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Kia Optima Turbo {Vehicle Review :: DriveShop}Featured

Kia Optima Turbo {Vehicle Review :: DriveShop}
Kia Optima Turbo {Vehicle Review :: DriveShop}
Kia Optima Turbo {Vehicle Review :: DriveShop}
Kia Optima Turbo {Vehicle Review :: DriveShop}
Kia Optima Turbo {Vehicle Review :: DriveShop}
Kia Optima Turbo {Vehicle Review :: DriveShop}
Kia Optima Turbo {Vehicle Review :: DriveShop}
Kia Optima Turbo {Vehicle Review :: DriveShop}
Kia Optima Turbo {Vehicle Review :: DriveShop}
Kia Optima Turbo {Vehicle Review :: DriveShop}
Kia Optima Turbo {Vehicle Review :: DriveShop}
Kia Optima Turbo {Vehicle Review :: DriveShop}
Kia Optima Turbo {Vehicle Review :: DriveShop}
Kia Optima Turbo {Vehicle Review :: DriveShop}
Kia Optima Turbo {Vehicle Review :: DriveShop}
Kia Optima Turbo {Vehicle Review :: DriveShop}
Kia Optima Turbo {Vehicle Review :: DriveShop}
Kia Optima Turbo {Vehicle Review :: DriveShop}
Kia Optima Turbo {Vehicle Review :: DriveShop}
Kia Optima Turbo {Vehicle Review :: DriveShop}
What I love about the Kia Optima Turbo… Where do I begin?! Let me just start by saying that I would not have thought to test drive a Kia before this opportunity. You can check all the specs of the Kia Optima online, but here we are going to discuss the look and feel of the car as a day to day driver. These are the details you want to know before you buy! There are a number of well-known car makers that will always be at the forefront of any vehicle search. Of course there is criteria to consider (2-door, 4-door…hybrid, SUV, etc.), but my search would always start off with brands I have known my whole life. Believe it or not, Kia was not one of them… Until now… 
I was really surprised and impressed right from the start! The romance began with that amazing new car smell to draw me right in. Who doesn’t love the smell of new leather?! The car I received for the test drive is a gorgeous pearlized white paired perfectly with the sporty, glam look of merlot leather interior. Yes, that is what struck me first! Despite having a car seat strapped in the center of the back seat, I still felt like I was behind the wheel of a sports car. 
The Kia Optima Turbo is quite the looker with its aerodynamic design, red wheels and panoramic sunroof/moonroof. I was especially surprised about its get up and go. Well, being a Turbo edition should have clued me in! I was very happy with the handling as I have noted even nice, high end cars do not always have the turn radius I think they should. I have owned cars with strong engines including a ’71 Mustang, a BMW, a Chrysler 300, and a Porsche Cayenne, so I’m no stranger to cars with power! I love the innovation of automated deceleration as there are some sharp turns in the Valley! I could feel the output drop when I would be taking a turn like a clover leaf freeway ramp. In addition, while in traffic, if someone were to enter my lane too closely ahead of me, there was instant reaction by the vehicle. So cool! I felt super safe at all times. With my son, safety is the absolute top priority.
Speaking of safety, back up sensors are so key – in addition to notification for stationary objects you may bump into, there is also a sensor to alert you if a car is passing behind you, crossing your path as you back up from a parking space, for example. There are back up cameras too, which I love, but having work in the insurance industry in a former life, I still check every corner and move at a snail’s pace in parking lot situations and especially when in reverse. The center dashboard screen for the back up cameras is a must, especially since we have a neighbor kid who wanders out of the house often. I live in a cul-de-sac and so I have that false sense of security that I am only a few doors from the end of the block so no one should be passing behind the car, right?! Wrong! I have looked back to see a little face standing not too far from the end of our driveway. It is truly a frightening sight! I would never want anyone to be hurt and back up cameras are so helpful as an additional precaution, and at night, it is a no brainer…not to mention the help while backing into a space or illuminating your path at night!
More AWESOME PERKS include that gorgeous panoramic sunroof/moon roof. At night, we could see the stars and the moon while daytime meant watching planes traverse our gorgeous blue skies. I normally drive an SUV and switching to a car may feel like I am downsizing. I did not feel that way at all! In fact, feeling cramped is not an issue when you can practically peel open the entire top of the Kia Optima Turbo! You are wired and ready for Sirius XM radio so you will never have a loss for listening options. The Bluetooth for hands-free dialing was extremely easy to set up and the sound quality on both ends of phone calls was stellar. No problems, no delays in sound, it was a breeze. I like that I could use GPS from my phone or use the GPS navigation. I prefer using my phone’s GPS since I have a lot of saved addresses right at my finger tips, but having both options is really nice. Radio and call options are also easily accessible from the steering wheel so distractions are kept to a minimum. It’s a Harman Kardon too – BTW, for the audio nerds reading this! *insert secret handshake here*
There’s a push button start which is beyond brilliant. You don’t have to worry about losing your key either! I always have a latch for my keys. With the keyless entry system, I just latch my keys onto my purse and as soon as I’m near the car door, it unlocks! I never unlatch my keys! It is a small detail, but if (like me!) you are notorious for misplacing keys or locking yourself out of the car (most recently, the wind shut my car door behind me while I placed my purse on my seat to throw a sweater on!), you will appreciate this detail. 
Cup holders for everyone! Not only are there cup holders in the center console, but in every door – Keep hydrated, my friends! I also love that there is a seat warmer/cooler and a way to save the seat settings so when you valet, or if your honey drives, you don’t have to get in and reset everything. There is a USB connection and multiple charging outlets (does anyone still refer to them as cigarette lighters?!) including a couple in the back of the center console/arm rest so your back seat passengers will not have to share or wait their turn. My son loved having his own ‘personal wind’ for dedicated air flow. two separate vents to aim in different directions. There are also shades on the back windows to keep your toddler from having a complete meltdown because the sun is shining on them. Spoiled, much?!
If anyone is looking into a new car, you absolutely have to try the Kia Optima Turbo. They really did blow me away with this test drive. Like I said, you could still feel like you are driving a sports car with plenty of leg room for multiple passengers and car seats! I took a trip to Costco and even took a friend to the airport so you know there is TONS of trunk space too so load up and take a road trip in your new ride…
*~*~* They have ongoing deals right now!!! *~*~*
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Bottiglia at Green Valley Ranch

Fitting that Bottiglia ( pronounced boh-TEE-yah) means “bottle” because even if you don’t go for the food you will want to be there for the drinks. Styled as a European yup-scale 1960s farmhouse chic restaurant it’s the perfect blend of retro elegance and modern touches. I could not help but imagine Audrey Hepburn here; Breakfast at Tiffanys? Brunch at Bottiglia! Picture a gastro pub that has been white washed, studded with reclaimed wood furniture, pastel fabrics, geometric chrome accents and sporadic wicker whimsy. They must have designed their drinks according to their decor. YES, I want my bellini to match my plush peach seat and YES, I would love for you to make my white sangria smell like the bouquet on the back of my chair damnit! And YES, I want my Malbec to be inspired by my velvety fig colored booth. Pinks, peaches, plums, gold and robin-egg- blues? I’ll drink all of it please…….Oh and I’ll be waiting for my drinks on the wrap around terrace if you don’t mind, thank you. I know what you are thinking: this sounds all very…… feminine.

Don’t let the décor fool you though the fine dining side of things could impress the likes of Anthony Bourdaine. This IS a fancy Italian restaurant and they’ve got the Lobster Fra’ Diavolo to prove it. I think we can all agree, Italian cuisine is all about love and you can tell where Chef Patrick’s heart is: The sea…. The sea of love….. I want to tell you just how much… I love his Halibut….. Among other things. One word ANTIPASTA. Their mastery of wood-smoked eggplant spread is only surpassed by their straight up ownership of lemon ricotta stuffed zucchini blossoms. The tuna carpaccio blushes as deep as the beets in the roasted beet salad. The chopped salad is nothing short of an orgy of tart, tang and sweet kiss of green grapes. The eggplant parmesan? Miniature like a ballerina and just as ‘en pointe’ ( sul punto in Italian) If you want to get some romance get intimate with the appetizers. You’ll go home satisfied.

But let’s get back to that Halibut. You put a piece of fish in front of me and all of a sudden I look like  teenager that just had her first drink. I giggle, I wiggle and smile. Most sushi chefs think I’m flirting with them. Maybe I am and I don’t realize it, but if I am, it’s only because I’m part penguin. For that reason, the Pan Roasted Halibut spoke to me, even though I don’t speak Italian or even understand most Italian, that fish and I understood each other. It knew I would adore it no matter what. But the condiments and garnish excited me more than the fish by itself. The fish was laid on a bed of faro (thick fluffy grain) with a water color green butter sauce, dollops of carrot puree and then the peas (ohlordthepeas!) The peas were short spring inspired love poems, each a pleasurable burst inside my mouth whispering sweet nothings to the fish.

They didn’t have to bring anything else out. But they did and to be completely honest The Shrimp Puttanesca and the Lobster Fra’ Diavolo could have their way with me too. I KNOW I sound like a cheating foodie perv but if I could have a menage`a trois of fish shrimp and lobster in one sitting every time I dine at Bottiglia….. I WOULD. Both the shrimp and the lobster are equally spicy and beautiful. While sexy in name, puttanesca, meaning whore’s pasta, in Italian has become slang for “a bunch of sh*t in the cupboard goes in the pasta”. Classically, you need the capers and olives to kick the ever loving crap out of you in order to make this dish a success, which is what made this my favorite of the pastas, because capers are my life. The creamy pink sauce on the lobster though was seriously indulgent. It was almost like a deconstructed lobster ravioli. But a warning: if you don’t like you food to look at you, request the face to be removed cause you get the entire lobster.

Dish after dish was placed and removed by what seemed like six different super models which made the dinner feel like a seduction. If I can’t be seduced in Italy then I’ll gladly take a little Italian seduction in Henderson. So…. while I’m in the mood, I’ll tease you with some dessert. I’ll give you some hints: one melts in your mouth and the other was filled with fun ….. I’ll leave the rest to your imagination… Bon Apetit!


Reserve your table today: Bottiglia at Green Valley Ranch ***BRUNCH SERVICE BEGINS SUNDAY 28 AUG 2016***

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Becoming the Woman I Want My Daughters To Be

Have you ever seen a behavior in someone else that turned you off, only to later realize that you are guilty of the same behavior? I have found myself in this place lately.  I realized that it is important that I become or am becoming the woman I would like my daughters to be one day. I want my daughters to have their priorities straight and be strong women each with strong character. The hard part about this is that I am their primary role model and they are influenced by me more than anyone else.  So I have been doing a lot of self examination and I don’t exactly like some of the things I have forced myself to see. I find it easy to spot someone else’s shortcomings, but when reviewing my own actions, I sometimes miss that I am guilty of doing some of the same things. One trait I see in myself that I can’t stand in others is that I am materialistic.  I am so disgusted when people flaunt there possessions or feel that a fancy pair of shoes or an expensive bag can make them better than the next person. But guess what?! I make  it a priority to have fancy shoes and expensive bags! Somehow in my mind I am not as bad because I am not showing it off on social media and bragging about it in my social circles. The truth is my children more than anyone else see that these material things hold value to me. And seriously, what stupid goals to have! I would never want my girls to set goals that consist of buying ridiculously expensive stuff to determine their worth. Now don’t get me wrong , I fully believe in caring for yourself and presenting your best self, but this should not mean that you have to spend thousands of dollars to achieve that. I would love for my girls to feel just as good about themselves in a nice clean pressed outfit from a discount super store as they would in a outfit from one of the most expensive brand name stores.  Now the big problem for me is that I need to change. I need to stop wasting money on stupid stuff and get my priorities straight. I have to be less brand focused so that my girl don’t grow up to be brand focused. With all the bragging on social media that I see, I really need to be a strong positive role model at home for my girls so they don’t get sucked into that nonsense like I did. 


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Truffles N Bacon Cafe : A Culinary Love Story

Welcome to my first sentence ever to post on a blog! I’m just a guest here. I don’t know how guest blogging works really or how many more of these you’ll see from me but I am so appreciative to Las Vegas Moms Blog for having me here. Blogging is fun. wheeeeeee!

TNB foodiesWhen Cee Cee from LVM asked me to come to a private lunch tasting at Truffles N Bacon AND write about it, I almost flipped. I think I actually squeed.  The name Truffles N Bacon, in my mind, evokes images of smoky fat crisped bacon and indulgently pungent truffle oil, right? Nope! I was totally wrong and super okay with it. Think sweet pork and chocolate with a little bit of South Pacific flair. Truffles N Bacon Cafe namesakes are attributed to their award winning bacon jam and their chocolate truffles. The chocolates are pretty self-explanatory: little rolled balls of chocolate covered in things. Simple and delicious. And then their bacon jam, so complex and versatile, they can (and do) put it in nearly everything. In fact, two of the foods that blew me away were dishes that both boasted the jam.

Our hostess, Magnolia, had prepared us a gorgeous French Countryside High Tea experience (sans tea.) Wild flowers floating in tea cups placed on floral chiffon table cloths next to 6 types of finger foods piled on porcelain hors d’oeuvre tiers.  Each tier of food was labeled. The entrees: The Lucia, Kahlua sliders, Mad Bird and Not Yo Mamma Mac. And the dessert:  Cocoa powder dusted chocolate truffles, coconut covered chocolate truffles and balsamic strawberries.

Kahlua Sliders

Kahlua Sliders

As the Instagram pros got up to start their photo shoot, I started swilling down water to keep from sweating and swearing in public: At that moment I hated myself for not ever taking up photography. I also had not eaten all day in anticipation of this tasting and I was starting to imagine fight scenes between lions and hyenas.  After the sandwiches had been staged or “styled” and were taken away to be snapchatted, periscoped, and instagrammed, the writers felt comfortable enough to loiter around the tables and sneak away with plates of food.

I have a confession to make. Even though I tried and enjoyed all of the foods we tasted, there are two I really want to talk about and it’s because they are, in my opinion, extraordinary. While the Mad Bird (the turkey burger with pepper jack cheese, roasted tomatoes, artichokes and sriracha avocado spread on ciabatta) and the Kahlua Sliders (slow roasted pork shoulder with tropical slaw on Hawaiian sweet roll) were lovely and delicious, I am in awe of Not Yo Momma Mac and I am in love with The Lucia.

Not Yo Momma Mac is THE unicorn of macaroni and cheese. It’s the mythical mysterious mac that has eluded me for years. I knew something like it existed but could never find it….until now. This is nothing short of ambrosia.  As if unadulterated mac and cheese wasn’t good enough, TNB had the audacity to put pieces of brisket, kale and their signature bacon jam in theirs and thank the gods they did. I want to dump truck the entire dish in my mouth and drown in it. This is pure creamy, crispy, spicy, smoky, melty, sweetness. I have found the mac and cheese Valhalla. I can die now.

The Lucia

The Lucia

And yet, as magical as the mac and cheese was nothing compares to the Lucia. This is my love letter to a sandwich… I think about you my beautiful grilled cheese, aka my finger food soul mate, EVERY DAY. Cheddar, bacon jam, tomato compote, chipotle ranch spread an on grilled white toast. The smokiness of the tomatoes in a bath of chipotle and the sweetness of the bacon jam is everything I never knew I wanted. That sandwich did something to me.  I find myself humming the Andrea Bocelli tune “Santa Lucia” throughout the day. I often think about making my own grilled cheese but then… it just wouldn’t be the same. My friends say I am changed. I didn’t realize I was empty until I had this sandwich. If it is possible for Tesla, one of the greatest scientists of the 19th century (and possibly ever) to be in love with a pigeon, then I believe it is possible for a 21st century girl, to be in love with a sandwich (especially in the current dating climate).

The bacon jam dishes should be enough of a reason to visit Truffles N Bacon Cafe, but if food isn’t really your thing, they double as an art gallery and offer high tea service too. You just have to call ahead to schedule it. I plan on doing that soon. (I need to visit my boyfriend Lucia, anyway)

photo credit: 
Erik Kastner and Arianna Domingo of Fifty Fifty Studios
LVM: Cee Cee Bautista
via Instagram: @happytummy_702@ninser_the_foodie, @hei02miyachi

TNB 2    

Truffles N Bacon Cafe
8872 South Eastern Ave, Ste 100
Las Vegas, NV 89123

Follow Truffles N Bacon Cafe on social media!





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Zoom Away at the Voodoo Zipline

rio, voodoo zipline, ziplining, las vegas, las vegas zipline, local love, live like a local, las vegas locals, things to do, tourist attractions  rio, voodoo zipline, ziplining, las vegas, las vegas zipline, local love, live like a local, las vegas locals, things to do, tourist attractions

Hey Mommies! I have to tell you about the amazing time I had on the Voodoo Zipline at the Rio. It was a blast! You soar through the air at 33 miles per hour and 450+ feet in the air. You start from the highest tower and soar down to the lower one and I swear at one point I didn’t know if we were going to stop. I took my dad because he is my thrill-seeking buddy and the only one who would dare ride with me. It wasn’t scary at all, in fact it was totally opposite. After you zoom down to the lower tower you are whisked almost as quickly backwards to the higher one again. It is a great activity for everyone in the family as long as you are 48″ or taller! The ride is open from noon until midnight, seven days a week. After 8pm it is only 21 and over because you are also granted access to the nightclub as well. This would be a great deal for a date night or mommies night out! If anyone would like to come watch and cheer you on, there is a viewing area on the 51st floor. My mom and little one were able to scream, cheer and take pictures from there.  Make sure to also bring your ID with you to be able to ride.

rio, voodoo zipline, ziplining, las vegas, las vegas zipline, local love, live like a local, las vegas locals, things to do, tourist attractions  rio, voodoo zipline, ziplining, las vegas, las vegas zipline, local love, live like a local, las vegas locals, things to do, tourist attractions

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Are you that friend that is always taking pictures of their food? You’re desperately on the constant look out for that amazing eatery spot so you can catch the perfect angle of your new dish to blast the image for every one of your social media followers to salivate over. Get Ready…This is your paradise.

You are obligated to attend the Great American Foodie Fest, formerly known as Las Vegas Foodie Fest. The Utopian event and dream for every food connoisseur. Prepare to exercise your palate, as this event features 50 of the nation’s top food trucks and food vendors, including fan-favorite, White Castle, along with a number of celebrity trucks from The Food Network, History Channel, Cooking Channel and Travel Channel.


Participating food trucks will include local and nation favorites such as

  • Fukuburger
  • Dragon Grille; 2015 Best of Las Vegas’ winner
  • Jogasaki Sushi Burrito
  • Tornado Potato
  • Frach’s Fried Ice Cream
  • “Great Food Truck Race” season five winner, The Middle Feast;
  • Q UP Barbeque
  • Lobster Lady from Maine
  • White Rabbit


And the party doesn’t stop with the food. The festival will showcase live DJs and eating competitions. Afraid the kids are going to get bored? Take them on the carnival rides or let them play some of the interactive games and more.


The festival is at the Rio Hotel and Suites and will be open Saturday from noon to 10 p.m. on Sunday from noon to 10 p.m.


IMG_0558Individual general admission to Great American Foodie Fest will start at $8 per day, or $11 for an unlimited weekend pass, or $13 for an unlimited weekend pass, if purchased at the gate. Active military personnel and veterans, seniors 59 and older, and Clark County first responders will receive a discount of $2 off each ticket purchased at the gate with a valid ID.

And Drum Roll….Parking will be available at no cost.



Want to feel fancyyyyyyy? Upgrade your foodie experience to get access to theRed Dragon VIP Tent, priced at $75 per person, per day if purchased in advance. The exclusive covered area will feature an expanded list of passed appetizers and desserts, a deluxe open bar, beer and wine tastings and chef demonstrations.

Check out more information and to purchase tickets, peep the website – http://www.greatamericanfoodiefest.com or follow on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram @GAFoodieFest.



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The Fight of the Century: Pacquiao vs. Mayweather

Women, if it’s hard to understand our man’s fascination of this brutal sport just realize – it is their soap opera. The dramatic storyline that they get to sit around and gossip about with their friends.

This fight is the culmination of a long path of speculation and argument for the world’s greatest pound for pound fighter. And like any good novella, there are the two characters. From the utmost contrasting origins propelled two adversaries. Each with a belief in different deities. Manny’s faith lies in God while Mayweather believes in money.
The most intriguing truth about this sport is it reveals everything about the men that engage in it. There is no team but one sole individual. They live under a microscope and are constantly being watched. No one to rely on but themselves. And even if you are not a boxing fan, there are some factors of this epic match up that might interest you. There are things you may know about the upcoming mega fight between Floyd “Money” Mayweather and Manny “Pac-Man” Pacquiao that will take place this Saturday at the MGM Grand.


This battle is 6 years in the making. Mayweather’s unblemished record of 47-0 suggests that he has a legitimate shot at breaking Rocky Marciano’s all-time mark of 49-0 which has stood since 1955. Pacquiao with a similar stellar record and equally effective fighting style.
Have you decided which camp you will be cheering for? It’s okay if you aren’t a professional analyst to decipher fighting styles and odds. How about we dissect the character and personalities of the two most popular modern day boxers.
Each man is flawed as humans are but the situation could not be better scripted if the best author tried. Pacquiao is our protagonist. He battled odds and escaped a poverty-stricken childhood to become a world-renowned athlete and political official in the Philippines. He is noted for his giving nature and a philanthropist. In the opposite corner, we have the villain. Mayweather who also had a degree of humbled beginnings, but his fall from grace is shadowed. He is a documented serial abuser of women. His calling card is flaunting and throwing his money and spewing condescending words for anyone to hear.
It seems like a minimal investment to watch the “Fight of the Century” But we are we really compromising here? Our allegiance for women. We are putting more money and glorifying a man that beats women.
Mayweather has a consistent record of abuse against women, going as far back as 2001. His rap sheet includes being arrested or cited seven times for violence against five different women. His main offense and only jail time served was in 2012 after a beating incident against Josie Harris, his former girlfriend and mother of three of his children.
Yes, this is the incident that according to the police report, Mayweather “grabbed Harris by her hair and began striking her in the back of her head several times with a closed fist”. And if not for their 11-year old son, Kuraun, the beating could have been worse. And how was he reprimanded? After striking a plea deal, Mayweather was sentenced to 90 days in jail and released after 60 for good behavior.

I am not saying to riot (its not getting Baltimore anywhere) But I think we all need to be educated on facts. No one involved in boxing is looking out for Mayweather’s victims. There is no red carpet or even a representative to voice defense for these women. No one cares. Sports in general can be known for a lack of a moral fabric and turning a blind eye to the athletes that misbehave. And definitely in regards to this fight, there is just way too much monetary interest to evade the allure of this battle.
I know I will be watching the fight this weekend because I am an avid sports fan and I am interested in what will happen. Maybe we can petition for Mayweather to give some of his pay to these women. And now I hope you can watch the fight with a heightened interest and a consciousness of what society builds and accepts.

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A Few of Our Favorite Things: Las Vegas Moms Weigh In

Things to do in Las Vegas…Welcome to Fabulous Las Vegas! Here’s our list of hometown favorites we wouldn’t want you to miss!


Bellagio’s must-see Conservatory & Botanical Gardens & of course, Fountains of Bellagio
The Linq has the High Roller observation wheel, Brooklyn Bowl & the Sprinkles cupcake ATM


Raiding the Rock Vault Most fun show on the Strip if you love Classic Rock
O and Mystere are the 2 best Cirque du Soleil shows (if we have to choose!), but if you like The Beatles’ music, you have to see Love.


Wicked Spoon buffet at Cosmopolitan offers Happy Hour buffet & you can even opt for a togo version!  (Wynn has a great buffet too!)
Olives lunch & martinis so you can watch the Bellagio Fountains
Mon Ami Gabi breakfast/brunch on the patio – Rick makes the greatest bellinis ever…it’s a great place to people watch & also another breath-taking view of the Bellagio Fountains!
STK favorite Las Vegas style restaurant that is super fun, complete with a DJ & a big price tag.
Bouchon for breakfast! and macarons…at Venetian


Luv-It Frozen Custard Enough said…(walking distance from The Stratosphere – though we don’t recommend walking in this area at night!)
Serendipity 3 at Caesar’s Palace Strip Views, $15 desserts big enough for 2 adults and Frozen Hot Chocolate, you’re welcome!


Le Thai Patio dining, authentic Thai recipes
Park on Fremont Patio dining, Free live music!
Commonwealth Local Bar
Insert Coins Adult Arcade
Container Park Free live music! Shops by local business owners. Regularly scheduled family-friendly and pup-friendly events.

The Tank at The Golden Nugget is the best pool complete with a waterslide that zips thru a shark tank!
The Neighborhood at Downtown3rd especially for Triple George Grill & Mob Bar.
Mob Museum has a fully interactive,  multi-media experience – You’ll actually learn quite a bit about Las Vegas history.



Brooklyn Bowl at The Linq

Brooklyn Bowl at The Linq

Don’t forget to take tons of pictures & tag us! @vegasmomsblog (IG — Twitter — Facebook) & #LVMBfavorites – Have a Fabulous time!

If I hide, you can't make me eat it.
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A Veggie Muffin Recipe that Got Even Barb to Eat Beets


Just. Can't. Eat. It.

Just. Can’t. Eat. It.

I am not at all someone who needs to be coaxed to eat vegetables. I might even be considered a FOV (Friend of Vegetables).

Asparagus? Awesome.

Sugar snap peas? So delicious.

Fresh tomatoes from the garden? Swoon.

But then there are beets. Just. Can’t. Eat. Them.

Hey, beets, what’s not to love about you? You are highly nutritious. You are a member of the chenopod family, which also includes chard, spinach, and quinoa. I love all of those foods. But not you.

And did I tell you are gorgeous, beets? With your ridiculously vibrant color. I want to love you. I do. I try from time to time, always hoping against hope that you will live up to your promise.

Ummm, no.

Ummm, no.

The best I could ever say is that you taste like sweet dirt. I’m sorry, that’s probably mean. But it’s true.

And yet, I kept trying to love you. Because you are good for me, and you are beautiful. And because you show up on the menus of restaurants I love. (Besides the recipe below, I have only ever been able to eat beets in the delicious salad called The Bizness – David’s Special at The Bronze Café.)

So it was a great and welcome surprise that beets can work very well in muffins. I have been a fan of hiding incorporating veggies for my kids, but this time, I did it for me. And…these muffins taste great. Both of my kids really liked them, as well.

The batter is a shocking pink, but the finished product is not. (Science-geek-moms, why is that?)

I did not use whole wheat flour, but I have had good luck with substituting half whole wheat flour for half white flour. So it’s worth a try, if you’d like to increase the fiber in these muffins.


If I hide, you can't make me eat it.

If I hide, you can’t make me eat it.




Beet-Carrot-Zucchini Muffins (adapted from The Kitchn)

Makes 10-12 muffins

1¼ cups unbleached all purpose flour
1 teaspoon baking powder
½ teaspoon baking soda
½ teaspoon cinnamon
⅛ teaspoon salt
⅔ cup grated carrots
½ cup grated zucchini
½ cup finely grated beets
¼ cup raisins
⅔ cup maple syrup
⅓ cup cooking oil
2 eggs

Preheat oven to 400°. Grease muffin tins, or line with paper liners.

Mix flour, baking powder, baking soda, cinnamon, and salt in a medium bowl. In another bowl, mix the grated vegetables.

In a large mixing bowl, beat maple syrup and oil until emulsified. Add eggs one at a time, beating until batter is smooth. Add flour mixture in three or four batches, mixing gently. Stir in the vegetables.

Pour batter into muffin tins. Bake approximately 20 minutes, until a toothpick inserted in the center comes out clean. Cool slightly before removing

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What No One Tells You About Being a New Mom

Hey ladies! So as you all know, I am a brand new mommy. I love everyday of it and all of the adventures it throws my way. Heck, as I sit here writing this and trying to breastfeed at the same time, all I can think about is all the things no one tells you about being a new mommy.

For example, no one ever told me that I would have my Mamaroo set up next to my toilet just so I can go to the bathroom without the baby crying! I have learned to even breastfeed while doing my business in the bathroom! (You all know you have too!!!)

Also, I have learned that dropping food on my child’s head while cooking or eating is totally normal. Thank goodness for wraps and baby wearing or my family would starve, My child has had more veggies dropped on his poor head then I can count.

Let’s talk about eating those amazing meals I have prepared while balancing a baby. I never knew I could eat so fast. Once little man smells food, he is awake and wants to eat. I have tried feeding him right before and to no avail, it never works. Which in turn leads to more food on his poor head.

Another really good one is how the first time you accidentally hurt your child, you will freak out! I was home alone and walking through a door and hit my child’s head on the door jam! I called my mother crying and saying I was the worst mother alive. I was picturing CPS showing up at my door any minute and cried harder than my little guy did! Oh the drama!


The sleep thing is obvious and no one was kidding, but the first time you wake up mid-breastfeeding and don’t even remember starting to breastfeed is a little startling! The first time it happened, I sat there, looked around and wondered how the heck I even got the Boppy, latched him on and fed without waking up. So bizarre. All in all, this is the most amazing thing I have done with my life and I am sure there are so many more adventures to come! Can’t wait to share more!  Comment below and let me know some things that surprised you when learning to adapt to motherhood!

I also wanted to share this amazing recipe I discovered and made the other day! It was a huge hit and I am all about the healthy dishes! Please enjoy!







10 oz of veggie pasta
1 clove of garlic
2-3 avocados peeled and pitted
2 tsp of fresh lime juice
salt and pepper to taste
2 tbsp of butter
2 tbsp. wheat flour
1 cup almond milk
2 cups of shredded lowfat cheddar cheese


1. Bring large pot of water to a boil. Cook and drain pasta.  Set aside.

2. Combine garlic, avocados, lime juice in a food processor or blender and pulse until creamy. Season to taste with salt and pepper. Set aside.

3. In a small saucepan, melt butter over medium heat. Add flour and stir into the butter until it forms a paste. Whisk in the milk until smooth. Stir until it starts to thicken and then add the cheese slowly. Stir until melted and creamy.

4. Place the noodles in a large bowl. Add in avocado sauce and cheese sauce and stir to combine. Serve warm.