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2016 Mazda CX-9 Signature AWD {Vehicle Review :: DriveShop}Featured

2016 Mazda CX-9 Signature AWD {Vehicle Review :: DriveShop}
2016 Mazda CX-9 Signature AWD {Vehicle Review :: DriveShop}
2016 Mazda CX-9 Signature AWD {Vehicle Review :: DriveShop}
2016 Mazda CX-9 Signature AWD {Vehicle Review :: DriveShop}
2016 Mazda CX-9 Signature AWD {Vehicle Review :: DriveShop}
2016 Mazda CX-9 Signature AWD {Vehicle Review :: DriveShop}
2016 Mazda CX-9 Signature AWD {Vehicle Review :: DriveShop}
2016 Mazda CX-9 Signature AWD {Vehicle Review :: DriveShop}
2016 Mazda CX-9 Signature AWD {Vehicle Review :: DriveShop}
2016 Mazda CX-9 Signature AWD {Vehicle Review :: DriveShop}
2016 Mazda CX-9 Signature AWD {Vehicle Review :: DriveShop}
2016 Mazda CX-9 Signature AWD {Vehicle Review :: DriveShop}
2016 Mazda CX-9 Signature AWD {Vehicle Review :: DriveShop}
2016 Mazda CX-9 Signature AWD {Vehicle Review :: DriveShop}
2016 Mazda CX-9 Signature AWD {Vehicle Review :: DriveShop}
2016 Mazda CX-9 Signature AWD {Vehicle Review :: DriveShop}
2016 Mazda CX-9 Signature AWD {Vehicle Review :: DriveShop}
2016 Mazda CX-9 Signature AWD {Vehicle Review :: DriveShop}
2016 Mazda CX-9 Signature AWD {Vehicle Review :: DriveShop}
2016 Mazda CX-9 Signature AWD {Vehicle Review :: DriveShop}

***Big Thanks to DriveShop for providing this test drive vehicle in exchange for an honest review.***

First of all, I am a sucker for leather. Red leather in particular. I have no idea what this means about me, but I do know, when it comes to vehicles, it is a major plus in my book! The 2016 Mazda CX-9 Signature AWD is absolutely stunning – The curb appeal is really outstanding! Honestly, I haven’t thought of Mazdas since the RX7 of the 80s. (So now you know how old I really am! And I apologize Mazda – I’ve missed a ton…sad face emoji) The CX-9 is sporty and classy looking all at once. LED taillights, headlights and signature grille, twenty inch alloy wheels, all-season tires, rear roof spoiler, power lift gate and privacy glass. It has the coveted Angel Eyes LED headlights also found on BMWs. My luxury vehicle aficionado friend was really impressed with this vehicle since he can appreciate the luxury selling points even more when they come without the luxury price point. The suggested price for this specific test drive is above $45K. Granted, this is probably more than what I would like to invest in a vehicle right now, but it only motivates me to research how well it ages. I’m not afraid of purchasing a used car and I’m also not above leasing a car either! 

I think the crossover class of vehicles is really best suited for my family. After driving the Mazda CX-9 Signature AWD for one week, I now find myself wanting to test drive every crossover vehicle available in the Valley just to convince myself that I don’t want to buy a CX-9 for our family! It really blew my mind – Super impressed, Super surprising. Maybe it’s the third row seating, maybe it’s the heated seats, maybe it’s the leather. If you’ve read any of my reviews, I’m all about the leather: the smell, the look, the ease of cleaning (Yes, I find it easier than cloth! Way easier…) 

I was really surprised to see third row seating because in my mind, only a large minivan or a Suburban could seat seven. Two in the first row, three in the second and two in the way, way back. There is, however, a caveat: I installed my son’s car seat in the second row. The CX-9 is a four door vehicle despite having the additional row of seating so getting passengers out of the third row requires the center row to be moved forward and the seat back to be bent forward. This is virtually impossible when a car seat is installed in the center. Since the seat back is split, I can see how entering and exiting would be easier with the car seat installed in one or the other side as opposed to the center. The back row seats would not be comfortable for passengers taller than maybe 5’4″ since leg room is limited. basically the second and third row seats split leg room. The kids will love it though: My sweet friend and CX-9 owner has a 7 year old and 10 year old twins who fight to sit in the way, way back! You can fold the third row of seats down and just increase the ‘trunk’ space. I do like that you cannot see into the back where groceries and other items would be packed away. The button to automatically shut the lift gate lights up so at night, there’s no fumbling around for your keys or feeling around for the button. If you do use the third row for passengers, there are aluminum roof rails available.

Active Driving Display

I love the moon roof especially because my son has limited views being in a car seat so opening up the roof gives him more to look at too! The interior has Nappa-trimmed leather, both front seats are heated and adjustable with driver seat memory and lumbar adjustment. During the winter, heated seats are so necessary! aluminum and rosewood trim makes for such a luxury experience. There is an eight inch display for the rear camera and navigation system. It looks like a space ship cockpit in here! I love the Active Driving Display that projects my speed onto the interior of the windshield = genius! When I set the navigation, it also shows me the next turn of my directions – right there on the windshield = GENIUS!

My mom friend, Janel and I took our sons (ages 4, 5 = 1 car seat, 1 booster in second row plus snow paraphernalia in the trunk) in the Mazda CX-9 for a road trip up to Mt. Charleston to make snowmen and drink hot chocolate. Usually, I sweat the trip as my truck is not AWD and I have to pack as lightly as possible just so I don’t have to be super embarrassed watching cars go around us as we climb slowly up the mountain. This time, we got to take scenic pictures, hear great music on SiriusXM over the crystal clear BOSE speakers and we even felt badly for a number of drivers we saw getting stuck in the snow (Janel even got out to help push one woman’s car out of an embankment with another passerby!) I am not adventurous enough to have tried this loan vehicle in the snow as I am a firm believer there is a reason why snow tires are a thing! 

More than any other vehicle I’ve test driven thus far, this is the one I can see myself owning and driving every day.

Overall, this has been my favorite test drive so far. It has all the wonderful features you would want in a new car with all the bells and whistles: including third row curtain airbags, rear door window shades, key-less entry, push button start, back up sensors, blind spot monitoring, rear cross traffic alert, smart brake system, lane assist, hands-free Bluetooth pairing, etc. There is a lot of competition since most vehicles will come equipped this way, but for me, this was the vehicle that most fit for my family. More than any other vehicle I’ve test driven thus far, this is the vehicle I can see myself owning and driving every day. I am a strange one since I have been wanting a minivan since I had my son. Yes, I’m a single mom. Yes, I only have one child. I do have 2 dogs though?! I’m also the type of person to basically packs like I’m leaving town when in reality, I’ll be gone for the day. This could mean: a change of clothes for the gym, play clothes for my son after school, a file box of my son’s latest drawings and school correspondence, after gym clothes, hot tub or pool clothes for the gym, random extra change of clothes for emergencies for my son or me because of something my son gets into. Depending on the season you may see: camping chairs, pool noodles, picnic blankets, a collection of recyclables from take out orders or reusable shopping totes. You could say I like my vehicles spacious! I love it! I want it! Someone gift it to me, please! Happy Driving, everyone!



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The Space Between Us :: {Movie Review}Featured


“Courage is fear that has said its prayers.”

– Karle Wilson Baker, “Courage”

PicsArt_02-02-11.43.29Movies can be an escape. An escape from a ho hum daily grind; an escape to a personal utopia… Simply a couple of uninterrupted hours focusing on the best our planet has to offer.

PicsArt_02-02-11.44.12Living in Las Vegas, we are blessed with endless sunshine, blue skies everyday and clear views of the mountains from just about anywhere in the Valley. In a few short hours, we can drive to a beach, a mountain, or a canyon, or fly to another country to experience different cultures, vastly different food, customs and sights. We are truly blessed, but how often do we appreciate it? 

PicsArt_02-02-11.39.31There were a lot of themes of love in the The Space Between Us: romantic love, friendship, parental love. It ran about 2 hours and I think I liked the concept so much, I went ahead and overlooked a lot of the holes in the story. I like how wide-eyed Gardner is as the first human born on Mars. I had questions such as what did they feed the baby on Mars cuz it’s not like they could ship them formula?! And felt myself wondering about bubble boy type scenarios about all the germs he was being exposed to. I wish there was more character building only because a lot of storyline continuity seems to hinge on one or two sentences for you to figure out how it all links together. 


But guess what, I still enjoyed the the film. I even teared up at some parts just thinking about what ifs. I wanted to root for first love and I wanted to believe it would be so whirlwind-y for a sixteen year old to visit Earth for the very first time too…(I love Blast from the Past!) Maybe if it was a mini-series or sitcom it would’ve been better received. I didn’t expect this film to change my life or completely convince it was even possible for humans to live on Mars in the not so distant future. I wanted entertainment and a neat story and that’s what I got: A cute movie and a great message about love knowing no bounds. If you want a fun, date night and are not into horror movies or thrillers also debuting this weekend, you’ll really enjoy this film! It’s sweet, light-hearted and simple and sometimes that’s just what you need! Bonus: The soundtrack is PHENOMENAL! That is one of the best parts of the movie, for sure! 


* * * * * * 

I watched this advanced screening alongside other press and although I’m not a movie critic, I enjoyed the experience of the event itself. I’m not sure why I don’t attend more advanced screenings! I hope we have the opportunity to attend again. It’s a rarity for me to go to the movies on my own so it was also a treat of a night out with just my super over-priced theater snacks! ($18 for a medium soda, tortilla chips, nacho cheese and M & Ms – I guess I should’ve asked specifically for jalapeños?!) AMC Town Square hosted the event and there’s a lot of parking at the entrance to Gameworks so you can even take a shortcut through there and head up the stairs. Yardhouse is a great place to have dinner before shows as the servers are great about timing around a schedule to make your movie on time! Double Helix is a great place for drinks afterwards – Gotta love their firepit on the patio! Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf are around the corner from there too. There’s also a playground at Town Square and Artsy Nanny can also watch your kiddos for you too!

☆☆☆All these pix are from IMDB!☆☆☆

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Give Away Alert! Two Tickets to The Little Prince Live Show


Thanks to our friends at the Smith Center  We have two tickets to giveaway!  We hope you’re excited because were super excited!
The tickets are for  “The Little Prince” 
showtime: Wednesday, March 1, 2017 at 6:30pm
Ticket Prices: $14.95- $29.95
Venue: Reynolds Hall

“The Little Prince” is an enchanting theatrical production for all ages. In this unique take on the classic tale, audience members young and old are invited to experience the wonderment of childhood as The Little Prince transports them to exotic worlds and introduces them to whimsical characters. Meet a bombastic king, a talking rose and a cheerful fox who is eager to be domesticated. Through the eyes of the Little Prince, audience members gain unique insights into love, loss and laughter.


03c1c6ed4b9430418404330f42ce90cbI am personally looking forward to introducing my favorite childhood classic book to my little one. After we watch the Live show, I plan on introducing him to the movie, I remember watching it all the time on HBO which starred the late Gene Wilder.  



Enter for your chance to win by Commenting below: What is your favorite childhood book? 

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Red Rock Lanes: Summerlin


Whether it’s Christmas morning, New Years Eve or 2am on a Monday morning you will find Red Rock Lanes open for business. Located in the Red Rock Casino, the bowling alley features 72 bowling lanes, a game center, bar lounge and Pro-shop for the pro-Bowler in your family. Want to make it a date night or night out with the girls? Get down in one of their luxury VIP lanes and suites, complete with bar service and cozy seating arrangements!  Do I hear a “Mom’s Night” anyone?


As an amateur bowler, myself, I will say that this was one of the most pristine, clean-smelling bowling alley’s I’ve ever been to and the food just happened to be tasty! The bathrooms were not only clean but pleasing to the eye, the full-service bar and lounge was a nice treat for the adults and the chicken nuggets and fries were a huge hit with all my picky eaters. 



Toddlers with a show size under 11 can wear their own shoes!

Toddlers with a show size under 11 can wear their own shoes!

If you’re not a great bowler, or your children need a little extra help, bumpers and ramps are a great way to keep the ball rollin! However, if you happen to arrive during peak hours, the ramps may be hard to come by. If this is the case, ask your neighbor in the next lane if you can share. Chances are, they are a nice family willing to do so. If not, don’t fret, the bumpers will be enough. My two-year old son pushed his own ball down the lane just fine and my four-year old ended up not wanting to use the ramp at all!



The big screens play all your musical favorites from past to present! Warning! You will break out into dance at least once in front of your children.

My husband and I thought the prices weren’t bad for being the largest and most luxury bowling alley in Las Vegas at nearly $2-$3/ a game plus $4 for bowling shoes. Cosmic Bowling is only $5 a game on Fridays and Saturdays from 6pm-2am. The prices for food and drink were what’s to be expected in a Las Vegas Casino, but well worth it as the food was delicious and the cocktails were on point. Have a picky eater? Step out into the Casino and find an array of different food options including fine dining and buffet!

Whether you’re planning a date, birthday party, girls night out, family event or just want to escape the heat, Red Rock Lanes in the Red Rock Casino have what you need to experience the best of what Vegas has to offer! 


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Hemenway Valley Park: Where wildlife meets playtime


As a newbie to the Las Vegas area, I find myself getting excited about things that most locals have a “been there, done that” stance about. I get it! Having lived in some of the most tourist dense towns and cities in the US, I understand when what once seemed cool is now “meh”. But Hemenway Valley Park in Boulder City deserves our awe. Not only will you be surprised at its size (10 acres) with gazebos, basketball and tennis ball courts, 2 lighted softball fields and horseshoe pits you will find the park to have something for everyone! Especially the animal lover in your family!


I heard about Hemenway Valley Park from a local animal enthusiast who said he frequents the area during lunch time so he can sit under a shaded tree and enjoy the amazing views of Lake Mead and watch the River Mountain Big Horned Sheep graze. I was skeptical at first, thinking the animals would be elusive or shy. We would probably drive all the way there and not see a single sheep… but I was wrong. As we pulled into the parking lot we immediately saw around 20 massive Big horned Sheep resting and grazing within feet from the children playing at the playground. My kids weren’t sure what they wanted to do first, see the animals or play! Since they couldn’t touch the animals, they gave in to their energized bodies and ran happily to the playground but kept a watchful eye on the wildlife.


The playground is so/so compared to some of Las Vegas’s extravagant parks, but the views are unmatched. Lake Mead boasts as you push your child on the swing, the mountains offer an awe-inspiring backdrop as the children take turns on the slide and the Sheep, of course, offer a million different photo-ops as you attempt to get them in a picture with your child, the playground AND Lake Mead, which is possible; see picture below:



Whether you’re on your way to take guests to experience Hoover Dam, visiting Boulder City for some antique shopping or just want to breathe in the fresh mountain air, make Hemenway Valley Park a destination and you will NOT be disappointed.


{CLOSED} Win passes to the advance screening of THE SPACE BETWEEN US!

Thanks to our friends at STX Entertainment We are please to announce a Special Giveaway for the upcoming release of The Space Between (This is rated PG-13)

In this interplanetary adventure, a space shuttle embarks on the first mission to colonize Mars, only to discover after takeoff that one of the astronauts is pregnant. Shortly after landing, she dies from complications while giving birth to the first human born on the red planet – never revealing who the father is. Thus begins the extraordinary life of Gardner Elliot – an inquisitive, highly intelligent boy who reaches the age of 16 having only met 14 people in his very unconventional upbringing. While searching for clues about his father, and the home planet he’s never known, Gardner begins an online friendship with a street smart girl in Colorado named Tulsa. When he finally gets a chance to go to Earth, he’s eager to experience all of the wonders he could only read about on Mars – from the most simple to the extraordinary. But once his explorations begin, scientists discover that Gardner’s organs can’t withstand Earth’s atmosphere.  Eager to find his father, Gardner escapes the team of scientists and joins with Tulsa on a race against time to unravel the mysteries of how he came to be, and where he belongs in the universe.

10 of our lucky readers will have the chance to win a family 4-pack to the Advance Screening on Wednesday, Feb. 1 at AMC Town Square 7pm showing (winners will need to check in by 6:20pm).


Facebook: /spacebetweenus

Twitter: @spacebetweenus

Instagram: @spacebetweenus

Hashtag: #thespacebetweenus


Share using #TheSpaceBetweenUs for your chance to win a family 4-pack of VIP seats to the advance screening on Feb. 1, courtesy of STX Entertainment.

Winners will be announced: January 31st

Comment below If you had the opportunity to travel to Mars, would you?

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Disney on Ice World of Enchantment

Disney on Ice World of Enchantment
Disney on Ice World of Enchantment
Disney on Ice World of Enchantment
Disney on Ice World of Enchantment
Disney on Ice World of Enchantment

logo-2017-disney-woeCalling all Toy Story, Little Mermaid, Cars, and Frozen Fans. We’re excited! Just ecstatic! To share a great find with all our readers. Let’s talkPhpThumb_generated_thumbnail Disney! Our Blog had the pleasure of attending the Disney on Ice: Worlds of Enchantment for free. Now you may be wondering what is Disney on Ice? Or how much is  this going to cost me? Will my kids like it? Are the kids too old or too young? So what you should do is just take those questions and throw them out the window! This show is for all ages! My 5 year old son had so much fun and was engaged the entire time. Talk about Win, Win, Win… The only time he got restless or bored was during the intermissions. Which I personally can’t complain about. With the big crowds the lines to the food court and restroom were massively long. Which I later regretted when i decided to drink all of my yummy ticket-widget-headerLemonade. The show is priced perfectly. Tickets range from $15.00-$83.00 Talk about affordable! So if your interested in doing something fun this weekend with the family, I would definitely recommend attending the show at Thomas & Mack before it ends on the 15th. Disney really out did themselves with the art of skating and story telling you can’t help but want more in the end.IMG_3933 Encore Please! IMG_6981

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Lakeshore Isn’t Just For Teachers


logoI had an opportunity to take a tour at the Lakeshore store in Henderson. I absolutely fell in love with the store! They have so many fun products that are educational and resourceful.

 2016-11-03_12-51-47_786I think the best thing about the store is the employees: each is as passionate as the next. I was able to browse the store on my own and watch the staff in action. I noticed that some of the customers were frequent shoppers and the employees were able to address them by their first name. My second favorite part of the store was all of the neat stuff on display.  The store has a lot of demos that you can test out. I really love this idea:


I can literally bring my child in and see if an item truly interests him.. I have not met one parent who has bought something for their child and he/she ended up not liking it nearly as much as the parent. That toy eventually ends up sitting on a shelf – I am guilty of this myself! I have a few items on my shelf yet to be played with! So now you can see how important it is for the child to be able to interact with the toys before buying! 2016-11-03_12-34-30_609

There were a couple more things that absolutely impressed me about this store. Lakeshore has been developing their own products since 1988, which is really impressive. Each of their products are developed with quality and safety in mind and nothing less; if it does not meet their requirements, it does not go into production.



(click the picture to link directly to lakeshorelearning.com)

Visit the Lakeshore website and click on “Resources” you will find a lot of helpful and useful information for parents and teachers including Printable Worksheets.


Lakeshore has free crafts for children in their stores, so bring your children and let them enjoy creating and crafting at their own pace. Lakeshore also has a Teachers Club Membership that you can join. Teacher’s Club members save 15% on hundreds of classroom it644574_121716ems every day, including charts, calendar cutouts, calendar days, bulletin board aids, banners, headliners, stickers, notepads, punch-out letters, name tags, nameplates, accents, certificates & awards, incentive pads, borders & bordette, plus so much more. Once you sign up don’t forget to keep an eye out for your first email, it will contain a one-time coupon for $5 off a purchase of $5 or more, which will come in handy.

Lakeshore also has Teacher Workshops which each attendee will receive a certificate of attendance and also be eligible for fun door prizes all just for attending the free one-hour kids/teacher workshop.
In order to attend these free workshops, you will need to call ahead, at least 2 days in advance, to RSVP to 702-396-2890.



Overall I was really impressed with Lakeshore. I wished I had known about this store sooner, it is never too late though and I am glad I found this store. I am extatic that I now have an educational store that I can pick up a thing or few to help with my son’s continuing education. I encourage you to bring your little ones to do crafts, explore the store, sign up for a workshop yourself and even meet the friendly staff. I promise you definitely will not regret it!

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Memories of Terry Fator

I have a neat connection to this man so if you will indulge me for a moment as I harken back…

I’ve been a full time massage therapist on the Strip since 2006. One day while at work, a TV crew requested to film in our spa for a reality TV show. I was approached to help out as an extra along with another assistant lead therapist. We were super excited and eagerly signed the waivers. Filming only took a few hours as it was meant to be a background or side story about one of the contestants. The set up was that Mr. Fator would be in a bubble bath served some refreshments and little Emma would be getting a massage. I felt like a million bucks because I contributed twice to the scene set up: I suggested (what I felt was the obvious) that they film Emma laying back on the face cradle (which would give Terry access to the back of her so he could move her mouth as she spoke) and I also felt like it would just top things off for Emma to have cucumbers on her eyes – you know, the international sign for relaxing at a spa! So we ordered some fresh cut cucumbers from a restaurant downstairs (no, our spa didn’t have any in house!)  and had to tape them on since Terry couldn’t move her mouth to speak without them dropping off! We giggled a bunch because I was massaging a ventriloquist dummy and Emma began to engage me in conversation. The crew decided they only wanted Emma and Terry to speak to each other. We did the scene in 2 separate shots so that it seemed like Terry and Emma were having a conversation. (Which of course isn’t normally possible since he has to control her movements – Aaah, TV is magical, eh?) One really funny part about all of this is that we filmed in a couple’s suite complete with a Jacuzzi tub – a room not used as frequently as the other rooms which meant it was available, clean, etc. But it is practically the mirror set up of another couple’s suite on the other side of the spa. You guessed it, just about everything is reversed…including the faucets. Wait for it… The other massage therapist who ran the tub filled it entirely with cold water!!! Holy smokes, that must have been an awful experience. Terry Fator is so gracious, he didn’t even say a word until they finished filming and he was able to exit the tub. What a genuine guy and a real trooper! I’ve been a fan ever since and I even told people that there was something really special about him and that he was really going to make a name for himself! I bet if I asked him about that day, who would forget being in an ice bath to film for probably an hour… Poor guy! If anyone talks to him, ask him… Tell him I said Hello & Congratulations on all his success!!!

Read about the limited engagement Christmas show at the Mirage. This is a fantastic family-friendly show from start to finish!

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A Very Terry Christmas {Show Review} Terry Fator Is Fun For All Ages


We had an absolute blast attending A Very Terry Christmas at the Terry Fator Theater at Mirage. We received tickets to attend the show so I am able to report back to all of you! Perhaps you caught some of the highlights of our evening on Instagram stories, so now here is the play by play of our evening because you need to check out this limited engagement show and you can bring everyone. You may remember Terry Fator as the America’s Got Talent season 2 champ. The prize was a million dollars and his own show right here in Las Vegas. Who knew ventriloquism would be a hit with today’s audiences?!

I have a neat connection to this man so if you will indulge me for a moment as I harken back…

This is a Christmas show (& God Bless Terry Fator for bringing back the “Christmas” to our Happy Holidays! Ha!) with performances through December 22, 2016. From Monday through Thursday and select Saturdays, you and your family can enjoy 7:30p performances running approximately 90 minutes.

Roasted Bean quickie meal

Roasted Bean quickie meal

I ended up taking my 4 year old son as my plus 1 and he loved it – We both did! We parked in the garage on the 4th floor so we could walk directly across the outdoor bridge. Don’t forget to use your Nevada ID for free Strip parking! Just follow the signs to snake your way through the festively decorated lobby and atrium through some shops to the theater. I am always hesitant to bring children into casinos as I am not a fan of subjecting them to smoke and drunk people, but this was not bad at all! There was actually some conference folks who seemed to be streaming out of a late session so it was particularly G-rated. The box office is located in the hallway before the Terry Fator Theater and we got there around 6p – about an hour before the doors open (7p). This made ticket pick up super easy since there was no line. We had plenty of time to grab a bite at a little café called Roasted Bean just steps from the theater. Pro Tip: Blizz Frozen Yogurt is across the way so you can grab dessert afterwards too!

There are drinks available for purchase in the lobby, so you can fuel up before heading in. You will show your tickets to the ticket scanning staff members who greet you at the bottom of the escalators and then it is up to the theater entrance. It is a grand room and it already felt like we were at a party! There was Christmas music playing right when we arrived and as we made our way down the steps to our assigned seats, Rockin’ Around the

Mirage Hotel Lobby Christmas Trees

Mirage Hotel Lobby Christmas Trees

Christmas Tree was on and JJ immediately squealed which made me then realized it was his favorite song playing (he has been practicing for his Christmas show!) As we reached our row, I was informed that I could ask for a booster seat for my son. He was telling me he was OK, he liked his seat how it was, but when the usher brought us a red velvet covered foam cushion that blended perfectly with the seats, and it gave him a better view, he was super excited and happily complied! The DJ, show opener, Ben Harris was hilarious and kept everyone excited and cheering and clapping. He has an awesome ‘evolution of dance’ number to ramp things up and the crowd got super hyped up just as our headliner host was about to arrive. The couple in front of us seemed to have had their fair share of adult slushies from the lobby and they were extra interactive, which I loved! I actually felt a wave of calm come over me. I always tense up when I take JJ to places we have never been since I cannot predict how he is going to react. He did great and I know it was because of such a relaxed, informal atmosphere.

There was plenty to look at with lots of light changes, upbeat holiday sounds, a comfortable atmosphere as dictated by our gracious host, Terry Fator… His lovely wife of one year is his assistant on stage and the DJ, Ben Harris is a great dancer, comic and helper too. The band really completes the set and despite being in the 6th row, I did not find myself needing ear plugs and not once did my son remark that it was too loud. I honestly felt like we had the best seats because we were close, but not craning our necks and we could see both jumbo monitors if we really wanted an up close feel. The screens across the back of the stage are constantly changing with scenes to compliment what’s going on in the show or to accent songs. A new stocking is hung each time a new guest arrives. 

Now for the main event… Terry Fator is simply the most talented entertainer I have ever seen. He sings, he does spot on, goose-bump activating impressions AND he is a brilliant ventriloquist. There is some adult humor, but he never uses foul language and even his jokes are perfectly framed so as to go right over the heads of unintended audience members. It is absolutely fantastic and I cannot rave enough about his show. Granted, I was a fan before, I have not seen his non-seasonal show yet (because I’m a local and that is what we do!) If you are a fan of holiday music, you must see this show. I am definitely making this a tradition every year from now on, because this was the perfect way to get in the Christmas spirit immediately following my favorite holiday eat fest! I love classic Christmas music and just getting to see this incredible talent live is absolutely worth it. Depending on your age and your affinity to Christmas music (ahem, I know for a fact some of you listen BEFORE Halloween!), you will, at the least, recognize 90% of the music. When I say this is a show for all ages, I mean, all ages! Now, I did bring a 4 year old and you know your kids best – 90 minutes is the length of the typical kid movie, but the lights, the music, the puppets will dazzle them. JJ got a little restless towards the end, but he held on! Our favorites are Winston the Turtle and Emma Taylor (because I’ve met her before!), but you will also get to see the world’s greatest Elvis impersonator, the annoying neighbor and a few surprise guests too!

2016-12-01-02-05-03-636Terry is just insanely talented. He can impersonate anyone – Kermit the Frog, Michael Jackson, Elvis, Cher, Louie Armstrong, Tony Bennett, Aaron Neville, Eartha Kitt, Karen Carpenter, Bing Crosby, David Bowie (SWOON!), you name it! His band of characters are so different and his vocal range is every inch of the spectrum – truly awe-inspiring! I found myself singing along with so many songs and I felt like we were hanging out with friends. Such a great night all around. I look forward to taking my parents, other moms and more kids to this show as it will be a hit with anyone, even the Grinch! *wink-wink*

Another very important aspect of his show is that he takes time to acknowledge and thank veterans in the audience as well as first responders and officers. At the close of the show, he explains his passion for supporting military families, giving back to say Thanks:

Terry donates 100% of the profit he receives from sales of his merchandise to military charities.  The primary charities include wonderful organizations such as The Airpower Foundation and Snowball Express. –terryfator.com

Buy tickets to A Very Terry Christmas starting at $60 plus tax and fees and a VIP experience for $150

The VIP experience includes premium seating, an autographed photo, a souvenir program and a complimentary drink. (The slushies actually look gigantic! We’re talking bigger than a pint glass…maybe 24 oz?!)

Again, really no bad seats in the house and this is a must-see show! Please tag us when you attend – we would love to see your pictures! #lvmsentus @vegasmomsblog on Instagram, Twitter, Snapchat

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When you do attend his show, I encourage you to please rate your experience on Trip Advisor too! I know I read reviews before I go places – it helps so much!

Merry Christmas! What are your favorite Christmas songs?!