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The Smith’s Center has got a new show for the whole family- 


Sunday, October 22, 2017 at 7:30 PM

TICKET PRICES: $24 – $79

VENUE: Reynolds Hall


It was first featured on American’s Got Talent. After its debut, it has been rising in popularity as a new hit show. If illuminate sounds familiar you may have watched it on some of your favorite shows Dancing with the stars, and Ellen. Or you may have remembered one of their spectacular performances on the American Music Awards. 

The new show features a combination of music, art and technological special effects (almost like magic). The High energy dance styles (hip-hop, latin and break-dancing) and the movement of cutting edge effect will definitely be a hit with the family especially with kids of all ages.



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Memories of Terry Fator

I have a neat connection to this man so if you will indulge me for a moment as I harken back…

I’ve been a full time massage therapist on the Strip since 2006. One day while at work, a TV crew requested to film in our spa for a reality TV show. I was approached to help out as an extra along with another assistant lead therapist. We were super excited and eagerly signed the waivers. Filming only took a few hours as it was meant to be a background or side story about one of the contestants. The set up was that Mr. Fator would be in a bubble bath served some refreshments and little Emma would be getting a massage. I felt like a million bucks because I contributed twice to the scene set up: I suggested (what I felt was the obvious) that they film Emma laying back on the face cradle (which would give Terry access to the back of her so he could move her mouth as she spoke) and I also felt like it would just top things off for Emma to have cucumbers on her eyes – you know, the international sign for relaxing at a spa! So we ordered some fresh cut cucumbers from a restaurant downstairs (no, our spa didn’t have any in house!)  and had to tape them on since Terry couldn’t move her mouth to speak without them dropping off! We giggled a bunch because I was massaging a ventriloquist dummy and Emma began to engage me in conversation. The crew decided they only wanted Emma and Terry to speak to each other. We did the scene in 2 separate shots so that it seemed like Terry and Emma were having a conversation. (Which of course isn’t normally possible since he has to control her movements – Aaah, TV is magical, eh?) One really funny part about all of this is that we filmed in a couple’s suite complete with a Jacuzzi tub – a room not used as frequently as the other rooms which meant it was available, clean, etc. But it is practically the mirror set up of another couple’s suite on the other side of the spa. You guessed it, just about everything is reversed…including the faucets. Wait for it… The other massage therapist who ran the tub filled it entirely with cold water!!! Holy smokes, that must have been an awful experience. Terry Fator is so gracious, he didn’t even say a word until they finished filming and he was able to exit the tub. What a genuine guy and a real trooper! I’ve been a fan ever since and I even told people that there was something really special about him and that he was really going to make a name for himself! I bet if I asked him about that day, who would forget being in an ice bath to film for probably an hour… Poor guy! If anyone talks to him, ask him… Tell him I said Hello & Congratulations on all his success!!!

Read about the limited engagement Christmas show at the Mirage. This is a fantastic family-friendly show from start to finish!

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A Very Terry Christmas {Show Review} Terry Fator Is Fun For All Ages
December 1, 2016
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A Very Terry Christmas {Show Review} Terry Fator Is Fun For All Ages


We had an absolute blast attending A Very Terry Christmas at the Terry Fator Theater at Mirage. We received tickets to attend the show so I am able to report back to all of you! Perhaps you caught some of the highlights of our evening on Instagram stories, so now here is the play by play of our evening because you need to check out this limited engagement show and you can bring everyone. You may remember Terry Fator as the America’s Got Talent season 2 champ. The prize was a million dollars and his own show right here in Las Vegas. Who knew ventriloquism would be a hit with today’s audiences?!

I have a neat connection to this man so if you will indulge me for a moment as I harken back…

This is a Christmas show (& God Bless Terry Fator for bringing back the “Christmas” to our Happy Holidays! Ha!) with performances through December 22, 2016. From Monday through Thursday and select Saturdays, you and your family can enjoy 7:30p performances running approximately 90 minutes.

Roasted Bean quickie meal

Roasted Bean quickie meal

I ended up taking my 4 year old son as my plus 1 and he loved it – We both did! We parked in the garage on the 4th floor so we could walk directly across the outdoor bridge. Don’t forget to use your Nevada ID for free Strip parking! Just follow the signs to snake your way through the festively decorated lobby and atrium through some shops to the theater. I am always hesitant to bring children into casinos as I am not a fan of subjecting them to smoke and drunk people, but this was not bad at all! There was actually some conference folks who seemed to be streaming out of a late session so it was particularly G-rated. The box office is located in the hallway before the Terry Fator Theater and we got there around 6p – about an hour before the doors open (7p). This made ticket pick up super easy since there was no line. We had plenty of time to grab a bite at a little café called Roasted Bean just steps from the theater. Pro Tip: Blizz Frozen Yogurt is across the way so you can grab dessert afterwards too!

There are drinks available for purchase in the lobby, so you can fuel up before heading in. You will show your tickets to the ticket scanning staff members who greet you at the bottom of the escalators and then it is up to the theater entrance. It is a grand room and it already felt like we were at a party! There was Christmas music playing right when we arrived and as we made our way down the steps to our assigned seats, Rockin’ Around the

Mirage Hotel Lobby Christmas Trees

Mirage Hotel Lobby Christmas Trees

Christmas Tree was on and JJ immediately squealed which made me then realized it was his favorite song playing (he has been practicing for his Christmas show!) As we reached our row, I was informed that I could ask for a booster seat for my son. He was telling me he was OK, he liked his seat how it was, but when the usher brought us a red velvet covered foam cushion that blended perfectly with the seats, and it gave him a better view, he was super excited and happily complied! The DJ, show opener, Ben Harris was hilarious and kept everyone excited and cheering and clapping. He has an awesome ‘evolution of dance’ number to ramp things up and the crowd got super hyped up just as our headliner host was about to arrive. The couple in front of us seemed to have had their fair share of adult slushies from the lobby and they were extra interactive, which I loved! I actually felt a wave of calm come over me. I always tense up when I take JJ to places we have never been since I cannot predict how he is going to react. He did great and I know it was because of such a relaxed, informal atmosphere.

There was plenty to look at with lots of light changes, upbeat holiday sounds, a comfortable atmosphere as dictated by our gracious host, Terry Fator… His lovely wife of one year is his assistant on stage and the DJ, Ben Harris is a great dancer, comic and helper too. The band really completes the set and despite being in the 6th row, I did not find myself needing ear plugs and not once did my son remark that it was too loud. I honestly felt like we had the best seats because we were close, but not craning our necks and we could see both jumbo monitors if we really wanted an up close feel. The screens across the back of the stage are constantly changing with scenes to compliment what’s going on in the show or to accent songs. A new stocking is hung each time a new guest arrives. 

Now for the main event… Terry Fator is simply the most talented entertainer I have ever seen. He sings, he does spot on, goose-bump activating impressions AND he is a brilliant ventriloquist. There is some adult humor, but he never uses foul language and even his jokes are perfectly framed so as to go right over the heads of unintended audience members. It is absolutely fantastic and I cannot rave enough about his show. Granted, I was a fan before, I have not seen his non-seasonal show yet (because I’m a local and that is what we do!) If you are a fan of holiday music, you must see this show. I am definitely making this a tradition every year from now on, because this was the perfect way to get in the Christmas spirit immediately following my favorite holiday eat fest! I love classic Christmas music and just getting to see this incredible talent live is absolutely worth it. Depending on your age and your affinity to Christmas music (ahem, I know for a fact some of you listen BEFORE Halloween!), you will, at the least, recognize 90% of the music. When I say this is a show for all ages, I mean, all ages! Now, I did bring a 4 year old and you know your kids best – 90 minutes is the length of the typical kid movie, but the lights, the music, the puppets will dazzle them. JJ got a little restless towards the end, but he held on! Our favorites are Winston the Turtle and Emma Taylor (because I’ve met her before!), but you will also get to see the world’s greatest Elvis impersonator, the annoying neighbor and a few surprise guests too!

2016-12-01-02-05-03-636Terry is just insanely talented. He can impersonate anyone – Kermit the Frog, Michael Jackson, Elvis, Cher, Louie Armstrong, Tony Bennett, Aaron Neville, Eartha Kitt, Karen Carpenter, Bing Crosby, David Bowie (SWOON!), you name it! His band of characters are so different and his vocal range is every inch of the spectrum – truly awe-inspiring! I found myself singing along with so many songs and I felt like we were hanging out with friends. Such a great night all around. I look forward to taking my parents, other moms and more kids to this show as it will be a hit with anyone, even the Grinch! *wink-wink*

Another very important aspect of his show is that he takes time to acknowledge and thank veterans in the audience as well as first responders and officers. At the close of the show, he explains his passion for supporting military families, giving back to say Thanks:

Terry donates 100% of the profit he receives from sales of his merchandise to military charities.  The primary charities include wonderful organizations such as The Airpower Foundation and Snowball Express. –

Buy tickets to A Very Terry Christmas starting at $60 plus tax and fees and a VIP experience for $150

The VIP experience includes premium seating, an autographed photo, a souvenir program and a complimentary drink. (The slushies actually look gigantic! We’re talking bigger than a pint glass…maybe 24 oz?!)

Again, really no bad seats in the house and this is a must-see show! Please tag us when you attend – we would love to see your pictures! #lvmsentus @vegasmomsblog on Instagram, Twitter, Snapchat

Connect with Terry Fator on social media too!

Twitter @terryfator

Instagram @terryfator

When you do attend his show, I encourage you to please rate your experience on Trip Advisor too! I know I read reviews before I go places – it helps so much!

Merry Christmas! What are your favorite Christmas songs?!


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{Closed} Enter To Win a Pair of Tickets to Daniel Tiger Live Show

The Smith Center is hosting Daniel Tiger’s Neighborhood Live and Las Vegas Moms is giving you the opportunity to win a pair of tickets to the show on Wednesday, Oct 26th!
Steps to enter the giveaway are as follows:

danieltigersqb-550x550*Like The Smith Center on FaceBook

*Like Las Vegas Moms on FaceBook

*Leave a comment below and tell us your child’s favorite Daniel Tiger character

***Winner will be announced Oct 21st***

Daniel Tiger and all of his friends are hopping aboard the Trolley to celebrate new adventures with a live audience at the “Daniel Tiger’s Neighborhood Live Show!
Daniel Tiger will take you on an interactive musical adventure along side his friends Katerina KittyCat, O the Owl, Prince Wednesday, and Miss Elaina. They’ll explore his grr-ific Neighborhood of Make-Believe. So won’t you come and take part at Daniel Tiger’s Neighborhood at The Smith Center in Reynold Hall Oct 26th at 6:30pm

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Boo-Yah! Stuart Scott, You Will Be Missed


A legend passed away this week. Mr. Stuart Scott is likely best known for being the face of SportsCenter and his one-of-a-kind way of delivering sports news. He was the voice of many a highlight reel even though it never occurred to me that his sportscasting style was ground-breaking or cutting edge. became a part of the ESPN family more than 20 years ago…Stuart Scott’s handsome face and hilarious catch phrases were a permanent fixture in my home for many years. I decided it was all too depressing to always hear bad new, or about tragic accidents covered by the local or national news. I would much rather listen to who won what game, who beat the odds or broke records or who was being honored. Besides, if there was major news that affected the world, SportsCenter would cover it. It was my favorite show and Stuart Scott was easily my favorite sports anchor. I watched it repeatedly throughout the day: early mornings, late nights, afternoons, you name it – I had it on! My TV was my alarm clock and had a handy sleep timer so I literally watched it first thing in the morning and it was the last show on at night. To me, Stuart was funny and made watching news fun and interesting. He set up the highlight reels so you felt the excitement of actually being there. It was like hanging out with your friend who giving you a play by play of a game. At the time, I did not appreciate this for how out-of-the-box it was. I look back now not realizing Stuart Scott was just starting his career when I became an avid fan of his show. I just figured I was late to discover him! The fact that his familiar face was still there through the past two decades only validates my belief that news people just moved around from show to show. There was no retiring or quitting! Stuart is the kind of guy that I could see walking down the street one day and I would look at him and greet him like an old friend. Only I have never met him. Have you ever done that to a celebrity?! You recognize their face so you feel like you know them – So you say Hello! How have you been?! Like a neighbor come home from an extended vacation. That is the kind of impact he had on his audience. This is how I will remember him: – Top 10 Stuart Scott SportsCenter Commercials

In recent years, he inspired so many friends, colleagues and otherwise complete strangers by his valiant battle with cancer. StuartScott1 in 2007 and never wanted to know what stage his cancer was. He just resolved to fight. For his fans, for his family, for his two gorgeous daughters and his girlfriend. He was honored just a few months ago at the ESPY Awards, receiving the Jimmy V Perseverance Award. Watch the award presentation and his acceptance speech here. Please have tissues available…a lot of them.

My favorite quote from this speech (9:45), “When you die it does not mean that you lose to cancer, you beat cancer by how you live, why you live and in the manner in which you live.”

Videos by his ESPN family and broadcast highlights:



Rich Eisen’s Farewell

Stuart Scott’s Legacy

SportsCenter Tribute


Articles about Stuart Scott:

Sports headlines used Stuart Scott Catch Phrases in tribute

He lived, loved and inspired in such a short 49 years of life. His daughters can be so proud to have a dad who was such a hero to so many who never even met him. We can all learn from such a bright light who blazed a trail for so many to follow. May you Rest in Peace!

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Ebola in DFW: What You Need to Know…A Repost From Our Sister Site In Fort Worth,TX

In Las Vegas, we see more than 40 million visitors annually. And that is just counting airline passengers. Not only are we a hot spot for domestic travel, but we have guests from everywhere in the world. Many of us come into contact with travelers in our hospitality hometown. There is a lot of buzz about health concerns regarding ebola. Our sister site in Fort Worth posted this very important message that we’d like to pass on.

DFW_ebola repost

By now you’ve read the headlines, maybe watched the press conference, and likely have Googled “Ebola.” On September 30, the Center for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) announced that a patient tested positive for the Ebola virus right here in the metroplex.

And suddenly we all had a lot of questions we wanted answered . . . now.

While all the facts surrounding this patient are unknown, we Fort Worth Moms Blog mamas, like you, want to know how we can keep our families and our communities safe. A Fort Worth infectious disease specialist, Dr. Bryan Youree with Tarrant County Infectious Disease Associates, graciously discussed with us the ins and outs of Ebola–its symptoms, treatment, and how the virus is transmitted. His comments and insights were too informative, too timely not to share with you, dear readers.

So, without further ado, a note about Ebola from Dr. Youree:

A patient was diagnosed with Ebola virus disease (EVD) at a hospital in Dallas, Texas. A lot remains unknown at this point, and information will trickle out slowly. However, it is crucial to highlight some important facts. What started out as an exotic illness in far away Africa earlier this year has suddenly become more of an acute concern with the first diagnosis of an Ebola case in the United States.

The World Health Organization (WHO) first announced an outbreak of Ebola hemorrhagic fever in Guinea on March 25, 2014. The ensuing months demonstrated the ferocity and tenacity of this viral illness as it spread to multiple countries in West Africa including Guinea, Liberia, Nigeria, Senegal, and Sierra Leone. In the interim, a second, unrelated outbreak occurred in the Democratic Republic of Congo beginning in August. According to the most recent CDC data, there have been a total of 6,574 cases with 3,091 deaths. These numbers are frightening to be sure, but the total number of cases may be underestimated as resources are limited to perform adequate screening. The actual mortality rate cannot be determined at this time until more surveillance studies can be performed.

Traditionally, Ebola virus disease has been associated with mortality rates up to 90 percent. There are many factors that contribute to this such as limited medical resources, delay in initiating supportive care, and secondary illnesses that be present at the same time. However, it is not unfair to say that Ebola is a very lethal disease.

We now know that the infected person traveled to the United States from West Africa and did not become ill until after arriving stateside. The patient went to the emergency department once and was discharged home before returning and being admitted after it was discovered he or she had traveled from West Africa. At this time, we have limited information on potential contacts that were exposed. However, the United States does have experience with other cases of viral hemorrhagic fever as well as another member of the Ebola family that is not pathogenic to humans (Reston virus). Therefore, one should be assured that every precaution is being taken by the CDC, local health departments, as well as the medical facility treating the patient.

I would like to point some important facts about the Ebola virus to prevent the spread of misinformation.

1. Ebola is not infectious like influenza or SARS, which is a good thing. It is not an airborne virus. You literally have to come in contact with body fluids (vomit, diarrhea, mucus, blood, sweat, saliva, tears, and urine) and then rub your eyes, mouth, or a break in skin to become infected.

2. Ebola is not spread through the air, water, or mosquitos. The food supply is unlikely to be a vector as well.

3. Ebola can survive on dry surfaces such as countertops and door knobs for several hours, but can be killed with household bleach. The virus can survive much longer in body fluids.

4. Symptoms of Ebola include fever greater than 101.5 F, severe headache, weakness, muscle aches, diarrhea, vomiting, abdominal pain, and easy bruising and bleeding. Symptoms can appear anywhere from 2-21 days after exposure, and a person is infectious only after symptoms begin.

5. Although vaccines and treatments are in development, the principles of care for Ebola are primarily supportive: IV fluids, maintaining oxygenation and blood pressures, and addressing secondary infections.

6. The healthcare system in the United States is more adequately prepared to care for Ebola. Many cultural practices and limited healthcare resources have led to the spread of Ebola in West Africa. These conditions don’t exist in the same manner here andlikelihood of virus spread in the United State is much lower. Senegal and Nigeria have already halted spread of cases that came from the affected area of West Africa.

7. Due to more healthcare resources, the mortality rate of Ebola would likely be much lower here in the United States. This is not to imply that it is not a serious viral infection.

8. There will be a lot of misinformation spread over the next few days through the Internet and maybe even local news. Please refer to the CDC and WHO websites for the most up to date information.

9. Lastly, for some perspective, the CDC estimates that between 1976 and 2007, an average of 6,309 deaths occurred annually in the United States as a direct result from influenza while an average of 23,607 influenza-associated deaths, meaning deaths due to other illnesses/complications from influenza or in conjunction with the flu, occur annually (48,614 occurring in the 2003-2004 influenza season). In reality, Americans are more likely to die from influenza than Ebola.

Bryan Youree, MD, is an infectious disease physician with the Tarrant County Infectious Disease Associates in Fort Worth, Texas. He has worked in the infectious disease field for nine years. He attended Baylor College of Medicine and completed his post-graduate training at Vanderbilt University Medical Center. He served on faculty there before joining the Fort Worth practice.

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Flipping Vegas With Scott and Aime Yancey – On to the Houses…

Flipping Vegas 6013

I had the opportunity to spend the day with Scott and Aime Yancey of A & E’s Flipping Vegas…Come read the first and second installments in this series…

At the first house, I love that Aime chose to tile the entire front of the house. Where there used to be a garage, there is now a great room which really opened up the place adding tons of square footage too. Without a garage door, the front end of the house could be tiled. It gives the house an edgy, modern, industrial feel. She used the same panels to lay a chevron design for the back patio pulling the whole place together. The kitchen was doubled in size including an island in the center to add even more storage and counter space. I love the wine rack on the bottom of the glass cabinets. I’ll be honest, and I even told Aime this, I never would have chosen that particular backsplash – it is simply not a pattern that would have stood out to me. I would not have been able to visualize how beautifully all the elements would come together. It blew my mind – I must have told her five times that I would have never chosen that tile! {Good thing I am not an interior designer!} I can admire the work even more since I am not talented in that way! That is where the design team comes in handy…


At Walker Zanger, the design center seen on the show, we met showroom manager, Michelle who has a great eye for design and thinks of all aspects of the stone or tile you choose. She and Aime collaborate to make selections that are cost conscious and yet still the most beautiful stone available in the world. Aime pairs a less expensive slab of granite with a gorgeous glass back splash-et voila, gorgeous design that looks like a million dollars without spending it! In the bathroom, Aime can a less expensive tile for most of the job, then uses more elaborate pieces to allow the stone to be the art on the wall or floor. Not only is the result aesthetically pleasing, but it makes great use of smaller places, elongating the height of the room. It’s a genius idea, I never thought to do anything like that. I’ve always thought I had to pick out one piece of granite and stay within my price range. I love that anyone could walk into Walker Zanger and pick out an elegant, custom design even with a budget.


At the second home we visited, the first feature you would note is the cobblestone path on the floor. It leads from the front door right to the wet bar! The walls are painted a bright cheery shade of blue giving it a beach house feel. My favorite part was the master bedroom with a big walk-in closet, and the wall previously known as the backyard fence. I am a huge fan of recycling and re-purposing so it was a beautiful, rustic touch to take wood slats and nail them to the wall for a gorgeous headboard wall.

Wouldn’t you love to see what Scott and Aime could design and build with no limits???…Ooooh…If sky’s the limit, what would you build?! Personally, I think it’s about time we have housekeeping robots like Rosie from the Jetsons. She does it all…

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Flipping Vegas With Scott and Aime Yancey
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Flipping Vegas With Scott and Aime Yancey – Why This Works

Flipping Vegas 6044

Would you want to work with your spouse? Would you want cameras there? Flipping Vegas shows how Scott and Aime Yancey make this work…This symbiotic relationship exists and thrives only with the other! Aime has proven time and time again how her contribution to the finished product has been the final extra beautiful seal of the deal for buyers looking to view a potential house as their future home. She adds warmth where needed, style and flair always and she loves beautiful things so her attention to detail can be appreciated from the first glance at the refurbished, old school solid wood front door, the herringbone lay of the tile throughout, the ambiance created by lighting fixtures to the details of the back patio and drawing attention to ceilings. It really is all in the details as any home buyer can tell you: Seeing themselves living in the space will sell them on their new home! With all this sparkle, there is a catch…

This cannot be carte blanche for Aime since the whole point of flipping is to work within a budget and get fixes and flowering finished fast! Phew…This is where Scott is indispensable. He is not a pushover! When I mention the show, anyone who has ever seen it says, “Scott is SUPER INTENSE, is he really like that in person – or is it just for the show?” I’m here to say, Yes – Scott Yancey really is THAT INTENSE! He has a very strong personality, a commanding presence and has a great sense of humor too…which I may add here that Aime does too – c’mon, she deals with Scott neck & neck no problem! Scott is great for making executive decisions (which yes, Aime undermines from time to time…only when needed-sometimes she has to!), motivating his team to stay late to get the job done (I’m guessing cash and/or beer), negotiating prices (they flip so many houses, who wouldn’t want to work with them?!), scorpion killing, his explosive personality, and for the laugh factor for the show.Things Aime does are hilarious and half the joy in the show is seeing what she can get away with under Scott’s rigidity! But when it all works out in the end, it’s comical to look back at what gets Scott’s goat up. Simply put, it shows his passion for his work. Without Scott, the budget would be shot, they would go through all that drama for zero profit! Flipping houses is a business and keeping the bottom line in mind is key to making money. He kept saying, “With what we have to work with…” but it is so true. The house looked like something just about anyone would turn around and run away! The investment has to be worth their while. It is just mind-blowing what can be improved, revamped, framed, and fabricated. Scott & Aime also have really great realtors who are able to show the houses in their best light, featuring the hard work put into the details of the house. It is a great way for home buyers to get some serious custom bang for their buck. These days, especially in Vegas, where we were hit hardest in the housing industry, getting more for your mighty dollar means having a beautiful space to call your own with all the bells and whistles already in place in a your new not so humble abode.


On to the houses…

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Flipping Vegas With Scott and Aime Yancey

Flipping Vegas 0686

Hanging out with Aime & Scott Yancey from A & E’s Flipping Vegas is just the way you would expect it to be: fast-paced, playfully competitive and incredibly productive in the shortest amount of time. If you aren’t already a huge fan of the show, you’ll be hooked after watching one episode. They have an awesome real estate team who dedicate their time to finding diamonds in the rough, the one in a million house that can be saved through the power of magical design genius & let’s face it, some pretty pennies…

The flipped houses we viewed are spectacular! Who doesn’t love home renovation shows for the plethora of ideas and inspiration?! Reinventing your space may be just what you need to fall in love with your home all over again. In Vegas, we have so many “cookie cutter” communities, it is really makes a difference to have custom touches to give your space its own identity. Although the home flips they do on the show may cost a lot when you total them, there are tons of tips and tricks that you learn on the show that you can use today!

We visited their design center and got to check out a couple of properties you see on the show. Wow, is all I can say! When I look at a beautiful work of art, I don’t believe I could go home & paint a replica masterpiece. In the same way, I took one look at the jaw-dropping finished product of Flipping Vegas stars, Aime & Scott & had even less faith (if possible?!) that I could make these home improvements that would showcase my creative genius, impeccable style, make use of space in the most creative way possible while still maintaining a budget and time line to increase the marketability of my own home. But alas, there are tools of the trade…

For one, find one of the most talented designers in the industry, or anywhere, for that matter, who has magical super powers to see through what is to get to what could be! Aime can look at old junk furniture & see its potential: sanded, painted & reborn classic pieces that give the space character without spending another dime! Add in her money-minded, witty, hubby who has his own visions while holding the cash for the transactions and a desire to make his wife happy while still keeping his eye on the bottom line. which hubby wouldn’t want to make his wifey happy?! READ: Wife = Happy, All = Happy! Time is money and Scott’s approach to getting things done also has a simple formula: expect nothing but the best available with no time to spare and a miracle-working team (and money) to back it!

Why this works…

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As Seen On TV: Take Two – Mother’s Day segment

I had the opportunity to speak with KLAS-TV 8NewNow anchor Patranya Bhoolsuwan about Las Vegas Moms Blog on a bright & early, wind-blown Mother’s Day morning! I was so thrilled they also showed our blog as well{you’re welcome LVMB sponsors! haha…}. It was great to have a chance to share some info about my other ‘baby’, LVMB: this little {not for long} blog that could…IMG_3529

In case you missed it: CLICK HERE TO WATCH THE VIDEO!!!

IMG_3530 IMG_3528

LVMB is a fantastic resource for local moms. Not only do we provide an online community to connect moms to each other, but we also encourage families to experience all that our great city has to offer! From kid-friendly resorts & restaurants, to the best parks & playgrounds to our favorite romantic date night venues & limited engagement events and of course, we’ll tell you about hot spots for moms to unwind and check out when it is just the ladies on the town! We love supporting local businesses & events and want to share our experiences and hear about your experiences too! We all know how important word of mouth is in this town. You will not survive without the support of Las Vegas, Henderson, North Las Vegas, Boulder City & Pahrump residents! Let’s map out this entire valley in Southern Nevada together.

As a local business, you need to be working with us! We want to help support and promote you! So keep us posted & submit your events to our COMMUNITY EVENTS CALENDAR. This way, moms can see what’s happening around town to plan accordingly. Moms make so many decisions that translate to dollars for your businesses so it only makes sense to invest in LVMB! Review posts and sponsored posts are a great way to get in front of our audience to showcase what you have to offer. Request our media kit at info{at}lasvegasmomsblog{dot}com today!

For local moms, read about our contributors and share your stories with fellow local moms who have been there or are going through the same stage as you in mommyhood. You are not alone! We have so many different stories to share with you whether it is our love of junk food or our obsession with sushi. We have all types of moms represented: new moms, moms-to-be, moms of grown kids and little ones, moms of adopted children or moms in blended families, some natives and some newly transplanted. You will find that you can share your stories and we can relate!

We are asking for your support as our favorite community that we live in and love! As a start, Follow, Like, Share, Repost, Retweet, Comment, Pin & participate in anything you see that appeals to you. You can find us on Facebook, Instagram(2), Twitter(2) & Pinterest(2). Invite your friends to make this an even bigger party! The more support we receive the more we are able to do in return. Flex that Mom Power! Come out and meet us: You can find our next LVMB event in our EVENTS CALENDAR.

Thank you so much for cheering us on – we are so happy you’re here…

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