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30-Day No Negative Body Talk Challenge

We’re well into January. Did you make any resolutions? If so, how are they going? (For my take on New Year’s Resolutions, click here.)

I don’t make resolutions per se. However, my email inbox and Facebook feeds have been blowing up lately with 30-day challenges. Most of them are diet and exercise related.

Some examples: Juicing Challenge; Green Smoothie Challenge; Flat Abs Challenge; Beach Body Challenge.

Many of them are accompanied by the obligatory selfie of the challenge organizer wearing a crop top and bike shorts. To be followed (I presume) in 30 days by another, more buff selfie in a crop top and bike shorts.

Or maybe a bikini.

This is not my cup of tea.

Here’s my challenge to you, moms: I propose the 30-Day No Negative Body Talk Challenge.

Language is powerful. In fact, language can create your reality.


No whining about your post-baby abdominal slackness.

No complaining about your muffin top.

No grumbling because you used to wear a smaller size.

Promise this, even when you are with your girlfriends and they are complaining about their thighs.

Because friends don’t let friends diss their bodies.

Make sense?

And while I’m on a roll, I’m going to give you a parallel challenge.

Every day, find something positive about your body.

Today, I’m grateful my shoulder has the range of motion to lift things over my head.

It’s small, but significant. Being able to lift something is easily taken for granted. But when I had a shoulder injury, I couldn’t move my arm more than an inch or two in any direction. Not a happy time.

So find the positive.

Your body works hard for you, but focusing on the negative makes that easy to miss.

Your language creates your experience, so be careful with your words.

Your un-flat tummy grew a baby.

Your crow’s feet are well-earned by staying up all night with your children. And by squinting in the sun as you pushed your baby in a stroller.

You’re beautiful. Truly.

This challenge is for your well-being. And for the well-being of your children.

Your kids listen to you, even when it doesn’t seem like it.

Do you want them to grow up dissatisfied with their bodies, too?

I didn’t think so.

Let’s do this.

No crop top or bike shorts here.

No crop top or bike shorts here.