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logo_revWelcome to Las Vegas Moms! We are a team of local moms sharing our personal stories and providing personal reviews based on our experiences living and loving in Fabulous Las Vegas.

Have you ever felt as if no one around you was going through the same thing? Parenthood is a chaotic, rewarding, scary, fulfilling, wonderful, amazing and blissful journey. What a way to bond with otherwise complete strangers?! As parents, we have a lot of the same trials and tribulations!

There is so much the Las Vegas Valley has to offer – both as a local and as a tourist destination. It is no wonder why we have more than forty million visitors every year! Not just any person is cut out to live in this town & even more so, being a mom in Las Vegas can be exciting with an adult playground in our front yard, but it can be challenging as well since our kids may not necessarily have a place in that adult playground. Enter Las Vegas Moms: We encourage families to explore the many ways to truly enjoy our unique setting from a new indoor playground or which Strip restaurants are kid-friendly all while seeing out the best ways to get some fresh air (and great pictures too!).

We will share what’s going on in the lives of moms who live right here in the Las Vegas Valley. Including what to do with kids at varying ages around town. Moms are involved in so many aspects of daily lives: 

  • how to deal with the heat (hint: a short drive may be all you need…or homemade popsicles)
  • local spots for a romantic date night with our husbands
  • how to get toddlers to eat veggies
  • reviews of the the hottest baby gear and where to go to get it
  • local businesses that we love
  • connecting with other moms
  • just laughing about parenthood

We know that it’s difficult to get out and meet other moms when naps and eating and potty-training are at the forefront of your attention. This is our how we make the world feel smaller by reminding you that YOU ARE NOT ALONE! In this parenting journey, we are all doing our best to raise great kids in a our loving homes and our wonderful community.

We are so glad you’re here!  Thank you so much for supporting locals and reading Las Vegas Moms – We look forward to spending time with you both online and off…

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