding helps your baby to fight infection and develop good bacteria in his/her digestive system. He/she gets all the nutrition she needs from your milk to grow well, while also being protected from harmful bacteria.

*Breastmilk contains antibodies from you that help protect your baby against tummy bugs (gastroenteritis), colds, chest and ear infections

*It may help prepare your baby not to be a picky eater, unlike formula milk, the flavor of breastmilk can change according to what you’ve eaten.

*Breastfeeding is the healthiest choice for you, too. Studies show that it helps you lose weight and keep it off later, reduces your risk later in life of type 2 diabetes, pre-menopausal breast cancer and ovarian cancer. Breastfeeding can prevent ovulation, so you may be free of periods for a while, too (I was lucky while I was breastfeeding)

Young woman breast feeding a babyI was very fortunate to have a good support team from my helpful husband and older sister coaching me of finding ways to make it easier. I also turned to reading breastfeeding blogs, Baby Center, Parenting, Kelly Moms and La Leche League websites. So don’t be shy to ask any of your family, friends, or bloggers for any advice because there is a huge support team for breastfeeding moms and I’m sure they would love to share their tips with you.

So, I finally got the swing of feeding my first born effortlessly, from finding a good technique for latching. I found that the deep latch aka fish lips was the best because there was more suction making an increase in my milk supply.

I’m very fortunate and proud to be able to have breastfed my babies as long as I could (1st born: 11 1/2 months, 2nd born: 13 months, 3rd born: 22 months). I’ve noticed that there was less doctor visits and a special bond with each of my babies that I cherish. As hard as it may seem at the moment of breastfeeding, it is very rewarding to be able to give your baby the best possible start.

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