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Struck Gold with Dr. Silver

I did it… I decided to get “work done” I accept that I am aging… Celebrating another birthday, I thought it was great time to consult a professional about options to help me to transition gracefully into my mid-40s.

I was gifted this procedure in exchange for my honest opinion. Please contact Plastic Surgery Associates 702-822-2100 to book your appointment with Dr. Silver today!

Enter Dr. Andrew Silver… You have heard us rave about Anson, Edwards & Higgins previously, and you know how well respected and admired this practice is… Dr. Silver is their newest addition and he’s wonderful. What do you look for in a plastic surgeon? Someone who is extremely knowledgeable and a perfectionist. You want your doctor to be personable, approachable and someone willing to be patient with you.  Getting work done on your face is a HUGE DEAL. Dr. Silver is extremely cautious and answers all of your concerns. I especially appreciate the fact that he is able to articulate what is happening with your face and give options for resolving those issues. He has a conservative approach and is extremely precise. He also can gently steer you in the right direction when your idea may achieve your desired results. I didn’t know what I needed or wanted, but I knew my face could use “something”…

For the past couple of years, I’ve received Botox for migraines which entails a protocol of more than 30 shots all over the scalp, along the hairline and the trapezius muscle. I am ineligible to receive any additional Botox in between those quarterly appointments. 

I opted for fillers. Yes! I was a little nervous, but super excited. I had Dr. Silver face me towards the mirror and walk me thru what was possible. You can see he has true passion for his craft and it was very reassuring. I get the allure of going to a medispa and saving money, but we are talking about your face, your identity, the first point of contact – Please don’t trust just anyone with your beautiful face! That’s my PSA for the week! Share the knowledge, my friends… I have heard so many horror stories about Botox parties and fillers gone wrong. It is not worth the risk of damage. It could also potentially cost you a lot more both monetary and aesthetically should something go awry. 

The fillers were very, very slight. I had a minor imbalance in my cheeks so Dr. Silver numbed my face a little and let that set for a few minutes. He drew on my face to mark out his proposed area to plump on each side. With the assistance of the lovely Ms. Stacie who rubbed the other cheek with an ice pod, he began his work. Just a few injections with a very thin needle in a handful of points along my cheek bone. It feels like a little pinch and not nearly as bad as I expected or anticipated. I was nervous about getting an injection in my soft cheek, but it was not bad at all! He evaluates his work from multiple angles as perfectionists do and then performed injections in the other cheek. They wiped the marker off of my cheeks and said to check back in a couple of weeks. I asked if there were any adverse affects to look out for and was told I would have a pretty immediate reaction, if anything. I was told swelling would subside completely after two weeks, but may feel soreness and have tiny injection site bruising. I held ice pack pods on my face for about fifteen minutes afterwards to reduce the swelling. Ladies, I did this on my way to work! I did experience maybe one or two bruises that were so tiny, they could pass as freckles. 

20171117_083122The results are beautiful! I’m a bit more plump in my cheeks because, let’s face it, as the years pass, the fat you actually want that gives you a more youthful appearance begins to dissipate… the fillers are a great way to fill out your face even when you have received Botox to smooth lines, there is only so much smoothing of wrinkles that you can have done. The face naturally loses that fullness much like my eye brows are not as full as they once were!

I have to tell you: the fillers did a lot for me, beyond the physical appearance… I received a professional evaluation and a proposed game plan before and after my decision to proceed with fillers. No one could tell I had anything done, but noticed I looked great! I ended up telling a lot of my friends, family and coworkers. They said they couldn’t tell, but just noticed I was doing something right. It actually made me feel more confident knowing I didn’t look hollowed out anymore! I am also more conscious of my resting B face – Ugh… so true that “your face will freeze like that!” Haha…

I am so overjoyed knowing there is a game plan despite the fact the years do not want to be kind, nor does gravity, but rather than defy the aging process, I can mature gracefully! I admit, I think I should have had even more plumping simply because I love how subtle and yet how effective it was. The fillers made a big difference for me. 

Now through the end of 2017, Dr. Silver is offering 20% off his services to all our followers. Please tell him we sent you and enjoy the new you. No one deserves beauty and the gift of time on your side than YOU! Happy Holidays!!!

 Tell me, I want to know:

  • Are you aging gracefully?
  • What do you do to help this goal?
  • If you could get any work done, what would it be?
  • What questions do you have questions for Dr. Silver?

More candid pix approx 1 week post-procedure:

These are unedited, no filters, minimal makeup (nothing on my cheeks)


Comfortable enough for pix with teen nieces!

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Gift Guide and Bucket List of Our Favorite Holiday Things

Tis the season…We put together a list of our favorite places, products and services from stocking stuffers to bucket list events around town. Happy Shopping and Socializing, mamas! 

Gifts for your #1 mom (Yes, YOU!)

Vent Salon also has 2 locations also: Downtown Summerlin and Henderson 3 blowouts per month runs about $55/month. Look Style Society has 2 locations in the Valley – Tivoli Village and Town Square. They offer unlimited blowouts for $99/month and unlimited makeup application for $99/month!

For furry babies: Barking Dogs on Blue Diamond has a great selection of treats and toys to reward your pets after you have them groomed or just do the self wash option. I love the friendly, resourceful staff here and the products are top notch.

I have worn the same lipstick for probably the entire time I’ve lived in Las Vegas (since 2003!) It’s called Stay Currant and it’s a Revlon Colorstay lip stain. I know, the drug store under $10 choice for the win! I’ve tried other brands, other shades, but this is my absolute go to – fancy or casual, day or night, summer or winter. I love this deep red and the fact that it lasts all day & even into some mornings – Lol! Just remember to pick up Neutrogena make up remover too (or the Up & Up Target brand works just as well for half the price) or the fancy Bifacil by Lancôme. They all take off lip stains with minimal effort.

Tervis cups are my new jam. They have been around forever, are super sturdy and incredibly stylish. I love drinking just about everything out of them! There is a Tervis store at PH’s Miracle Mile Shops, but they are also available at Macy’s and Bed, Bath & Beyond(home of the never expiring 20% off coupons!). You can rep your favorite sports teams or choose fun festive designs. With an active, bull-in-a-china-shop toddler you need to be ready for the next foul ball or rogue plane. We also have pets so cleaning up broken glass is too much of a risk! 

Speaking of drinks… The good folks at Total Wine can help you find great wine and spirits to fit any occasion. They carry much, much more than simply wine! There is beer and cordials and hard alcohol as well as unique accessories and paraphernalia to make any wine connoisseur squeal.

Comfort food from Yardbird Southern is a cozy way to spend time connecting with your honey amidst the craziness of the holidays. When it’s cold out, rich foods are the way to go! We need to get our winter coats on – What else will we have to work off in the New Year?! Mandarin Oriental has a festive high tea as well. Start your new tradition today!

Brunch at Craft Kitchen, tea and multiple menu offerings at Truffles N Bacon, Filipino gastropub from Cutting Board & anything from Served LV and now at Americana… These are a handful of favorites around town for taking friends to share a unique experience that will give them something new to try or just make every day meals feel like a special occasion.

I love Hobby Lobby and Michaels for easy DIY kits from ornaments to toys, but the unique finds will be at Cost Plus World Market! Our elf even shops there!

There are 2 indoor playgrounds that we absolutely love (warning, sock zone!): Rockin Jump the trampoline gym is fantastic for the whole family so definitely head over when you have restless visitors in town. Super clean, open warehouse style, a stunt bag, dodge ball courts, a climbing tower, basketball hoops of varying heights, lockers and great music playing. For kids 10 years and younger, go to Kangamoo. You will not be disappointed! You could literally be there all day, they have a walking track, slides, swings, trampolines, a zip line, miles of crawl space, free massage chairs, free coffee, tea and water, a charging station and plenty of wifi.

Sharing experiences and quality time with loved ones is really what the holidays are all about. There are several notable seasonal events and attractions around town. You can never go wrong with Opportunity Village’s Magical Forest where there are so many local sponsors who are annual contributors. The trees are ever changing and can be a constant inspiration for your own home decorations. New to the Valley is Operation North Pole: an interactive experience with our favorite jolly couple! This includes photo opps, visiting the candy shoppe, the toy workshop, and one on one time with Mr. & Mrs. Claus! Make it a point to visit seasonal exhibits at Bellagio, Venetian and now The Park for festive gatherings and holiday decorations. Ice skating is always a fun family night too at Downtown Summerlin, Cosmopolitan and also The Park now too! There are also several homes decked out in Christmas Lights with synchronized music too! Hypnotist Marc Savard’s home on East Robindale is for sure a local favorite. The schedule for House on Robindale can be found on Facebook. If you want to stay in your car, try the Glittering Lights at the Speedway! They have Groupons and deals for bringing canned goods too.

Great shows to see anytime, but going to shows is more festive during the holidays: Terry Fator at Mirage, Jabbawockeez at MGM, and Absinthe at the theater in front of Ceasar’s (<–Absinthe is NOT for suitable for kids! …or anyone easily offended by vulgar language and suggestive content).

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What Makes Me Wanna Kiss My Honey :: Review & Giveaway

I love trying a new product and thinking, “This would make a great gift” because it’s just that good! I just had to share: I have the most awesome lip balm ever! It is from Kiss My Honey!!! Who would have thought a local mom in the Valley created this amazing lip saver?! After washing my face and preparing for bed, I brushed my teeth and put on my facial moisturizer, followed by the Kiss My Honey lip balm. I was so excited to try chocolate!?! Can you say, YUM?! I put it on and I was looking for cookies the rest of the night! Ha ha ha..I could not believe I woke up the next morning to find that I could still feel coverage on my lips! I am one happy mama…

I am a big fan of lip stains, but their only drawback is how drying they can be on your lips. This lip balm is so hydrating, is preps your lips perfectly. I can apply it before I put my lip stain on and my lips stay supple without interfering with the staying power of the long-wearing lip color. I was thrilled to find this! I found out Kiss My Honey lip balm were included in swag bags at the Emmy awards! I told you, they are that good!

Kiss My Honey is currently available in 2 flavors: Yummy Chocolate and Cooling Mint. Founder and creator, Kellie Duran was in her first years as a mom when she decided it was time to opt for organic, natural, paraben-free, non-toxic, long-lasting and effective lip protection to combat the harsh elements of desert life. Her son would kiss her and she became concerned about what was going in his mouth. She was not content with what was on the market so she did what other moms dream of doing: She just invented her own! Now she knows exactly what goes into her product and can feel confident sharing Kiss My Honey with your family. Now we can get back to kissing our babies! …and letting them eat our lip products on occasion…My son watches me put on lip balm and wants to put some on himself too. Now, I am not concerned with how much he puts on (to excess sometimes!) because it is safe, all natural, organic and will help keep his precious lips kissable soft!

There are a lot of choices out there, but they were all missing something: one would be healing, but taste terrible. Some would taste yummy, but they just cover your lips rather than actually providing a healing ingredient. Or they are healing and taste great, but wouldn’t last very long. Who wants to reapply constantly?! Not me!

I’m so grateful Kiss My Honey is everything I want in lip care (and nothing I don’t!): Thank you for trying everything under the sun to come up with this great new makeup bag must-have!!!

Kiss My Honey is currently available in a select few locations around town or you can buy yours online. We are also giving away both flavors of to a lucky reader! Comment below to tell us what flavor lip balm you would create! (HINT: It doesn’t have to be the 2 flavors available today!)

Connect with Kiss My Honey:

Instagram     Google+     Facebook

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Masik Collegiate Fragrances: Review & Giveaway


lmuI have to admit, when first approached about sampling and reviewing collegiate-inspired fragrances, my response was, “Smells from my college days are associated with books, coffee, pizza, basketballs, footballs, eucalyptus & ocean air…then, beer, locker room/gym socks & frou-frou drinks. Naturally, I am curious to see how THAT would translate into a bottled version!”

lmu_gerston Initially, I expected to sample fun, trendy scents more appropriate for kids half my age. Yes, I said it, half my age! You know what I mean: sweet, fruity & bordering obnoxious candy smells. I was pleasantly surprised to find that these fragrances are more alumni status than freshman coed. They are not basic, simple smells, rather they are complex sophisticated, elegant notes blended with very deliberate, concise detail. University alumni can be proud of these representations! I graduated from Loyola Marymount University in Los Angeles, so I clearly have not been swayed in my review. These are my own honest opinions for which no monetary compensation was provided in exchange. Perfumes have been provided for the review and giveaway. We are giving away full-sized bottles 1.7 oz (retail value $39.95).

Masik has created cologne for men & perfume for women capturing collegiate nostalgia for nineteen universities around the United States. I have been given all women’s perfume to evaluate.

Masik The University Of MississippiOLE MISS | University of Mississippi
TOP · Sparkling Bergamot, Lemon Zest, Ruby Raspberry
MIDDLE · Rich Black Currant, Crushed Tonka Beans, Sweet Blueberry
BASE · Amber Woods, Patchouli, Sandalwood, Vanilla

Ole Miss is a fruity combination, smelling both the red raspberry & rich black currant immediately. What lingers is the blend of earthy patchouli, sandalwood and vanilla notes. Bergamot inspires happiness so you are left with a fresh, cheery impression.

Masik Virginia Tech UniversityVT | Virginia Tech
TOP · Crisp Marine Air, Orange Valencia, Kaffir Lime, Golden Apple
MIDDLE · Succulent Tamarind, Jasmine Petals, Marigold, Muguet, Touch of violet leaf
BASE · Exotic Rosewood, Amber Woods, Skin Musk, Fresh Cut Wood

VT immediately hits you with a splash of golden apple and fragrant citrus scents follow. There is a definite presence of that clean, marine air scent reminiscent of coastal cities. Tamarind sweetens just a touch, there are hints at the pretty marigold and jasmine presence and the woodsy base evens it out beautifully.

Masik NC State UniversityNC State | North Carolina State
TOP · Red Granadilla Fruit, Crushed Kiwi, Key Lime Zest, Cherry Nectar
MIDDLE · Red Rosella Petals, Exotic Passionflower, Star Jasmine
BASE · Smooth Sandalwood, Sun-bleached Woods, Sensual Musk

NC State has that beachy vibe to it. Cherry nectar is the most noticeable to me with a lime accent to balance it, but after letting it settle for a bit, the kiwi is what emerges. I am not familiar with granadilla fruit, but sweet and exotic comes to mind which compliments the heavier floral scent and hint of musk giving it a more rounded fragrance. The sensual musk is lovely and sandalwood is indeed smooth and subtle.

Masik University Of North CarolinaUNC | University of North Carolina
TOP · Lychee Champagne Accord, Fizzy Mandarin, Crisp Green Apple
MIDDLE · Lush Jasmine, Muguet, Rose Bouquet, Baby Violet
BASE · Sheer Vanilla, Indonesian Patchouli, Amber Woods, Musk

UNC has the crisp green apple and the sweetness of lychee, definitely the rose and baby violet create a fuller floral body to it, but the heaviness of the patchouli and musk give it an evening feel. A slower paced, romantic, sultry feel that evokes thoughts of an moonlit stroll.

Masik Clemson UniversityClemson | Clemson University
TOP · Juicy Guava, Frozen Melon, Passionfruit Nectar, Sparkling Nectarine
MIDDLE · Red Mango, Lush Dragon Fruit, Coconut Water, Sugared Orange Blossom
BASE · Sensual Skin Musk, Exotic Tonka Bean, Blonde Woods

Clemson smells like an entire fruit basket. I could distinctly experience the juiciness of the guava and the sparkle of the nectarine alongside of the exotic mix of dragon fruit, and passionfruit.  The melon was particularly surprising. It is not an artificial melon scent, but a true, pure aroma as if you are inhaling a lush tropical garden. Mango and orange blossom completed the gorgeous bouquet perfectly.

I thoroughly enjoyed this sampling experience! It was like a taste test for my nose! Uncovering the specific ‘flavors’ from each was a fun. I am one of those dreaded migraine sufferers so I am extremely particular about what smells bombard me on a constant basis. I am thrilled to share: Each of these collegiate-inspired perfumes is an absolute delight. Even the stronger fragrances I thought would be annoying or trigger a headache because it was too intense ended up opening up beautifully and really made me think of how elegant and brilliant these creations are. I felt emotions captured in a bottle. We all know how powerful a role smell plays in instantly sparking nostalgia. I love that so many elements of a campus are considered to make a unique impression. I could personally make use of each of these. I thought I had a clear cut favorite (Clemson), but it really depends on your mood or the occasion to determine which scent you would want. I am completely impressed and look forward to working with Masik in the future.



Masik Collegiate Fragrances partners with each university in our collection to create a different men’s cologne and women’s perfume. These signature scents are inspired by unique elements such as the school colors, campus style, flowers and trees, traditions and location. We pitch our perfumers a ‘fragrance brief’ that outlines these school specific elements along with pictures of the university campus, sporting events, students and alumni. Once we formulate scent options for the school, the universities conduct smell sessions to determine which fragrances they like best – these scents then become the official men’s and women’s fragrance for each school.

Don’t forget to

Like Masik Collegiate Fragrances on Facebook!
Follow Masik Collegiate Fragrances on Twitter!
Visit Masik Collegiate Fragrances online at to read more about Katie Masik, the chemical engineer (working in the field of energy) fascinated with the science behind sense of smell linked to emotion and memory who turned her passion into a lifelong dream realized. What an inspiring story!


Share this post on Pinterest, Twitter (retweets count!) or reposting our Instagram promo (@vegasmomsblog).

Comment below for a chance to take home one of the scents featured in my review! Please tell me which collegiate fragrance you would love to win. If you could capture memories in a signature fragrance, what scents would you include & what makes them memorable for you?!

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UPDATE – GIVEAWAY: One of the Best Things I Never Thought I Would Ever Do

Update! The first part of Janel’s story can be read HERE.
It is one thing to feel beautiful, it’s an entirely different experience to look at yourself and see yourself as beautiful in a picture…. the Reveal. 2 weeks have gone by and I get to see what those 5 hours looks like on film. I am nervous and yet, extremely excited. Although, to be honest, I keep holding on to a feeling of impending disappointment – after all, I am not a supermodel. That’s all we see in pictures so it’s nearly impossible to avoid thinking of how I measure up.
I am greeted again by the wonderfully energetic and positive La. She is bubbling over with excitement for me to see what she has done. As I look down I am absolutely astonished. Gone are the stretch marks and shy glances, what I see is a confident beautiful woman before me. That can’t possibly be me?! And the best part? The naked ones are my favorite! I don’t even wear shorts that go two inches above my knees!
I want to cry, joyful tears, like a snake shedding its old skin to reveal bright new skin underneath… Could it have been there the whole time? Somehow La saw it before I could.
When she tells you to trust her over and over again?….. Do it. This is an amazing experience and I totally want to do it again! One day when I am eighty, I imagine myself looking back at these pictures and I will probably say, “Wow, I look good…” Too bad it only took 36 years and a talented artist (aka a stranger) with a camera to show me.
Are you ready for your own adventure of beauty? Have you ever thought, If I had a team of professionals playing up my best features & distracting me from the ‘flaws’ that I think I have, I could look like a supermodel too! Now is your chance…
Enter our giveaway! You could WIN A FREE PHOTO SESSION with La Marie Photography!!!
Comments on this post and the original post will be included in the giveaway entries. You must follow La Marie Photography on Twitter, Instagram &/or Facebook AND also follow Las Vegas Moms Blog on Twitter, Instagram &/or Facebook to qualify. If you don’t win the free photo session, La Marie Photography is offering LVMB readers 50% off her photo session. Book your session ASAP! She is booking up quickly!!!
Beauty, Las Vegas Moms, Moms

One of the Best Things I Never Thought I Would Ever Do


As a woman, mother, wife, girlfriend…. aging, sagging, plumping, wrinkling…You may start to lose that sexy feeling you had maybe in your twenties or like most maybe not even then. When I was younger (I look back now and how I wish I could look like that again!), I was so judgmental and self conscious.  How these two ladies at La Marie Portraiture could erase all those self-inflicted criticisms in half of a day, (actually only a couple of hours!) was a truly priceless experience that I will never forget.

First things first, a consultation and gift bag of fun treats and discounts to help you get ready for the big shoot – to ready the canvas for their art. Next, I was instructed to select three outfits to bring to wear during the shoot…Ha! That was funny! I actually brought six outfits since I had no idea what to bring or how I would feel or what would look good so why not bring too many rather than too few? I was asked to show up with moisturized, makeup-free skin and one-day-dirty hair, I cheated with tinted moisturizer and sunglasses, and does lip gloss even count? I felt extremely vulnerable showing up like that – That ultimate scary feeling was already taking over, “Why the heck am I doing this? I’ve had four babies…”

I was warmly greeted by two smiling faces and a chilled, delicious mimosa. I am not sure they were prepared for me to suck it down so fast, but my nerves made me do it! As my hair was being crafted and makeup applied, I asked a few questions…How does one get into this type of photography? La Marie is on a mission: to make every woman, of every shape at any age feel beautiful…Why the VIP treatment? “If you are relaxed and comfortable, it will translate to beautiful photos.” What about flaws? How can we hide them? This is where the magic (in my opinion) happens: Suddenly, once you stop focusing on what you don’t like about you, what you are finally able to see is what you actually do like about you! La Marie is the professional artist armed with a magical eye. She knows how to pose you and encourage you while shining the most flattering light on what is unique and special and thus ultimately beautiful about you. Your best features are played up & epiphany (cue the angel voices singing): what emerges is…YOU…your inner beauty coaxed to the surface – just as she sees you, as other have been telling you they see you.

This is where trust happens…trust in her vision, trust in her magical artistic eye…another sip of liquid courage and slow, deep, breathing…”Ok, ” I tell myself, “I can do this…” Three mimosas in and I am ready for a really bright room and a high definition camera.

I dressed in my first outfit and saw myself in the mirror. Everyone should have professional hair and makeup at least once in their lives. I could not recognize myself – WOW! I don’t look half bad!

At about the third hour, I was feeling more love for myself and acceptance for my body than ever before, thanks to all the encouragement these two ladies gave me. Sometimes, we just need the right person to give us a little reassurance. By the last hour I was completely naked. All I can say is: this truly was the best experience I never thought I would ever do: In. My. Life. Years of self talk and the voices of others replaying in my head while I would look in the mirror, vanished.

A day later? I am walking a little taller and maybe even up to a hot mama strut. Thank you, La Marie! You are absolutely making a difference in this woman’s life! I will forever be better for it. I hope all of you out there reading this will give it a try at least once, your self confidence (and significant other!) will thank you for it.