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Nevada Blind Children’s Foundation – Fundraiser Saturday May 3, 2014


Sometimes you encounter the best things doing some of the most normal things. One Saturday morning, my girlfriend and I were on a play date at a local park. We thought it was a typical sunny morning, only to encounter something unusual…Off to the side of the playground there was a group of people roping off a section of grass. They were setting up what appeared to be an Easter celebration. Curious, we walked over to ask what it was all about. It was clear this would be a huge success: Before they even finished setting up, a line was forming about a half of a block long! A lot of moms, dads and children lined up to share in the festivities. It was an Easter egg hunt for blind children! The eggs beep so the kids know where to look. For sighted siblings who wanted to participate, they could do so blind-folded…The Easter Bunny also arrived for the traditional holiday photo opp. What a fabulous idea! We couldn’t help but want more information about this wonderful organization.

Easter Eggs in BasketIt turns out Nevada Blind Children’s Foundation is the only organization for blind children in Nevada. Their mission is “to provide the essential building blocks including extended educations curriculum, extra curricular activities, social opportunities, and transitional skills to children who are visually impaired.”* They offer after school, educational programs like yoga, tutoring, and multi-sensory therapy for children of all ages. Yoga can help “develop a sense of body awareness and alignment or cultivate a deeper spatial sense of the body and proper alignment.”* Multi-sensory therapy includes use of sound vibration, music therapy, aromatherapy and reflexology. Doesn’t that sound fantastic? Nevada Blind Children’s Foundation also hosts charity events to help raise money to fund their efforts. As it turns out, their biggest fundraiser of the year is this weekend! The event is the fifth annual Ladybug Ball, Saturday, May 3rd at Red Rock Casino, Resort and Spa. There is a cocktail reception, silent and live auctions as well as a gourmet dinner and entertainment. A great community event to benefit a local organization making a difference in our community. For more details you may contact Director of Operations, Linda Maneen at LMANEEN@NVBLINDCHILDREN.ORG or call 702-735-6223 or visit Nevada Blind Children’s Foundation: every child with a visual impairment reaches their full potential  for more details and to find out how to participate in future events.