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Memories of Terry Fator

I have a neat connection to this man so if you will indulge me for a moment as I harken back…

I’ve been a full time massage therapist on the Strip since 2006. One day while at work, a TV crew requested to film in our spa for a reality TV show. I was approached to help out as an extra along with another assistant lead therapist. We were super excited and eagerly signed the waivers. Filming only took a few hours as it was meant to be a background or side story about one of the contestants. The set up was that Mr. Fator would be in a bubble bath served some refreshments and little Emma would be getting a massage. I felt like a million bucks because I contributed twice to the scene set up: I suggested (what I felt was the obvious) that they film Emma laying back on the face cradle (which would give Terry access to the back of her so he could move her mouth as she spoke) and I also felt like it would just top things off for Emma to have cucumbers on her eyes – you know, the international sign for relaxing at a spa! So we ordered some fresh cut cucumbers from a restaurant downstairs (no, our spa didn’t have any in house!)  and had to tape them on since Terry couldn’t move her mouth to speak without them dropping off! We giggled a bunch because I was massaging a ventriloquist dummy and Emma began to engage me in conversation. The crew decided they only wanted Emma and Terry to speak to each other. We did the scene in 2 separate shots so that it seemed like Terry and Emma were having a conversation. (Which of course isn’t normally possible since he has to control her movements – Aaah, TV is magical, eh?) One really funny part about all of this is that we filmed in a couple’s suite complete with a Jacuzzi tub – a room not used as frequently as the other rooms which meant it was available, clean, etc. But it is practically the mirror set up of another couple’s suite on the other side of the spa. You guessed it, just about everything is reversed…including the faucets. Wait for it… The other massage therapist who ran the tub filled it entirely with cold water!!! Holy smokes, that must have been an awful experience. Terry Fator is so gracious, he didn’t even say a word until they finished filming and he was able to exit the tub. What a genuine guy and a real trooper! I’ve been a fan ever since and I even told people that there was something really special about him and that he was really going to make a name for himself! I bet if I asked him about that day, who would forget being in an ice bath to film for probably an hour… Poor guy! If anyone talks to him, ask him… Tell him I said Hello & Congratulations on all his success!!!

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